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June 17, 2019

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Researchers shed light on the important role that microbial genes, like those from viruses, can play in insect and ... read more
Despite how essential plants are for life on Earth, little is known about how parts of plant cells orchestrate growth and greening. By creating mutant plants, researchers ... read more
Using advanced technologies to explore the inner workings of bacteria, biologists have provided the first example of cargo ... read more
New findings challenge the long-standing idea that multi-celled animals evolved from a single-celled ancestor resembling a modern sponge cell known as ... read more
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Cell Biology: Preventing Drugs from Being Transported out of the Cell

A research team has investigated the transport mechanism of a bacterial membrane protein using an artificially produced antibody fragment. The transport proteins, called ABC exporters, are present, ... read more

Lynx in Turkey: Noninvasive Sample Collection Provides Insights Into Genetic Diversity

A team of scientists collected data and samples (feces, hair) from the Caucasian Lynx (Lynx lynx dinniki), in a region of Anatolian Turkey over several years. The results of the genetic analyses ... read more

Interactions Between Plant and Insect-Infecting Viruses

Aphids and the plant viruses they transmit cause billions of dollars in crop damage every year. Researchers are examining this relationship at the molecular level, which could lead to new methods for ... read more

Nuclear Pore Complex Outer Rings: No Longer 'One Size Fits All'

In eukaryotic cells, molecules can only move into or out of the nucleus through specialized channels called nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). Each NPC has a ring of nucleoporin proteins flanking either ... read more

Human Protein That Aids Development of Malaria Parasite Identified

Researchers have discovered that the Plasmodium parasites responsible for malaria rely on a human liver cell protein for their development into a form capable of infecting red blood cells and causing ... read more

Curbing Your Enthusiasm for Overeating

Signals between our gut and brain control how and when we eat food. But how the molecular mechanisms involved in this signaling are affected when we eat a high-energy diet and how they contribute to ... read more

Switchgrass Hybrid Yields Insights Into Plant Evolution

Scientists have identified specific parts of genetic code within switchgrass that could contribute to larger switchgrass harvests while reducing potential crop ... read more

Structuring Sweetness: What Makes Stevia 200 Times Sweeter Than Sugar?

New research reveals the molecular machinery behind the high-intensity sweetness of the stevia plant. The results could be used to engineer new non-caloric products without the aftertaste that many ... read more

Deceptively Simple: Minute Marine Animals Live in a Sophisticated Symbiosis With Bacteria

Trichoplax, one of the simplest animals on Earth, lives in a highly specific and intimate symbiosis with two types of bacteria. One, Grellia, is related to parasitic bacteria that cause typhus and ... read more

Unhealthy Gut Promotes Spread of Breast Cancer

An unhealthy, inflamed gut causes breast cancer to become much more invasive and spread more quickly to other parts of the body, new research ... read more

Scientists Discover Gene That Could Help Us Grow Crops Faster

Plant scientists have discovered a gene that they hope can be used to widen a nutrient trafficking bottleneck and potentially increase crop ... read more

How Genes Interact to Build Tissues and Organisms

Scientists have developed a new computational tool to infer global, large-scale regulatory networks, from healthy and pathological organs. The researchers were able to pinpoint genes relevant to ... read more

How Brassinosteroid Signaling Makes Roots Grow Longer Under Nitrogen Deficiency

As sessile organisms, plants rely on their ability to adapt the development and growth of their roots in response to changing nutrient conditions. One such response, known to be displayed by plants ... read more

Northeastern U.S. Deer More Susceptible to Wasting Disease Than Those to the West

Some deer are more susceptible to chronic wasting disease that is spreading through herds of white-tailed deer across much of the United States, according to researchers, who have identified a panel ... read more

New research suggests that sexual reproduction is favored by selection because, unlike asexual reproduction, it not only provides important evolutionary advantages in constantly changing ... read more

Scientists once thought that neurons, or possibly heart cells, were the oldest cells in the body. Now, researchers have discovered that the mouse brain, liver and pancreas contain populations of ... read more

A new study using mouse neural crest tissue reveals how primitive, undifferentiated cells choose their adult fate. The findings help explain how some neural crest cells become craniofacial cells, ... read more

Researchers have discovered that learned behaviors can be inherited for multiple generations in C. elegans, transmitted from parent to progeny via eggs and sperm ... read more

Mathematics of Plant Leaves

A Japanese plant species with a peculiar leaf pattern recently revealed unexpected insight into how almost all plants control their leaf ... read more

Researchers have shown that translation of the genetic information stored in our DNA is much more complex than previously thought. This discovery was made by developing a type of advanced microscopy ... read more

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