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March 22, 2019

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March 22, 2019

Mar. 18, 2019 — A study into the effectiveness of disinfecting birds' nests has led to a breakthrough in the understanding of biosecuity measures for the endangered echo parakeet in Mauritius. The research team ... read more

Using Thoreau, Scientists Measure the Impact of Climate Change on Wildflowers

Mar. 14, 2019 — A new study is using observations made by Henry David Thoreau -- 19th-century American naturalist, social reformer, and philosopher -- to explore the effects of climate change on tree leaf-out and, ... read more

Tracking Turtles With Telemetry

Mar. 14, 2019 — A new model has been created that can forecast the location of Eastern Pacific leatherback turtles along the coast of Central and South America in an effort to decrease bycatch mortality of this ... read more

Mar. 14, 2019 — An international team of researchers analyzed video from remote camera-trap devices placed in ape-populated forests throughout Africa to see how wild apes would react to these unfamiliar objects. ... read more

Mar. 14, 2019 — 'Great Dying' extinction survivors appear to have shared many of the same ecological roles as their predecessors, with one catch -- there was a surge in the number of individuals with more ... read more

Mar. 13, 2019 — Researchers combine maps of marine predator habitats with satellite tracks of fishing fleets to identify regions where they overlap -- a step toward more effective wildlife management on the high ... read more

Mar. 13, 2019 — Researchers found that inland river dams can have highly destructive effects on the stability and productivity of coastline and estuarine habitats, which provide protection from storms, commercial ... read more

Mar. 13, 2019 — East Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) contains 1,776 protected areas (including 186 'strict' protected areas) covering more than 27 percent of its terrestrial area. ... read more

Mar. 13, 2019 — Climate change could contribute to the demographic collapse of the painted turtle, a species that has temperature-dependent sex determination. A scientist is sounding the alarm about the painted ... read more

Mar. 13, 2019 — More than a quarter of the species in their dataset showed seasonal interest. For these seasonal species, the researchers found that the timing and amount of internet activity is a highly accurate ... read more

Mar. 13, 2019 — A team of scientists has systematically studied and compared the eyes and antennae and the associated brain structures of more than 60 species of the genus Drosophila. They found a large variation, ... read more

Desert Plants Provided by Homeowners Offer Habitat for Desert Bird Species

Mar. 12, 2019 — A persistent question among urban ecology researchers has been the long-term impact of urbanization on bird species biodiversity. Specifically, they wonder whether the portions of cities with higher ... read more

Potential Impacts of Future Heat Waves on Humans and Wildlife

Mar. 12, 2019 — Climate change is often talked about in terms of averages, like the goal set by the Paris Agreement to limit the Earth's temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius. What such numbers fail to ... read more

Mar. 12, 2019 — New research suggests climate change makes it increasingly difficult for tree seedlings to regenerate following wildfires in low-elevation forests, which could contribute to abrupt forest ... read more

Mar. 12, 2019 — New study on an owl's re-colonization of northern ... read more

Mar. 12, 2019 — A new study documents an unprecedented number of southern marine species moving northward into California and as far north as Oregon during the 2014-2016 marine heatwave. Of 67 rare, warm-water ... read more

Impacts of Marine and Freshwater Predators on Ecosystems and Society

Mar. 12, 2019 — A new study reports on the diverse ways that aquatic predators, such as sharks and alligators, can impact ecosystems and also benefit human society. The study shows how these important ecological ... read more

Research Connects Dots Among Ocean Dynamics, Drought and Forests

Mar. 11, 2019 — A new study has found predictable, traceable connections between changes in how the Atlantic Ocean flowed and operated with centuries-long droughts and changes in forest ... read more

Fatal Horizon, Driven by Acidification, Closes in on Marine Organisms in Southern Ocean

Mar. 11, 2019 — Marine microorganisms in the Southern Ocean may find themselves in a deadly vise grip by century's end as ocean acidification creates a shallower horizon for ... read more

How to Take a Census of Earth's Biodiversity? One Team of Researchers Has a Plan

Mar. 11, 2019 — How do you monitor the number and location of Earth's plants and animals at any given time? It's a daunting, planet-sized problem, but an international team of researchers has published a ... read more

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