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March 21, 2019

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March 21, 2019

Cardiorespiratory Fitness of Farmed Atlantic Salmon Unaffected by Virus

Mar. 13, 2019 — The respiratory systems of Atlantic salmon function normally even when carrying large loads of piscine orthoreovirus (PRV), new research has found. The results are a positive step in reducing the ... read more

Protection from Zika Virus May Lie in a Protein Derived from Mosquitoes

Mar. 11, 2019 — By targeting a protein found in the saliva of mosquitoes that transmit Zika virus, investigators reduced Zika infection in mice. The finding demonstrates how researchers might develop a vaccine ... read more

High Rate of Viral Suppression Among People New to HIV Care

Mar. 7, 2019 — Eighty-six percent of individuals who entered HIV care soon after diagnosis maintained viral suppression after 48 weeks during a clinical trial. Participants in the clinical trial, called iENGAGE, ... read more

How Well Do Vaccines Work? Research Reveals Measles Vaccine Efficacy

Mar. 7, 2019 — The recent measles outbreaks across the country emphasize the importance of ... read more

Child's Elevated Mental Ill-Health Risk If Mother Treated for Infection During Pregnancy

Mar. 7, 2019 — Risks for autism and depression are higher if one's mother was in hospital with an infection during pregnancy. This is shown by a major Swedish observational study of nearly 1.8 million ... read more

Mar. 6, 2019 — Viruses depend on host cells for replication, but how does a virus induce its host to transcribe its own genetic information alongside that of the virus, thus producing daughter viruses? For decades, ... read more

Mar. 6, 2019 — Given the importance and wide distribution of Influenza A viruses, it is surprising how little is known about infections of wild mammals. A new study sheds light on which species are commonly ... read more

New Portal of Entry for Influenza Viruses

Mar. 4, 2019 — Influenza viruses from bats use an entirely different portal to enter the cell than all previously known types of ... read more

Mother's Dengue Immunity Worsens Baby's Response to Zika

Mar. 1, 2019 — New research uncovers previously unknown mechanism behind why some, but not all, Zika virus infections during pregnancy lead to fetal brain ... read more

Pan-Filovirus T-Cell Vaccine Protects Mice from Ebola and Marburg

Feb. 28, 2019 — Vaccines that induce protective T-cell responses could protect against members across the filovirus family, according to a new ... read more

Economic Burden of Dengue Fever

Feb. 28, 2019 — Dengue fever is a major public health concern in many parts of South-East Asia and South America and its prevalence in Africa is thought to be expanding. Researchers have now conducted an analysis of ... read more

Feb. 28, 2019 — In an attempt to shed light on Zika circulation, scientists decided to investigate the history of the Zika virus in Thailand. They discovered that it has been circulating in the country for at least ... read more

Custom-Made Proteins May Help Create Antibodies to Fight HIV

Feb. 27, 2019 — Using computational modeling, a team of researchers has designed and created proteins that mimicked different surface features of HIV. After being immunized with the proteins, rabbits developed ... read more

How the Bacterial Replicative Helicase Opens to Start DNA Replication Process

Feb. 26, 2019 — Researchers have identified the mechanism used by the helicase ring to thread around and separate entwined DNA strands in the replication ... read more

The Secret to Bats' Immunity

Feb. 26, 2019 — Bats' ability to host deadly viruses without getting sick could help shed light on inflammation and aging in ... read more

Study Traces the Origins of Chikungunya in Brazil

Feb. 26, 2019 — New evidence suggests that Chikungunya virus arrived in Brazil at least one year earlier than it was detected by public health surveillance ... read more

Common Virus Is 'Less Prone to Mutation' Giving Hope for Vaccine Development

Feb. 25, 2019 — One of the commonest causes of congenital disability, the Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV), is less prone to mutation than previously thought, a finding which could help develop a successful ... read more

New Insight on Potent HIV Antibody Could Improve Vaccine Design

Feb. 20, 2019 — A new observation highlights the importance of previously unstudied mutations that arises early in bnAbs, giving the antibodies the flexibility to adapt to changes in the virus's outer envelope ... read more

Bat Influenza Viruses Could Infect Humans

Feb. 20, 2019 — Bats don't only carry the deadly Ebola virus, but are also a reservoir for a new type of influenza virus. These newly discovered flu viruses could potentially also attack the cells of humans and ... read more

Viruses That Linger in Gut Could Trigger Type 1 Diabetes

Feb. 20, 2019 — Researchers provide new evidence supporting an association between elevated levels of enteroviruses in the intestinal tracts of children and islet autoimmunity, a precursor to type 1 ... read more

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