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May 21, 2019

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Scientists have studied the heritability of dog ownership using information from 35,035 twin pairs from the Swedish Twin Registry. The new study suggests that genetic ... read more

Complete Removal of Tumor Reduces Risk of Recurrence of Cancer in Dogs

The relative risk of a recurrence of cancer is reduced by 60% in dogs whose tumors are completely removed, a new analysis has ... read more
In a touchscreen-based task that allowed individual animals to provide food to others, wolves behaved more prosocially toward their fellow pack members than did ... read more

Australian Dingo Is a Unique Australian Species in Its Own Right

Since the arrival of British settlers over 230 years ago, most Australians have assumed dingoes are a breed of wild dog. But 20 leading researchers have confirmed in a new study that the dingo is ... read more
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Mechanism of a Protein Upon Infection of the 'Fasciola Hepatica'

The study also validated ten reference genes in sheep that allow for studying how the immune system behaves when facing this ... read more

Poll: Pets Help Older Adults Cope With Health Issues, Get Active and Connect With Others

Pets help older adults cope with mental and physical health issues, according to a new national poll. But pets can also bring concerns, and some people may even put their animals' needs ahead of ... read more

Many Pet Owners Keen to Have Vegan Pets

A growing number of pet owners is interested in feeding their pets plant-based ... read more

Translocation of Bighorn Sheep in Arizona Has Positive Genetic Outcomes

Research shows it is possible to re-establish bighorn sheep populations without a reduction of genetic diversity over a short period and without erosion of ancestral ... read more

High Levels of Potentially Harmful Bacteria Found in Raw Meat Dog Food Products: Study

Many raw meat dog food products contain high levels of bacteria that pose potential health risks to both animals and people, finds new ... read more

Chemical Pollutants in the Home Degrade Fertility in Both Men and Dogs, Study Finds

New research suggests that environmental contaminants found in the home and diet have the same adverse effects on male fertility in both humans and in domestic ... read more

Good Dog? Bad Dog? Their Personalities Can Change

When dog-parents spend extra time scratching their dogs' bellies, take their dogs out for long walks and games of fetch, or even when they feel constant frustration over their dogs' naughty ... read more

Laminitis Research to Help Save Horses and Ponies

Laminitis -- a complex, common and often devastating disease -- is the second biggest killer of domestic horses. Now a body of important research on it has been ... read more

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Study Shows

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in a horse's environment may play a role in the development of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), according to new ... read more

Cancer Comparison Across Species Highlights New Drug Targets

Cancer genes in mucosal melanoma, a rare and poorly understood subtype of melanoma, have been compared in humans, dogs and horses for the first time. Researchers sequenced the genomes of the same ... read more

Why Asian Horses Don't Get Sick With the Flu

Avian influenza viruses infect horses in Mongolia but do not cause large outbreaks of disease because they failed to acquire key genetic changes to enable greater cross-species transmissibility, ... read more

Visual Guide to Identify Invasive Self-Cloning Tick

Researchers have created a visual guide to help identify and control the Asian longhorned tick, which transmits a fatal human disease in its native countries and threatens livestock in the United ... read more

Overlapping Genomic Regions Underlie Canine Fearfulness and Human Mental Disorders

Researchers have identified two novel anxiety-related genomic regions in German Shepherd dogs. The region associated with fearfulness corresponds with the locus of human chromosome 18, which is ... read more

New Skin Test Detects Prion Infection Before Symptoms Appear

Prions can infect both humans and animals, causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans, mad cow disease in cattle, and chronic wasting disease in elk and deer. The infectious, misfolded protein ... read more

Emerging Significance of Gammaherpesvirus and Morbillivirus Infections in Cats

Emerging infectious diseases comprise a substantial fraction of important human infections, with potentially devastating global health and economic impacts. A 2008 paper in Nature described the ... read more

Medical Detection Dogs Help Diabetes Patients Regulate Insulin Levels

New research has found that the best trained alert dogs have the potential to vastly improve the quality of life of people living with Type 1 ... read more

UK Must Stay Vigilant for Bluetongue After 2007 'Lucky Escape'

Scientists have used mathematical modelling to identify why the 2007 UK outbreak of bluetongue -- a viral disease spread by midge bites that affects sheep and cattle -- was smaller than it could have ... read more

Bulldogs' Screw Tails Linked to Human Genetic Disease

With their small size, stubby faces and wide-set eyes, bulldogs, French bulldogs and Boston terriers are among the most popular of domestic dog breeds. Now researchers have found the genetic basis ... read more

Overweight Dogs May Live Shorter Lives

New research reveals overweight dogs are more likely to have shorter lives than those at ideal body ... read more

Lung Lavage as New Test Method Improves Tuberculosis Diagnosis in Rhinoceros

Scientists performed repeated lung lavage as a new approach for tuberculosis diagnosis in rhinoceros. Subsequent genetic tests reliably identified mycobacteria in the animals' respiratory fluids ... read more

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