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June 24, 2019

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Debt Relief Improves Psychological and Cognitive Function, Enabling Better Decision-Making

A new study demonstrates that reducing the number of debt accounts lowers the mental burden of the poor, thereby improving psychological and cognitive performance. This enables better ... read more

How Economic Inequality Shapes Mobility Expectations and Behavior in Disadvantaged Youth

By integrating the methods and techniques of economics and psychology, an inventive framework reveals how rising economic inequality can weaken the motivating belief that achieving socioeconomic ... read more

Satellite Images Reveal Global Poverty

How far have we come in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals that we are committed to nationally and internationally? Yes, it can be difficult to make a global assessment of poverty ... read more

Rich People Don't Live That Much Longer Than the Poor, Study Finds

Differences in how many extra years rich people live compared to poor people is only about half of what we thought, according to new ... read more

Why Relationships -- Not Money -- Are the Key to Improving Schools

Strong relationships between teachers, parents and students at schools has more impact on improving student learning than does financial support, new research shows. The study found that social ... read more

Nurseries May Trump Informal or Childminder Care for Kids' Psychological Development

Attendance at a nursery/crèche staffed by professionals may be linked to better psychological development than being looked after by family/friends or a childminder in early childhood, suggests new ... read more

More Minorities Labeled 'Learning Disabled' Because of Social Inequities, Study Finds

A new study suggests that the disproportionate placement of racial minorities into special education for learning disabilities is largely because of social inequities outside of schools rather than ... read more

Housing for Health

In a novel approach to improving outcomes for children, a pediatric hospital worked with community partners to address neighborhood effect syndrome as a target for pediatric health care -- treating ... read more

Lack of Paid Sick Leave Increases Poverty

A new study has quantified, for the first time, the relationship between lack of paid sick leave and poverty in the United States. The data indicates that, even when controlling for education, race, ... read more

Black Americans Face Education, Income Barriers to Healthy Behaviors, Study Finds

A new study reports educational opportunities and higher incomes may be key to closing the health gap between most black and white Americans. Researchers say socioeconomic factors, mainly wealth and ... read more

How Common Is Food Insecurity Among Older Adults?

Food insecurity occurs when people lack access to food or go hungry due to poverty or other challenges. It remains a serious problem for many older adults. Recently, a research team from the ... read more

Financial Structure of Early Childhood Education Requires Overhaul to Make It Accessible and Affordable, Report Says

High-quality early care and education (ECE) is critical to positive child development and has the potential to generate economic returns, but the current financing structure of ECE leaves many ... read more

Housing Instability Negatively Affects the Health of Children and Caregivers

When families don't have stable housing, their risk of struggling with poor health outcomes and material hardships, such as food insecurity, increases, according to a new study. Researchers ... read more

Neighborhood's Quality Influences Children's Behaviors Through Teens, Study Suggests

The quality of the neighborhood where a child grows up has a significant impact on the number of problem behaviors they display during elementary and teenage years, a study ... read more

300,000 Families Living in US-Mexico Border Towns Face Exposure to Toxic Stress

Roughly 300,000 Texans living in impoverished border communities known as 'colonias' are facing substandard housing, lack of resources and exposure to toxic stress. New research finds these ... read more

Ecological Underpinnings of Rural Poverty

A first-of-its-kind effort to examine the ecological drivers of rural poverty combines economic, ecological and epidemiological models. The lessons learned could inform interventions to lift people ... read more

Income Directly Affects Children's Outcomes, Says New Report

There is a strong direct link between household income and children's outcomes, a new review of 61 studies ... read more

School Choice Policies May Impact Segregation and Diversity of Public Schools

Despite decades of educational reform and legal efforts, many U.S. schools are experiencing increasing segregation, with 16 percent of public schools serving both minority and high poverty ... read more

Leaving Segregated Neighborhoods Reduces Blood Pressure for Blacks

When African Americans moved to less segregated neighborhoods, their systolic blood pressure readings dropped between one to five points, reports a new national study. This is the first study to look ... read more

What Is Your Future Risk of Poverty?

A newly-redesigned poverty risk calculator can for the first time determine an American’s expected risk of poverty based on their race, education level, gender, marital status and ... read more

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