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May 22, 2019

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Astronomers have mapped the substance aluminum monoxide in a cloud around a distant young star -- Origin Source I. The finding clarifies some important details about how our ... read more
Researchers discovered a dust grain forged in a stellar explosion before our solar system was born. Atom-level analysis of the specimen reveals new insights about how stars ... read more
Researchers have discovered the remains of a nova in a galactic globular cluster, located near the center of Messier 22. The finding, using modern instruments, confirms one ... read more
This incredible image of the hourglass-shaped Southern Crab Nebula was taken to mark the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's ... read more
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Sapphires and Rubies in the Sky

Researchers have discovered a new, exotic class of planets outside our solar system. These so-called super-Earths were formed at high temperatures close to their host star and contain high quantities ... read more

Mantle Neon Illuminates Earth's Formation

The Earth formed relatively quickly from the cloud of dust and gas around the Sun, trapping water and gases in the planet's mantle, based on neon isotopes from the depths of the Earth and deep ... read more

Scientists Theorize New Origin Story for Earth's Water

Earth's water may have originated from both asteroidal material and gas left over from the formation of the Sun, according to new research. The new finding could give scientists important ... read more

Hubble Reveals Cosmic Bat Shadow in the Serpent's Tail

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured part of the wondrous Serpens Nebula, lit up by the star HBC 672. This young star casts a striking shadow -- nicknamed the Bat Shadow -- on the nebula ... read more

The Ghost of Cassiopeia

About 550 light-years away in the constellation of Cassiopeia lies IC 63, a stunning and slightly eerie nebula. Also known as the ghost of Cassiopeia, IC 63 is being shaped by radiation from a nearby ... read more

The Pirate of the Southern Skies

Astronomers have observed the active star-forming region NGC 2467 -- sometimes referred to as the Skull and Crossbones Nebula. The new image was captured as part of the ESO Cosmic Gems Programme, ... read more

Ultra-Close Stars Discovered Inside a Planetary Nebula

Astronomers have discovered two stars in a binary pair that complete an orbit around each other in a little over three hours, residing in the planetary nebula M3-1. Remarkably, the stars could drive ... read more

Surprising Chemical Complexity of Saturn's Rings Changing Planet's Upper Atmosphere

A new study based on data from the final orbits last year of NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows the rings of Saturn -- some of the most visually stupendous objects in the universe -- are far more ... read more

Never-Before-Seen Features Found Around a Neutron Star

An unusual infrared light emission from a nearby neutron star detected by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope could indicate new features never before ... read more

Astronomers Witness Birth of New Star from Stellar Explosion

Astronomers have observed a new phenomena in the aftermath of a stellar ... read more

Telescope Maps Cosmic Rays in Large and Small Magellanic Clouds

A radio telescope in outback Western Australia has been used to observe radiation from cosmic rays in two neighbouring galaxies, showing areas of star formation and echoes of past ... read more

How a NASA Scientist Looks in the Depths of the Great Red Spot to Find Water on Jupiter

One critical question has bedeviled astronomers for generations: Is there water deep in Jupiter's atmosphere, and if so, how ... read more

Stars Vs. Dust in the Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula, one of the largest and brightest nebulae in the night sky, has been beautifully imaged by ESO's VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. By observing in infrared ... read more

Crystalline Silica in Meteorite Brings Scientists Closer to Understanding Solar Evolution

Scientists discovered silica mineral quartz in a primitive meteorite, becoming the first in the world to present direct evidence of silica condensation within the solar protoplanetary disk. They also ... read more

Stars Memorize Rebirth of Our Home Galaxy

The Milky Way has died once before and we are now in what is considered its second life, according to researchers whose calculations have revealed previously unknown details about our ... read more

Astronomers Observe Cosmic Steam Jets and Molecules Galore

A team of scientists using the highest-frequency capabilities of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has uncovered jets of warm water vapor streaming away from a newly forming ... read more

Structurally 'Inside-Out' Planetary Nebula Discovered

Researchers have discovered the unusual evolution of the central star of a planetary nebula in our Milky Way galaxy. The finding sheds light on the future evolution, and more importantly, the ... read more

Astronomers Blown Away by Historic Stellar Blast

Observations from the Gemini South and other telescopes in Chile played a critical role in understanding light echoes from a stellar eruption which occurred almost 200 years ago. Gemini spectroscopy ... read more

Colorful Celestial Landscape

New observations show the star cluster RCW 38 in all its glory. This image was taken during testing of the HAWK-I camera with the GRAAL adaptive optics system. It shows RCW 38 and its surrounding ... read more

Astronomers Observe the Magnetic Field of the Remains of Supernova 1987A

For the first time, astronomers have directly observed the magnetism in one of astronomy's most studied objects: the remains of Supernova 1987A (SN 1987A), a dying star that appeared in our ... read more

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