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June 24, 2019

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The most comprehensive study of bicycle and road safety to date finds that building safe facilities for cyclists is one of the biggest factors in road safety for everyone. Bicycling infrastructure -- ... read more

Using Endangered Barbary Macaques as Photo Props Could Negatively Impact Moroccan Tourism

Wild animals are increasingly exploited for entertainment and photo opportunities. A new study highlights that tourists in Morocco object to the use of barbary macaques as photo props, raising ... read more

Restrictive Abortion Laws in Northern Ireland Affect Women's Health, Study Shows

New research finds that Northern Ireland's strict abortion laws have negative consequences for women's health and well-being, suggesting a public-health rationale to decriminalize ... read more

Do Rock Climbers Seek out High-Risk Climbs?

A new study finds a majority of rock climbers are more likely to visit sites with more routes and less ... read more

The Low Impact of the High-Speed Train on International Tourism

There is undeniably a complementary relationship between air travel and the high-speed train. However, and although both means of transport favor tourism, European experience indicates that their ... read more

London Calling! Travelers Seek 'Trust' in Holiday Destinations

Tourists considering overseas travel 'trust' a destination like London would provide a positive experience, says new research. Consumer behavior experts investigated the effectiveness of ... read more

Athletic 'Pull' Increases Campus Diversity

The next time you see your favorite collegiate athlete on the field or court, think again about their road to getting ... read more

Signs May Help History Buffs Get More Buff

Visitors to the country's national parks and historic sites may be just a sign -- and a few steps -- away from improving their health and fitness while enjoying their park trips, according to a ... read more

Personifying Places Can Boost Travel Intentions

People who see animals as people and assign human traits to non-human objects are more likely to travel to destinations that are presented as being human-like, according to research. A study has ... read more

What Does Trophy Hunting Contribute to Wild Lion Conservation?

Trophy hunting of lions, the killing of selected individual animals for sport, is highly controversial, and there is much debate about what it contributes to conservation. A new article highlights ... read more

What's Nature Worth? Count the Selfies

A research team used social media images to measure the value of outdoor recreation on public lands. The study analyzed more than 7,000 geotagged photos to calculate that conserved lands contributed ... read more

Bloom and Bust: Algae Takes a Heavy Toll on Florida Tourism

The harmful algae bloom affecting some South Florida beaches has driven away half of people considering visiting the Sunshine State and could deter nearly three-fourths of those thinking of traveling ... read more