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June 24, 2019

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Moral Concerns Override Desire to Profit from Finding a Lost Wallet

The setup of a research study was a bit like the popular ABC television program 'What Would You Do?' -- minus the television cameras and big reveal in the ... read more

Americans Consumer 70,000 Particles of Microplastics Per Year

Since the mass production of plastics began in the 1940s, the versatile polymers have spread rapidly across the globe. Although plastics have made life easier in many ways, disposing of the materials ... read more
People who experience anxiety symptoms might be helped by taking steps to regulate the microorganisms in their gut using probiotic and non-probiotic food and supplements, ... read more
Scientists have studied the heritability of dog ownership using information from 35,035 twin pairs from the Swedish Twin Registry. The new study suggests that genetic ... read more
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A Solarium for Hens? How to Increase the Vitamin D Content of Eggs

Many people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. This can result in brittle bones and an increased risk of respiratory diseases. Chicken eggs are a natural source of vitamin D and one way to, at least ... read more

Memories Form 'Barrier' to Letting Go of Objects for People Who Hoard

Researchers hope that the findings could help develop new ways to train people with hoarding difficulties to discard ... read more

The Dead May Outnumber the Living on Facebook Within 50 Years

New analysis predicts the dead may outnumber the living on Facebook within 50 years, a trend that will have grave implications for how we treat our digital heritage in the ... read more

Smelling With Your Tongue

Scientists report that functional olfactory receptors, the sensors that detect odors in the nose, are also present in human taste cells found on the tongue. The findings suggest that interactions ... read more

Experiences of 'Ultimate Reality' or 'God' Confer Lasting Benefits to Mental Health

In a survey of thousands of people who reported having experienced personal encounters with God, researchers report that more than two-thirds of self-identified atheists shed that label after their ... read more

How Superstitions Spread

Superstitious beliefs may seem irrational, but they can nevertheless catch on in a society. Using an evolutionary approach to studying the emergence of coordinated behaviors, biologists showed how a ... read more

Low-Intensity Ultrasound Can Change Decision-Making Process in the Brain

Imagine working in your office while the sun is shining outside. Thinking about what you could be doing instead of working is an example of "counterfactual ... read more

Hello, Kitty: Cats Recognize Their Own Names, According to New Japanese Research

Pet cats can recognize their own names if their names are used regularly by their owners, according to new results. Projects to understand simple social behaviors like name recognition in cats may ... read more

Associating Colors With Vowels? Almost All of Us Do!

Does [a:] as in 'baa' sound more green or more red? And is [i:] as in 'beet' light or dark in color? Even though we perceive speech and color are perceived with different sensory ... read more

Contraceptive Jewelry Could Offer a New Family Planning Approach

Researchers report on a technique for administering contraceptive hormones through special backings on jewelry such as earrings, wristwatches, rings or necklaces. The contraceptive hormones are ... read more

Special Effects: How a Movie Could Reduce Corruption

They don't give an Academy Award for this, but a Nigerian feature film, "Water of Gold," made viewers significantly more likely to report corruption, according to a new ... read more

Forgetting Uses More Brain Power Than Remembering

Choosing to forget something might take more mental effort than trying to remember it, researchers discovered through ... read more

What's for Dinner? Sushi, With a Side of Crickets

While insects have been consumed for centuries worldwide, many people still haven't warmed to the idea of a creepy-crawly on the ... read more

Spherical Display Brings Virtual Collaboration Closer to Reality

Virtual reality can often make a user feel isolated from the world, with only computer-generated characters for company. But researchers think they may have found a way to encourage a more sociable ... read more

Scientists Develop First Fabric to Automatically Cool or Insulate Depending on Conditions

Researchers have engineered a new fabric from synthetic yarn with a carbon nanotube coating that is activated by temperature and humidity, releasing heat in warm humid conditions and trapping heat ... read more

Learning New Vocabulary During Deep Sleep

Researchers showed that we can acquire the vocabulary of a new language during distinct phases of slow-wave sleep and that the sleep-learned vocabulary could be retrieved unconsciously following ... read more

New Study Shows How Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores Feel About Eating Insects

Many non-vegan vegetarians and omnivores are open to including insects in their diet. For vegans, however, that is not an option, a new study shows. Researchers examined consumers' intentions to ... read more

People Think and Behave Differently in Virtual Reality Than They Do in Real Life

By studying the phenomenon of contagious yawning, the researchers learned that people's reactions in virtual reality can be quite different from what they are in actual reality. They found that ... read more

Cost to Walk Away from Facebook for a Year? More Than $1,000, New Study Finds

Using a series of auctions in which people were paid to close their accounts for as little as one day or as long as one year, a new study finds that Facebook users would require an average of more ... read more

New Houseplant Can Clean Your Home's Air

Researchers have genetically modified a common houseplant to remove chloroform and benzene from the air around ... read more

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