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May 19, 2019

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Breakthrough Technique for Studying Gene Expression Takes Root in Plants

An open-source RNA analysis platform has been successfully used on plant cells for the first time -- a breakthrough that could herald a new era of fundamental research and bolster efforts to engineer ... read more
A new study reveals the loss of plant diversity harms the humble bumblebee at a critical stage in its development from egg ... read more
Accelerated tree growth caused by a warming climate does not necessarily translate into enhanced carbon storage, an international ... read more

Unprecedented Weakening of Asian Summer Monsoon

Rainfall from the Asian summer monsoon has been decreasing over the past 80 years, a decline unprecedented in the last 448 years, according to a new ... read more
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Rice Blast Fungus Study Sheds New Light on Virulence Mechanisms of Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Researchers examined the fungal cell biology of rice blast fungus pathogenesis and recently published the first systematic and comprehensive report on the molecular mechanism of the actin-binding ... read more

Turning Off Growth to Make Flowers Grow

Researchers report the final epigenetic events that terminate stem cell growth for proper flower development. They show the series of steps the binding of the transcription factor KNUCKLES initiates ... read more

Role of Cover Crops in Slowing Herbicide Resistance

A new article shows that cover crops can play an important role in slowing the development of herbicide-resistant ... read more

Urban Trees 'Live Fast, Die Young' Compared to Those in Rural Forests

Urban trees grow more quickly but die faster than rural trees, resulting in a net loss of street-tree carbon storage over time, according to a new study. The findings suggest that planting ... read more

New Avenues for Improving Modern Wheat

Since the Agricultural Revolution about 12,000 years ago, humans have been selectively breeding plants with desirable traits such as high grain yield and disease resistance. Over time, Triticum ... read more

The Secrets of Secretion: Isolating Eucalyptus Genes for Oils, Biofuel

Close genetic analysis of 480 blue mallee eucalyptus plants provides clues to modify cultivars for greater yield, whether for essential oils or jet ... read more

Medicinal Mushroom Discovered in Thailand

A species of medicinal mushroom was recorded for the first time in Thailand. Scientists also report the first assessment of the optimum conditions needed for the species to grow its mycelia and ... read more

Scientists have discovered how two closely-related species of Asiatic dayflower can coexist in the wild despite their competitive relationship. Through a combination of field surveys and artificial ... read more

Unexpected interactions between mutations can be a thorn in the side for plant breeders. Scientists unveil what drove one infamous 'cryptic' ... read more

Ash Dieback Is Predicted to Cost £15 Billion in Britain

A team of researchers calculated the true economic cost of ash dieback -- and the predictions are ... read more

Hunting Jeopardizes Forest Carbon Storage, Yet Is Overlooked in Climate Mitigation Efforts

The loss of animals, often due to unregulated or illegal hunting, has consequences for the carbon storage capacity of forests, yet this link is rarely mentioned in high-level climate policy ... read more

The Winter Weather Window That Is Costing Rapeseed Growers Millions

Rapeseed growers are losing up to a quarter of their crop yield each year because of temperature rises during an early-winter weather ... read more

If plants are injured, cells adjacent to the wound fill the gaps with their daughter cells. However, which cells divide to do the healing and how they manage to produce cells that match the cell type ... read more

Working to understand the genetics of peanut disease resistance and yield, researchers led by scientists at the University of Georgia have uncovered the peanut's unlikely and complicated ... read more

Giant pandas are unusual in being extremely specialized herbivores that feed almost exclusively on highly fibrous bamboo, despite belonging to a clade (Carnivora) of primarily flesh-eating ... read more

Mathematician's Breakthrough on Non-Toxic Pest Control

Breakthrough 'gene silencing' technique uses naturally occurring soil bacteria to kill specific crop-destroying pests without harming other insects or the environment. Non-toxic pest ... read more

The Hunger Gaps: How Flowering Times Affect Farmland Bees

For the very first time, researchers have measured farmland nectar supplies throughout the whole year and revealed hungry gaps when food supply is not meeting pollinator demand. This novel finding ... read more

Australian Blue Tongue Lizard Ancestor Was Round-in-the-Tooth

Reconstruction of the most complete fossil lizard found in Australia, a 15 million year old relative of our modern blue tongues and social skinks named Egernia gillespieae, reveals the creature was ... read more

Pest-Killing Fungi Could Protect NYS Grapes, Apples from Invasive Insect

Two fungal pathogens could potentially curb an invasive insect that has New York vineyard owners on ... read more

Researchers trekked through the forests and coffee fields of Costa Rica to study how tropical birds were faring in a changing agricultural landscape. Through painstaking banding of individual birds, ... read more

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