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May 20, 2019

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Education May Be Key to a Healthier, Wealthier US

A first-of-its-kind study estimate the economic value of education for better health and longevity. The new study finds that the reduced disability and longer lives among the more educated are worth ... read more

Gifted Students Benefit from Ability Grouping

Schools should use both ability grouping and acceleration to help academically talented students, reports a new study that examined a century of research looking at the controversial ... read more

STEM Enrichment Activities Have No Impact on Exam Results

Enrichment activities to encourage pupils to study science and technology subjects have made no difference to their performance in mathematics exams, new research ... read more

Dementia on the Downslide, Especially Among People With More Education, Study Finds

In a hopeful sign for the health of the nation's brains, the percentage of American seniors with dementia is dropping, a new study finds. The ... read more
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New research finds that teacher assessments are equally as reliable as standardized exams at predicting educational ... read more

Low-Cost Intervention Boosts Undergraduate Interest in Computer Science

A recent study finds that an online intervention taking less than 30 minutes significantly increased interest in computer science for both male and female undergraduate students. However, when it ... read more

Want Black Women Students to Stay in STEM? Help Them Find Role Models Who Look Like Them

Representation matters for Black women college students when it comes to belonging in rigorous science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs, according to a new study. Having role ... read more

Climate Change Could Undermine Children's Education and Development in the Tropics

A new study concludes that exposure to extreme heat and precipitation in prenatal and early childhood years in countries of the global tropics could make it harder for children to attain secondary ... read more

Racial Bias Associated With Disparities in Disciplinary Action Across US Schools

Across US counties, black students experience higher rates of suspension, expulsion, in-school arrests and law enforcement referrals than whites, according to a new ... read more

What Americans Know About Science

Americans with more formal education fare better on science-related questions, while Republicans and Democrats are roughly similar in their overall levels of science knowledge, according to a new ... read more

Stricter US State Gun Laws Linked to Safer High Schools

Adopting stricter state gun laws is linked to a safer school experience for students, a new study has found. Strengthening gun laws at state level was associated with teens being less likely to ... read more

How Economic Inequality Shapes Mobility Expectations and Behavior in Disadvantaged Youth

By integrating the methods and techniques of economics and psychology, an inventive framework reveals how rising economic inequality can weaken the motivating belief that achieving socioeconomic ... read more

As Genetic Data Expand, Researchers Urge Caution in How Predictors of Education Outcomes Are Used

Authors of a new review article warn that as the predictive power of genes tied to learning and educational outcomes increases and access to genetic data expands, researchers, educators, and ... read more

The GRE Fails to Identify Students That Will Graduate and Hurts Diversity

A team of researchers discovered that traditional admissions metrics for physics Ph.D. programs such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) do not predict completion and hurt the growth of ... read more

Measuring Ability of Artificial Intelligence to Learn Is Difficult

Organizations looking to benefit from the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution should be cautious about putting all their eggs in one basket, a study has ... read more

Most Parents Say Hands-On, Intensive Parenting Is Best

Most parents say a child-centered, time-intensive approach to parenting is the best way to raise their kids, regardless of education, income or ... read more

Americans Are Happier in States That Spend More on Libraries, Parks and Highways

Americans are happier in states where governments spend more on public goods, among them libraries, parks, highways, natural resources and police protection, a new study has ... read more

Teachers and Trump: Response to 2016 Election

Teachers felt immense pressure from school leaders and families to respond in a certain way -- or not at all -- in their classrooms following the 2016 presidential election, according to new ... read more

Why Relationships -- Not Money -- Are the Key to Improving Schools

Strong relationships between teachers, parents and students at schools has more impact on improving student learning than does financial support, new research shows. The study found that social ... read more

Link Between Childhood Adversity, Burnout and Depression

A new study has found that undergraduate nursing students who were exposed to a higher number of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) -- such as abuse, neglect or family dysfunction -- encountered ... read more

Latin May Help Students Bridge Their Native Language With English

Researchers found that in teaching English learners -- students who aren't fluent in English and often come from homes where a language other than English is spoken -- the Latin roots of words ... read more

Boosting Emotional Intelligence in Physicians Can Protect Against Burnout

An educational curriculum for resident physicians improves their emotional intelligence, which may help protect against burnout, according to a new ... read more

Suspending Young Students Risks Future Success in School

New research finds that young suspended students -- especially boys -- are likely to be suspended again later in elementary ... read more

More Minorities Labeled 'Learning Disabled' Because of Social Inequities, Study Finds

A new study suggests that the disproportionate placement of racial minorities into special education for learning disabilities is largely because of social inequities outside of schools rather than ... read more

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