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January 18, 2019

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January 18, 2019

Violence in PG-13 Rated Movies Not Linked to Violence in US Society

Jan. 18, 2019 — New research suggests that policy makers should remain focused on issues that have been demonstrated to impact criminal behavior, such as family environment, mental health, poverty and ... read more

U.S. Youth Suicides More Prevalent in States With Higher Gun Ownership, Study Finds

Jan. 17, 2019 — A new study finds that states with higher levels of household gun ownership also have higher overall youth suicide rates, with every 10 percentage-point increase in household gun ownership associated ... read more

Less Than Half of U.S. Youth Discuss Sensitive Topics With Their Doctors

Jan. 16, 2019 — Fewer than half of young people in the United States are having discussions of sensitive topics with their regular healthcare providers, according to a new study. The research suggests that modifying ... read more

Perceptions of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Emergency Department

Jan. 10, 2019 — Findings from a novel online questionnaire of people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) suggest the majority of these patients do not receive proper care, say ... read more

Cardiovascular Diseases and Nutrition in Europe: A Lot of Premature Deaths Preventable

Jan. 10, 2019 — Of the 4.3 million cardiovascular deaths in Europe in 2016, 2.1 million were the result of poor nutrition. The 28 EU member states account for around 900,000, Russia for 600,000 and the Ukraine for ... read more

Seeing Soda's Influence

Jan. 9, 2019 — A complex network of research funding, institutional ties and personal influence has allowed the Coca-Cola Company, through its connections with a nonprofit group, to exert substantial influence over ... read more

Following Nepal's Devastating 2015 Earthquake, Crisis in Childhood Malnutrition Averted

Jan. 9, 2019 — Despite widespread destruction, including severe agricultural-related losses caused by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, child nutrition remained stable in the hardest hit areas, a new study ... read more

Older People Who Use Hearing Aids Still Report Hearing Challenges

Jan. 7, 2019 — A high proportion of older people with hearing aids, especially those with lower incomes, report having trouble hearing and difficulty accessing hearing care services, according to a new ... read more

One in Four Women at Sexual Health Clinics Reports Coercion Over Their Reproductive Lives

Jan. 7, 2019 — As many as one in four women attending sexual and reproductive healthcare services say they are not allowed to take control of their own reproductive lives, reveals a new ... read more

Over Half of UK Female Surgeons Have Experience of Workplace Discrimination, Poll Suggests

Jan. 7, 2019 — More than half of female surgeons in the UK have faced or witnessed discrimination in the workplace, suggest the results of a confidential online ... read more

Dropping Individual Mandate Penalty Could Reduce Coverage Enrollment, Increase Premiums

Jan. 7, 2019 — A new study reports the results of a survey asking Californians enrolled in the individual marketplace in 2017 whether they would have purchased health insurance without the ... read more

US Health Care Spending Highest Among Developed Countries

Jan. 7, 2019 — Americans on average continue to spend much more for health care -- while getting less care -- than people in other developed countries, according to a new ... read more

Rising Drug Prices Linked to Older Products -- Not Just Newer, Better Medications

Jan. 7, 2019 — Drug companies cite R&D as the reason for ever-increasing drug prices, but a new study shows it's actually price hikes on older drugs that's driving the ... read more

Introducing Gun Safety Into Health Care Providers' Checklists to Prevent Teen Suicide

Jan. 7, 2019 — Mental health services researchers at UMass Amherst and elsewhere assessed the needs of stakeholders who would implement a new approach to promoting a program, the Firearm Safety Check. They found ... read more

Nearly One in Five Tibetan Refugee Schoolchildren Has Tuberculosis Infection, Study Finds

Dec. 18, 2018 — In a tuberculosis screening and treatment initiative covering the entire population of Tibetan refugee schoolchildren in northern India, a team of researchers says it has found not only a startlingly ... read more

Low-Income, Rural Kids at Higher Risk for Second Or Third-Hand Smoke Exposure

Dec. 18, 2018 — Infants and toddlers in low-income, rural areas may be at higher risk for second- and third-hand smoke than previously reported, according to new ... read more

Study of Traditional Medicine Finds High Use in Sub-Saharan Africa Despite Modern Medicine

Dec. 18, 2018 — Researchers who have undertaken the first systematic review of into the use of traditional, complementary and alternative medicines (TCAM) in Sub-Saharan Africa found its use is significant and not ... read more

Study Affirms Geographic Discrimination in Allocating Lungs for Transplant

Dec. 17, 2018 — Results of a medical records study of more than 7,000 patients awaiting a lung transplant in the United States affirm the basis of a court filing in 2017 that called the organ allocation system ... read more

Average Outpatient Visit in US Approaching $500

Dec. 17, 2018 — The average outpatient visit in the United States costs nearly $500, according to a new scientific study. In addition, the average inpatient stay had a price tag in 2016 of more than $22,000. Both of ... read more

Can Social Interactions Affect Spread of Disease?

Dec. 11, 2018 — Researchers draw connections between people's social activity and the spread of epidemics through a mathematical ... read more

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