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March 22, 2019

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March 22, 2019

Better Water Testing, Safer Produce

Mar. 20, 2019 — Irrigation water's E. coli results can differ between labs, test ... read more

Bacterial Contamination in Household and Office Building Tap Water

Mar. 20, 2019 — Water is a source of concern for disseminating the bacteria Legionella pneumophila and Mycobacterium avium, which cause lung disease (legionellosis and pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterium disease, ... read more

Mar. 19, 2019 — A researcher travels the Americas, collecting feces from nonhuman primates to determine the risk of Zika ... read more

Fountain of Youth for Heart Health May Lie in the Gut

Mar. 19, 2019 — As our collection of resident gut bacteria changes with age, it increasingly produces harmful metabolites that damage veins and blood vessels, driving disease, a new study ... read more

Revealing the Rules Behind Virus Scaffold Construction

Mar. 19, 2019 — New insights into virus shell self-assembly could impact future drug delivery and therapeutic ... read more

Mar. 19, 2019 — In favorable conditions, many bacteria propel themselves to food sources and other sites of interest using whip-like molecular propellers known as flagella. However, according to new research, ... read more

Superbugs Have Colonized the International Space Station -- But There's a Silver Lining

Mar. 19, 2019 — Researchers have taken another small step towards deep space exploration, by testing a new silver- and ruthenium-based antimicrobial coating aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Their study ... read more

Food Safety: Dung Beetles and Soil Bacteria Reduce Risk of Human Pathogens

Mar. 19, 2019 — Food safety regulations increasingly pressure growers to remove hedgerows, ponds and other natural habitats from farms to keep out pathogen-carrying wildlife and livestock. Yet, this could come at ... read more

Bartonella and Sudden-Onset Adolescent Schizophrenia

Mar. 18, 2019 — In a new case study, researchers describe an adolescent human patient diagnosed with rapid onset schizophrenia who was found instead to have a Bartonella henselae infection (associated with cat ... read more

Mar. 18, 2019 — To identify genes involved in photosynthesis, researchers built a library containing thousands of single-celled algae, each with a different gene mutation. The library, which took nine years to ... read more

New Potential Approach to Treat Atopic Dermatitis

Mar. 18, 2019 — Researchers have demonstrated that the same immune cells that protect us against skin fungi also encourage the inflammatory symptoms of atopic dermatitis. An antibody therapy could alleviate this ... read more

Mar. 18, 2019 — Nitric oxide (NO) is a central molecule of the global nitrogen cycle. A study reveals that microorganisms can grow on NO. Their results change our view of the earth's nitrogen cycle and how ... read more

Dormant Viruses Activate During Spaceflight

Mar. 16, 2019 — Herpes viruses reactivate in more than half of crew aboard Space Shuttle and International Space Station missions. While only a small proportion develop symptoms, virus reactivation rates increase ... read more

Chemical Probe Can Regulate Signaling Pathway and Block Cell Invasion by Arboviruses

Mar. 15, 2019 — Dysregulation of the signaling pathway known as the beta-catenin-dependent Wnt can also cause embryo malformation and contribute for the development of breast and cervical ... read more

Uncovering Uncultivated Microbes in the Human Gut

Mar. 15, 2019 — A human's health is shaped both by environmental factors and the body's interactions with the microbiome, particularly in the gut. Genome sequences are critical for characterizing ... read more

Oral Bacteria in Pancreas Linked to More Aggressive Tumors

Mar. 14, 2019 — The presence of oral bacteria in so-called cystic pancreatic tumours is associated with the severity of the tumour, researchers report. It is hoped that the results can help to improve diagnosis and ... read more

Bacteria 'Trap' Could Help Slow Down Antibiotic Resistance

Mar. 14, 2019 — Scientists have developed a new and faster test for identifying how single bacteria react to antibiotics, which could help in the fight against antimicrobial ... read more

Mar. 14, 2019 — Green tea cut obesity and a number of inflammatory biomarkers linked with poor health in a new ... read more

Machine-Learning Model Provides Detailed Insight on Proteins

Mar. 12, 2019 — A novel machine-learning 'toolbox' that can read and analyze the sequences of proteins has been described ... read more

Novel Potent Antimicrobial from Thermophilic Bacterium

Mar. 12, 2019 — Microbiologists have discovered a new glycocin, a small antimicrobial peptide with a sugar group attached, which is produced by a thermophilic bacterium and is stable at relatively high temperatures. ... read more

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