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June 16, 2019

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Researchers have shown that Mimas, one of Saturn's moons, acted as a kind of remote snowplough, pushing apart the ice particles that make up ... read more
New research looks at the possibility of moons outside our solar system causing gaps in the rings of ... read more
Research team finds huge ice feature on Titan while trying to understand where Saturn's largest moon gets all of its methane. This research, which used Principal Components ... read more
A deep learning approach to detecting storms on Saturn shows the vast regions affected by storms and that dark storm clouds ... read more
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Surprising Chemical Complexity of Saturn's Rings Changing Planet's Upper Atmosphere

A new study based on data from the final orbits last year of NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows the rings of Saturn -- some of the most visually stupendous objects in the universe -- are far more ... read more

Saturn's Famous Hexagon May Tower Above the Clouds

The long-lived international Cassini mission has revealed a surprising feature emerging at Saturn's northern pole as it nears summertime: a warming, high-altitude vortex with a hexagonal shape, ... read more

New Family Photos of Mars and Saturn from Hubble

In summer 2018 the planets Mars and Saturn are, one after the other, in opposition to Earth. During this event the planets are relatively close to Earth, allowing astronomers to observe them in ... read more

Scientists Find Evidence of Complex Organic Molecules from Enceladus

Using mass spectrometry data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, scientists found that large, carbon-rich organic molecules are ejected from cracks in the icy surface of Saturn's moon ... read more

Researchers Build Alien Ocean to Test NASA Outer Space Submarine

Building a submarine gets tricky when the temperature drops to -300 Fahrenheit and the ocean is made of methane and ethane. Researchers are working to determine how a submarine might work on Titan, ... read more

Saturn's Moon Titan Sports Earth-Like Features

Using the now-complete Cassini data set, astronomers have created a new global topographic map of Saturn's moon Titan that has opened new windows into understanding its liquid flows and ... read more

Giant Storms Cause Palpitations in Saturn's Atmospheric Heartbeat

Immense northern storms on Saturn can disturb atmospheric patterns at the planet's equator, finds the international Cassini ... read more

Electrical and Chemical Coupling Between Saturn and Its Rings

A Langmuir probe, flown to Saturn on the Cassini spacecraft, has made exciting discoveries in the atmosphere of the planet. They discovered that there is a strong coupling, both chemically and ... read more

Frictional Heat Powers Hydrothermal Activity on Enceladus

A computer simulation shows how icy moon heats water in a porous rock core. This study also offers among others an answer to the long-standing question of where the energy that can support water in ... read more

Unexpected Atmospheric Vortex Behavior on Saturn's Moon Titan

Recently reported unexpected behavior on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, is due to its unique atmospheric chemistry. Titan is the largest moon of Saturn, is bigger than the planet Mercury, and is ... read more

NASA Investigates Invisible Magnetic Bubbles in Outer Solar System

Forty years ago, the twin Voyagers spacecraft were launched to explore the frontiers of our solar system, and have since made countless discoveries, including finding magnetic bubbles around two of ... read more

Noxious Ice Cloud on Saturn's Moon Titan

Researchers with NASA's Cassini mission found evidence of a toxic hybrid ice in a wispy cloud high above the south pole of Saturn's largest moon, ... read more

To Keep Saturn's A Ring Contained, Its Moons Stand United

For three decades, astronomers thought that only Saturn's moon Janus confined the planet's A ring -- the largest and farthest of the visible rings. But after poring over NASA's Cassini ... read more

Intense Storms Batter Saturn’s Largest Moon, Scientists Report

Titan, the largest of Saturn's more than 60 moons, has surprisingly intense rainstorms, according to research by a team of UCLA planetary scientists and geologists. Although the storms are ... read more

Reconstructing Cassini's Plunge Into Saturn

As NASA's Cassini spacecraft made its fateful dive into the upper atmosphere of Saturn on Sept. 15, the spacecraft was live-streaming data from eight of its science instruments, along with ... read more

The Strange Structures of the Saturn Nebula

The spectacular planetary nebula NGC 7009, or the Saturn Nebula, emerges from the darkness like a series of oddly-shaped bubbles, lit up in glorious pinks and blues. This colourful image was captured ... read more

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Ends Its Historic Exploration of Saturn

A thrilling epoch in the exploration of our solar system has come to a close, as NASA's Cassini spacecraft made a fateful plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn, ending its 13-year tour of the ... read more

NASA's Webb Telescope Will Study Our Solar System's 'Ocean Worlds'

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will use its infrared capabilities to study the "ocean worlds" of Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus, adding to observations ... read more

'Dragonfly’ Dual-Quadcopter Aims to Explore Titan, Saturn’s Largest Moon

The Dragonfly mission concept would use an instrumented, radioisotope-powered, dual-quadcopter to explore Saturn's largest moon, Titan, one of our solar system’s “ocean ... read more

Saturn-Lit Tethys

Cassini gazes across the icy rings of Saturn toward the icy moon Tethys, whose night side is illuminated by Saturnshine, or sunlight reflected by the ... read more

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