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May 20, 2019

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Infrastructure development and other human-made changes have already fragmented or disrupted two-thirds of Earth's longest rivers. Dams and reservoirs are the leading ... read more
Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history -- and the rate of species extinctions is accelerating, ... read more

The Last Chance for Madagascar's Biodiversity

Scientists have recommended actions the government of Madagascar's recently elected president, Andry Rajoelina should take to turn around the precipitous decline of biodiversity and help put ... read more

New Studies Highlight Challenge of Meeting Paris Agreement Climate Goals

New research highlights the 'incredible challenge' of reaching the Paris Agreement without intense action and details the extreme temperatures parts of the planet will suffer if countries fail to ... read more
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Palm Oil's Potential to Alleviate Poverty Depends on Where It's Grown

Palm oil's potential to alleviate poverty depends on where it's grown. Expansion of oil palm production in remote forest areas requires careful planning and evaluation if the communities ... read more

Food for Thought: Why Did We Ever Start Farming?

A recent paper sheds light on the question regarding the adaptation farming in early populations in the Eastern United ... read more

The Number of People Affected by Food Crises Remains at Alarming Levels

More than 113 million people across 53 countries experienced acute hunger requiring urgent food, nutrition and livelihoods assistance in 2018, according to a new ... read more

More Bang for the Climate Buck: Study Identifies Hotspots for Adaptation Funding

By combining the latest crop models and local expertise in Vietnam, Uganda and Nicaragua, scientists developed a process to pinpoint where cash crops and food security is most threatened by climate ... read more

To Solve Pollinator Health Crisis, State Governments Are Key

For the first time, researchers have catalogued every pollinator protection policy enacted by state governments from 2000-2017. The resulting database of information allows everyone from legislators ... read more

Extreme Weather and Geopolitics Major Drivers of Increasing 'Food Shocks'

Global food production is suffering from an increasing number of 'food shocks,' with most caused by extreme weather and geopolitical crises. An international study looked at the incidence ... read more

Causal Link Between Climate, Conflict, and Migration

IIASA-led research has established a causal link between climate, conflict, and migration for the first time, something which has been widely suggested in the media but for which scientific evidence ... read more

Mangrove Patches Deserve Greater Recognition No Matter the Size

Governments must provide stronger protection for crucial small mangrove patches, experts ... read more

Following Nepal's Devastating 2015 Earthquake, Crisis in Childhood Malnutrition Averted

Despite widespread destruction, including severe agricultural-related losses caused by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, child nutrition remained stable in the hardest hit areas, a new study ... read more

Older People Who Use Hearing Aids Still Report Hearing Challenges

A high proportion of older people with hearing aids, especially those with lower incomes, report having trouble hearing and difficulty accessing hearing care services, according to a new ... read more

Satellite Images Reveal Global Poverty

How far have we come in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals that we are committed to nationally and internationally? Yes, it can be difficult to make a global assessment of poverty ... read more

Media Coverage of Disasters Can Have Lasting Effects on Children's Mental Health

Disaster communication experts say disaster media coverage can have lasting effects on children's mental health and suggest teachers and parents be prepared to respond to questions during and ... read more

Transforming Our Food System to Ensure a Sustainable Future

By 2050, the world will have almost 10 billion people. It will be impossible to feed everyone without exacerbating poverty, accelarting deforestation and increasing GHG emissions unless we start ... read more

Peace, Not War, Responsible for Deforestation in Armed Conflict Zones

Rates of deforestation in war zones increase dramatically once peace is declared, according to a new ... read more

Flint, Michigan Lead Crisis Should Have Buried the City in Water Bottles. So, Why Didn't It?

The Flint, Michigan lead crisis should have buried the city in waste. A case study investigates why not and proposes solutions for future water ... read more

New Federal Climate Assessment for U.S. Released

A new federal report finds that climate change is affecting the natural environment, agriculture, energy production and use, land and water resources, transportation, and human health and welfare ... read more

Unintended Consequences of Dams and Reservoirs

An international team of drought scientists show that while many dams and reservoirs are built, or expanded, to alleviate droughts and water shortages, they can paradoxically contribute to making ... read more

Millions in Danger of Food Insecurity Due to Severe Caribbean Droughts

Climate change is impacting the Caribbean, with millions facing increasing food insecurity and decreasing freshwater availability as droughts become more likely across the region, according to new ... read more

Wealthier People Do Less in the Struggle Against Climate Change

A collective-risk dilemma experiment with members of the public in Barcelona has shown that people are more or less likely to contribute money to fighting climate change depending on their how ... read more

Innovative Tool Allows Continental-Scale Water, Energy, and Land System Modeling

A new large-scale hydroeconomic model will allow researchers to study water systems across whole continents, looking at sustainability of supply and the impacts of water management on the energy and ... read more

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