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May 20, 2019

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Self-Driving Cars and Geospatial Data: Who Holds the Keys?

As self-driving cars continue to develop, there will be plenty of data amassed through cars' navigational technologies. Questions regarding privacy, ownership, cybersecurity and public safety arise, ... read more

On Facebook and Twitter Your Privacy Is at Risk -- Even If You Don't Have an Account, Study Finds

New research shows that on social media, like Facebook, privacy can be at risk, even if a person doesn't have an account. Scientists demonstrated ... read more

How a Personality Trait Puts You at Risk for Cybercrime

Impulse online shopping, downloading music and compulsive email use are all signs of a certain personality trait that make you a target for malware attacks. New research examines the behaviors -- ... read more

Computational Model Links Family Members Using Genealogical and Law-Enforcement Databases

Researchers are reporting ways in which using genetic ancestry databases to solve crimes could potentially be ... read more
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Perceived Union Support Buoys 'Meaningfulness of Work' Measures

When employees think of their labor union as supportive and caring, says new research, they are more likely to rate their union as fulfilling their psychological needs for autonomy, competence and ... read more

Rethinking Digital Service Design Could Reduce Their Environmental Impact

Digital technology companies could reduce the carbon footprint of services like YouTube by changing how they are designed, experts ... read more

Bots Exploiting Blockchains for Profit

Like high-frequency traders on Wall Street, a growing army of bots exploit inefficiencies in decentralized exchanges, which are places where users buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency independent of a ... read more

National Effort Urged to Overhaul 'Broken' Health Data System

Our system for protecting health data in the United States is fundamentally broken and we need a national effort to rethink how we safeguard this information, say three experts in data ... read more

Land Conservation Helps Local Economies Grow

Land conservation modestly increases employment rates, a traditional indicator of economic growth, according to an analysis of New England cities and ... read more

Evidence-Based Recommendations Aimed at Reducing Illinois Gun Violence

Illinois could reduce the number of people killed each year by gun violence by implementing ten policies supported by available research, according to a new ... read more

Good News: Habitats Worthy of Protection in Germany Are Protected, Study Finds

The world's largest coordinated network of protected areas is not located at the South Pole or in Australia, Africa, Asia or on the American continents -- but in Europe. An international team of ... read more

Putting Data Privacy in the Hands of Users

Researchers have developed Riverbed, a platform that ensures web and mobile apps using distributed computing in data centers adhere to users' preferences on how their data are shared and stored ... read more

New Legislation Needed to Regulate Police Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology, being trialled by two major police forces in Britain, should be subjected to more rigorous testing and transparency, according to new ... read more

Educational Outreach, Public Policy Changes Needed to Reduce Health Hazards at Nail Salons

The nail salon industry has seen rapid growth within the last 20 years, becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages. For the technicians in those salons, this beauty can come with a cost: ... read more

Dissidents Under Authoritarian Rule: Staying Anonymous Yet Trustworthy

Minority and dissident communities face a perplexing challenge in countries with authoritarian governments. They need to remain anonymous to avoid persecution, but also must establish a trustworthy ... read more

Fake News Shared by Very Few, but Those Over 65 More Likely to Pass on Such Stories

A small percentage of Americans, less than 9 percent, shared links to so-called 'fake news' sites on Facebook during the 2016 presidential election campaign, but this behavior was ... read more

India's Right to Information Act Provides Lessons on Government Transparency

Journalists are often assumed to be the biggest utilizers of freedom-of-information legislation, but new research found that collaborations between journalists, social activists and civil-society ... read more

Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone to Save Gorilla Populations

The link between hoarding disused mobile phones and the decimation of Grauer gorilla habitats is explored in a new ... read more

Retail Outlets Using Telehealth Pose Significant Privacy, Policy Concerns for Health Care

As retail outlets deliver health care services, including telehealth, physicians say more needs to be done to protect patient privacy, anticipate the capabilities of artificial intelligence and other ... read more

How Much Do You Trust Dr. Google?

Women experiencing signs of breast cancer vary in how they value, use, and trust 'Dr. Google' when making sense of their symptoms, a new study ... read more

Computer Hackers Could Be Thwarted by New 'Deception Consistency' Method

Can you deceive a deceiver? That's the question that computer scientists have recently been exploring. The researchers are looking at how to make cyber deception a more effective tool against ... read more

Large Areas of the Brazilian Rainforest at Risk of Losing Protection

Up to 15 million hectares of the Brazilian Amazon is at risk of losing its legal protection, according to a new ... read more

Putting Food-Safety Detection in the Hands of Consumers

Researchers have developed a wireless system that leverages the cheap RFID tags already on hundreds of billions of products to sense potential food contamination -- with no hardware modifications ... read more

Review Reveals Ambiguous Understanding of Genetic Privacy in US Study Participants

Confusion and ambiguity in how US patients and researchers perceive genetic privacy is uncovered by a new ... read more

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