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June 16, 2019

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Reading With Toddlers Linked to Reduced Harsh Parenting, Enhanced Child Behavior

People who regularly read with their toddlers are less likely to engage in harsh parenting and the children are less likely to be hyperactive or ... read more

Nouns Slow Down Our Speech

Speakers hesitate or make brief pauses filled with sounds like 'uh' or 'uhm' mostly before nouns. Such slow-down effects are far less frequent before verbs, as researchers working together with an ... read more

Language Is Learned in Brain Circuits That Predate Humans

It has often been claimed that humans learn language using brain components that are specifically dedicated to this purpose. Now, new evidence strongly suggests that language is in fact learned in ... read more

Amazingly Flexible: Learning to Read in Your 30s Profoundly Transforms the Brain

Reading is such a modern cultural invention that there is no specific area in the brain dedicated to it. Scientists have found that learning to read ... read more
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Parents with higher reading-related knowledge are not only more likely to have children with higher reading scores but are also more attentive when those children read out loud to ... read more

A Student's Disability Status Depends on Where They Go to School

A new study suggests that the likelihood of a child being classified with an educational disability depends on the characteristics of their school and how distinctive they are from their ... read more

Speech Recognition Technology Is Not a Solution for Poor Readers

Could artificial intelligence be a solution for people who cannot read well (functional illiterates) or those who cannot read at all (complete illiterates)? According to psycholinguists, speech ... read more

Unfamiliar Words, Not Blue Text, Slows Reading of Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks slow down reading speed only when the linked word is unfamiliar, an effect that is independent of link color, according to new research. The effect is likely due to the reader's ... read more

Natural Disaster Affects Children's Schooling Years Later

A new study looked at changes in children's academic performance after major bushfires in Australia. The study concluded that children in regions affected significantly by bushfires demonstrated ... read more

Link Between Job Titles and Gender Equality

Researchers have revealed a link between role-nouns (e.g. job titles) in gendered languages and gender equality. The study, which examined whether the masculine form in the plural in German is ... read more

Flipped Classroom Enhances Learning Outcomes in Medical Certificate Education

The quality of medical certificates written by students of medicine was better when they were taught by using the flipped classroom approach instead of traditional lecturing. A randomly selected ... read more

Why Relationships -- Not Money -- Are the Key to Improving Schools

Strong relationships between teachers, parents and students at schools has more impact on improving student learning than does financial support, new research shows. The study found that social ... read more

Latin May Help Students Bridge Their Native Language With English

Researchers found that in teaching English learners -- students who aren't fluent in English and often come from homes where a language other than English is spoken -- the Latin roots of words ... read more

American Girls Read and Write Better Than Boys

As early as the fourth grade, girls perform better than boys on standardized tests in reading and writing, and as they get older that achievement gap widens even ... read more

Adult-Child Conversations Strengthen Language Regions of Developing Brain

Young children who are regularly engaged in conversation by adults may have stronger connections between two developing brain regions critical for language, according to a study of healthy young ... read more

Baby Talk Words Build Infants' Language Skills

The more baby talk words that infants are exposed to the quicker they grasp language, a study suggests. Assessments of nine-month-old children suggest that those who hear words such as bunny or ... read more

Link Found Between Resilience to Dyslexia and Gray Matter in the Frontal Brain

A new joint study identifies the brain mechanism that accounts for the discrepancy between low decoding skills and high reading comprehension in some children with ... read more

Importance of Language Development in Low-Income, High-Risk Children

Researchers who examined child speech interactions over the course of a year found that vulnerable children benefit from conversations with their peers and their ... read more

'No Evidence' Grammar Schools Can Promote Social Mobility

Expanding the number of grammar schools is unlikely to promote social mobility by providing more opportunities for disadvantaged pupils, a new study ... read more

Children With Better Coordination More Likely to Achieve at School

Young children with better eye-to-hand coordination were more likely to achieve higher scores for reading, writing and math according to new research -- raising the possibility schools could provide ... read more

Teachers Lacking Educational Background in Science Use Inquiry-Oriented Instruction Least

New study shows that eighth-grade science teachers without an educational background in science are less likely to practice inquiry-oriented science instruction, possibly contributing to the US lack ... read more

How Music Lessons Can Improve Language Skills

Researchers have found that piano lessons have a specific effect on kindergartners' ability to distinguish different pitches, which translates into an improvement in discriminating between ... read more

Approach Can Help English Learners Improve at Math Word Problems

Education professors have shown that a comprehension-based strategy can help English learners improve their math word-problem solving abilities. The approach boosts reading comprehension and problem ... read more

How Instruction Changes Brain Circuitry With Struggling Readers

Using MRI measurements of the brain's neural connections, or 'white matter,' researchers have shown that, in struggling readers, the neural circuitry strengthened -- and their reading ... read more

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