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June 17, 2019

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Despite how essential plants are for life on Earth, little is known about how parts of plant cells orchestrate growth and greening. By creating mutant plants, researchers ... read more
Researchers have discovered one of the first concrete examples of how the microbiome can interfere with a drug's intended path through the body. Focusing on levodopa ... read more
Using advanced technologies to explore the inner workings of bacteria, biologists have provided the first example of cargo ... read more
New findings challenge the long-standing idea that multi-celled animals evolved from a single-celled ancestor resembling a modern sponge cell known as ... read more
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Cell Biology: Preventing Drugs from Being Transported out of the Cell

A research team has investigated the transport mechanism of a bacterial membrane protein using an artificially produced antibody fragment. The transport proteins, called ABC exporters, are present, ... read more

Nuclear Pore Complex Outer Rings: No Longer 'One Size Fits All'

In eukaryotic cells, molecules can only move into or out of the nucleus through specialized channels called nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). Each NPC has a ring of nucleoporin proteins flanking either ... read more

Human Protein That Aids Development of Malaria Parasite Identified

Researchers have discovered that the Plasmodium parasites responsible for malaria rely on a human liver cell protein for their development into a form capable of infecting red blood cells and causing ... read more

Structuring Sweetness: What Makes Stevia 200 Times Sweeter Than Sugar?

New research reveals the molecular machinery behind the high-intensity sweetness of the stevia plant. The results could be used to engineer new non-caloric products without the aftertaste that many ... read more

Unhealthy Gut Promotes Spread of Breast Cancer

An unhealthy, inflamed gut causes breast cancer to become much more invasive and spread more quickly to other parts of the body, new research ... read more

Scientists once thought that neurons, or possibly heart cells, were the oldest cells in the body. Now, researchers have discovered that the mouse brain, liver and pancreas contain populations of ... read more

A new study using mouse neural crest tissue reveals how primitive, undifferentiated cells choose their adult fate. The findings help explain how some neural crest cells become craniofacial cells, ... read more

Researchers have discovered that learned behaviors can be inherited for multiple generations in C. elegans, transmitted from parent to progeny via eggs and sperm ... read more

Researchers have shown that translation of the genetic information stored in our DNA is much more complex than previously thought. This discovery was made by developing a type of advanced microscopy ... read more

Researchers Develop Fast, Efficient Way to Build Amino Acid Chains

Researchers report that they have developed a faster, easier and cheaper method for making new amino acid chains -- the polypeptide building blocks that are used in drug development and industry -- ... read more

Nuclear Architecture: What Organizes the Genome in a Cell's Nucleus?

New research uncovers leading mechanisms of separation of active from inactive fractions of the genome in the cell nucleus and turns our picture of the nucleus upside ... read more

Combining tissue imaging and pioneering artificial intelligence, researchers have probed deeper into how cell division cycles are regulated in a new ... read more

Video Gamers Design Brand New Proteins

By encoding their specialized knowledge into a computer game, researchers enabled citizen scientists to successfully design synthetic proteins for the first ... read more

'Cells Eating Cells' Is a Double-Whammy for Cell Health

Mathematicians have developed a model tested by experiment that shows cell cannibalism is an important driver in the build-up of cholesterol and other harmful ... read more

Snout Dated: Slow-Evolving Elephant Shark Offers New Insights Into Human Physiology

Using different steroid hormones to activate a hormone receptor in a cartilaginous fish provides insights into origins and later evolution of crucial mechanism for survival of vertebrates living on ... read more

Antibiotic Produced by the Microbiome Kills Bacteria by Disturbing Energy Metabolism

A research team has investigated the mode of action of a new class of antibiotics that is highly effective against multidrug-resistant pathogens. The so-called fibupeptides impair the energy supply ... read more

New Genes out of Nothing

One key question in evolutionary biology is how novel genes arise and develop. Researchers now show how new genes and functions that are advantageous to bacteria can be selected from random DNA ... read more

Gene-Edited Chicken Cells Resist Bird Flu Virus in the Lab

Scientists have used gene-editing techniques to stop the bird flu virus from spreading in chicken cells grown in the lab. The team prevented the virus from taking hold by deleting a section of ... read more

Researchers Discover Cells That Change Their Identity During Normal Development

The ability of a developed cell to transform into another type of cell is exceptionally rare. But UVA researchers have discovered this in ... read more

Trap-and-Release Accelerates Study of Swimming Ciliated Cells

Researchers have studied cilia in an acoustic trap that allows them to analyze hundreds of cells in ... read more

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