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May 22, 2019

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Stock Market Shows Greater Reaction to Forecasts by Analysts With Favorable Surnames

Financial analysts whose surnames are perceived as favorable elicit stronger market reactions to their earnings forecasts, new research has ... read more

Will People Eat Relish Made from 'Waste' Ingredients? Study Finds They May Even Prefer It

A new study found strong potential for consumer acceptance of a new category of foods created from discarded ingredients. But the big question has been this: Will consumers accept products made from ... read more

The Best Hedge Fund Managers Are Not Psychopaths or Narcissists, According to New Study

When it comes to financial investments, hedge fund managers higher in 'dark triad' personality traits -- psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism -- perform more poorly than their ... read more

Elevated Testosterone Causes Bull Market Trading

Testosterone directly impacts financial decisions that drive prices up and destabilize markets, research has shown for the first ... read more

What Do Trump's Tweets Say About His Personality?

The Twitter messages of Donald J. Trump, the entrepreneurial businessman turned US president, show that he is creative, competitive and a rule-breaker, but also has neurotic tendencies. An analysis ... read more

Don't Smile Too Big to Be Effective in Online Marketing Ads, Study Funds

A new study has found that the level of smile intensity in marketing photos influences how consumers perceive the marketer's competence and warmth, which can lead to different results depending ... read more

Electronically Picking Your Brain -- For Market Research

A researcher wants to scrap the traditional electronic and paper survey approaches to gathering marketing and information systems data in favor of scanning your ... read more

Beam Me Up to the Video Conference

When science fiction heroes communicate, they don‘t use landlines or cell phones. The caller simply appears in virtual form in the middle of the room; full sized and three dimensional. This vision ... read more

How Will Automated Technology Affect Communication-Related Jobs?

What happens if people increasingly rely on automated machines to carry out the socially essential work of communicating with one another? Automation of communication raises broad social, economic, ... read more