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March 21, 2019

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March 21, 2019

The Importance of Puberty: A Call for Better Research Models

Mar. 14, 2019 — Puberty is much more than just a time of biological overdrive, propelled by sexual maturation. Progress in developmental science has greatly broadened the perspective of this critical maturational ... read more

Simple Directions from Parents Can Guide Children's Discovery

Mar. 14, 2019 — Whether it's probing a child's understanding of a topic through questions or engaging in hands-on activities alongside them, parents can guide their children to learn in new ways through ... read more

First Double-Blind Controlled Trial of TNS Shows Reduced Symptoms in Some Children With ADHD

Mar. 12, 2019 — Currently approved in Canada and Europe for adults with medication-resistant depression and seizures, trigeminal nerve stimulation (TNS) has been found to be an effective and safe means of treatment ... read more

Adoption Assessment Tool Lags Behind Societal Changes

Mar. 11, 2019 — A researcher says a tool to assess potential adoptive parents does not meet the needs of lesbian, gay or gender minority ... read more

Good News for Women With MS: Disease May Not Worsen After Pregnancy After All

Mar. 7, 2019 — There's good news for women with multiple sclerosis (MS) -- researchers now say the disease may not flare up again right after pregnancy as they had long believed, according to a preliminary ... read more

Pediatric Onset Multiple Sclerosis Study Examines Baffling, Often-Overlooked Disease

Mar. 7, 2019 — Study examines families' functioning when a child is diagnosed with pediatric onset multiple ... read more

Child's Elevated Mental Ill-Health Risk If Mother Treated for Infection During Pregnancy

Mar. 7, 2019 — Risks for autism and depression are higher if one's mother was in hospital with an infection during pregnancy. This is shown by a major Swedish observational study of nearly 1.8 million ... read more

Forgotten Fathers: New Dads Also at Risk for Postpartum Depression

Mar. 7, 2019 — A new study offers an in-depth view of new fathers' experiences with postpartum depression (PPD). The study explores issues they encounter and how they can move beyond barriers they face in ... read more

A Television in the Bedroom?

Mar. 7, 2019 — Spending too much time watching TV in their room can harm preschoolers' development, a new study ... read more

1 in 3 Students With ADHD Receive No School Interventions

Mar. 5, 2019 — One in three students with ADHD received no school-based interventions and two of three received no classroom management, researchers found in the largest study of children and teens with ADHD ever ... read more

Kids With Cochlear Implants Since Infancy More Likely to Speak, Not Sign

Mar. 5, 2019 — Researchers present further evidence that deaf children who received cochlear implants (implanted electronic hearing device) before 12 months of age learn to more rapidly understand spoken language ... read more

Mother's Dengue Immunity Worsens Baby's Response to Zika

Mar. 1, 2019 — New research uncovers previously unknown mechanism behind why some, but not all, Zika virus infections during pregnancy lead to fetal brain ... read more

Intervention With at-Risk Infants Increases Children's Compliance at Age 3

Feb. 28, 2019 — Children who are maltreated often develop problems complying with directions and expectations of parents and other authority figures. Lack of compliance can lead to other problems, including ... read more

Child Anxiety Could Be Factor in School Absences

Feb. 27, 2019 — New research has concluded that anxiety can be a factor in poor school attendance among children and young ... read more

Mother's Behavioral Corrections Tune Infant's Brain to Angry Tone

Feb. 27, 2019 — The same brain network that adults use when they hear angry vocalizations is at work in infants as young as six months old, an effect that is strongest in infants whose mothers spend the most time ... read more

Infant Sleep Duration Associated With Mother's Level of Education and Prenatal Depression

Feb. 27, 2019 — A new study analyzing data from Canadian parents has found that babies sleep less at three months of age if their mothers do not have a university degree, experienced depression during pregnancy or ... read more

New Mothers Reduce Their Alcohol Intake, but This Change Is Short-Lived

Feb. 27, 2019 — Most women dramatically reduce their alcohol intake on learning they are pregnant, but by the time their child is five they are back to their pre-pregnancy drinking levels, a new international study ... read more

Brain Response to Mom's Voice Differs in Kids With Autism

Feb. 26, 2019 — For most children, the sound of their mother's voice triggers brain activity patterns distinct from those triggered by an unfamiliar voice. But the unique brain response to mom's voice is ... read more

New Parents Face 6 Years of Disrupted Sleep

Feb. 25, 2019 — The birth of a child has drastic short-term effects on new mothers' sleep, particularly during the first three months after birth. Researchers have also found sleep duration and satisfaction is ... read more

Some Personal Beliefs and Morals May Stem from Genetics

Feb. 25, 2019 — Researchers found that while parents can help encourage their children to develop into responsible, conscientious adults, there is an underlying genetic factor that influences these traits, as ... read more

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