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June 16, 2019

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As more rain falls on a warming planet, a new computer model shows that it may not take a downpour to cause widespread ... read more

Self-Driving Cars and Geospatial Data: Who Holds the Keys?

As self-driving cars continue to develop, there will be plenty of data amassed through cars' navigational technologies. Questions regarding privacy, ownership, cybersecurity and public safety arise, ... read more

New Driverless Car Technology Could Make Traffic Lights and Speeding Tickets Obsolete

New driverless car technologies could lead to a world without traffic lights and speeding tickets. Researchers also hope the innovations will bring ... read more

Tailgating Doesn't Get You There Faster: Study

We've all experienced "phantom traffic jams" that arise without any apparent cause. Researchers recently showed that we'd have fewer if we made one small change to how we drive: no more ... read more
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Measuring Impact of Product Placement

Researchers reveals the impact of product placement in television programming. The findings indicate that prominent product placement embedded in television programming does have a net positive ... read more

The most comprehensive study of bicycle and road safety to date finds that building safe facilities for cyclists is one of the biggest factors in road safety for everyone. Bicycling infrastructure -- ... read more

Does Being Seen Really Make Cyclists Safer on the Road?

Researchers have determined motorists tended to give cyclists wearing high-visibility vests more room on the road, compared to cyclists without high-visibility clothing. The vests, with arrows ... read more

Australian Drivers Ready to Embrace Phone Restriction Apps -- If They Can Still Talk

Almost 70 per cent of drivers would be willing to install smartphone apps that block texting and browsing, according to new Australian research -- but only if they can still do hands-free calls and ... read more

More Than a Strip of Paint Needed to Keep Cyclists Safe

On-road marked bicycle lanes are not the optimal solution to keeping cyclists safe, new research has ... read more

Distracted Drivers 29 Times More Likely to Wreck in a Highway Work Zone

Highway work zone crashes happen every 5.4 minutes. Now, a new study says an inattentive driver is 29 times more likely to cause a collision or near collision in a work ... read more

New Study Looks at Ways to Cut Roadkill Numbers for Small and Medium-Sized Mammals

A study of a stretch of highway in Quebec looks at the effect of road fencing and underground passages on the number of roadkill deaths of small and medium-sized mammals. The study found that ... read more

Dangerous School Commutes Lead to Student Absenteeism

The more crime that occurs along a student's way to school, the higher the likelihood that student will be absent, researchers have ... read more

Streetcars Don't Guarantee Heightened Development Activity

Development outcomes along streetcar corridors can't be entirely attributed to the presence of the streetcar, researchers found. Streetcar investment is commonly accompanied with a healthy ... read more

Scientists Use Smartphones to Improve Dismal Rating of Nation's Civil Infrastructure

Scientists at the have developed smartphone-based technologies that can monitor civil infrastructure systems such as crumbing roads and aging ... read more

Mean Streets: Self-Driving Cars Will 'Cruise' to Avoid Paying to Park

If you think traffic in city centers is bad now, just wait until self-driving cars emerge on the scene, cruising around to avoid paying hefty downtown parking ... read more

Lower Obesity Rates Linked With Public Transportation Use, Study Shows

Public transportation systems provide numerous economic benefits for a community. An added public health bonus provided by such systems may be lower obesity rates. A new study compared and analyzed ... read more

US Interstate Highways Need Overhaul, Says New Report

The future of the US Interstate Highway System is threatened by a persistent and growing backlog of structural and operational deficiencies and by various looming challenges, such as the progress of ... read more

Laws Designed to Ban or Curb Drivers' Use of Cell Phones Are Saving Motorcyclists' Lives

Laws to ban or curb drivers' use of cell phones and other handheld devices have greatly reduced the rate of fatalities for motorcyclists, according to a new study. Results show that states with ... read more

Autonomous Vehicles Could Shape the Future of Urban Tourism

In a new study, researchers examine how Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) may have a substantial impact on the future of urban ... read more

Buckling Down on Child Car Seat Use in Ride-Share Vehicles

The average Uber or Lyft vehicle does not generally come equipped with a car seat, and only in certain cities is it an option to request one. A new study looks at child ridership and child safety ... read more

To Crash or Swerve? Study Reveals Which Actions Taken by Self-Driving Cars Are Morally Defensible

Researchers asked the public what they believed would be the most morally and ethically sound behavior for an autonomous vehicle (AV) faced with an oncoming collision. Even a perfectly functioning AV ... read more

Location Makes or Breaks Many Forms of Public Housing

Researchers determined in a new study that subsidized housing is not affordable in the Dallas-Fort Worth region because its location does not make it transportation ... read more

Rural and Urban Communities Need Different Policies to Boost Economic Mobility

The farther away from a city a person is raised, the more likely they are to climb the economic ladder, according to economists, who also found that community characteristics associated with upward ... read more

Traffic Noise May Make Birds Age Faster

Traffic noise may be associated with an increased rate of telomere loss in Zebra finches that have left the nest, according to a new study. Telomeres are caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect ... read more

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