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June 17, 2019

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Chatterbox Parents May Boost Tots' Intelligence

A major new study has identified a link between kids who hear high quantities of adult speech and better nonverbal abilities such as reasoning, numeracy and shape ... read more
A state-of-the-art brain-machine interface created by neuroscientists can generate natural-sounding synthetic speech by using brain activity to control a virtual vocal tract ... read more

Girls and Boys on Autism Spectrum Tell Stories Differently, Could Explain 'Missed Diagnosis' in Girls

A new study examined differences in the way girls and boys on the autism spectrum used certain types of words during storytelling. This study found ... read more

Artificial Intelligence Can Diagnose PTSD by Analyzing Voices

A specially designed computer program can help to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans by analyzing their ... read more
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Parents with higher reading-related knowledge are not only more likely to have children with higher reading scores but are also more attentive when those children read out loud to ... read more

Translating University Lectures in Multiple Languages

Researchers report a new machine translation system that outputs subtitles in multiple languages for archived university lectures. As countries like China and Japan expand their international student ... read more

Speech Recognition Technology Is Not a Solution for Poor Readers

Could artificial intelligence be a solution for people who cannot read well (functional illiterates) or those who cannot read at all (complete illiterates)? According to psycholinguists, speech ... read more

April Fools Hoax Stories Could Offer Clues to Help Identify 'Fake News'

Academic experts in natural language processing who are interested in deception have compared the language used within written April Fools hoaxes and fake news stories. They have discovered that ... read more

Kids Store 1.5 Megabytes of Information to Master Their Native Language

Learning one's native language may seem effortless. But new research suggests that language acquisition between birth and 18 is a remarkable feat of cognition, rather than something humans are ... read more

Gesturing Related to Storytelling Style, Not Nationality, Study

New research suggests that the amount you gesture when telling a story has more to do with what you're saying than where you're ... read more

Brain Region Discovered That Only Processes Spoken, Not Written Words

Patients in a new study were able to comprehend words that were written but not said aloud. They could write the names of things they saw but not verbalize them. For instance, if a patient in the ... read more

Brain-Inspired AI Inspires Insights About the Brain (and Vice Versa)

Researchers have described the results of experiments that used artificial neural networks to predict with greater accuracy than ever before how different areas in the brain respond to specific ... read more

Diet-Induced Changes Favor Innovation in Speech Sounds

Diet-induced changes in the human bite resulted in new sounds such as 'f' in languages all over the world, a study by an international team led by researchers has shown. The findings ... read more

Infants' Advances in Speech Processing Play Role in Language-Cognition Link

A new study provides the first evidence that infants' increasingly precise perceptual tuning to the sounds of their native language sets constraints on the range of human languages they will ... read more

People Track When Talkers Say 'Uh' to Predict What Comes Next

Speakers tend to say 'uh' before uncommon words ('uh... automobile') rather than common words ('car'). In a new eye-tracking study, researchers show that listeners use ... read more

Kids With Cochlear Implants Since Infancy More Likely to Speak, Not Sign

Researchers present further evidence that deaf children who received cochlear implants (implanted electronic hearing device) before 12 months of age learn to more rapidly understand spoken language ... read more

When It Comes to Hearing Words, It's a Division of Labor Between Our Brain's Two Hemispheres

Scientists have uncovered a new 'division of labor' between our brain's two hemispheres in how we comprehend the words and other sounds we hear -- a finding that offers new insights ... read more

Brain's Ability to Synchronize Voice Sounds Could Be Related to Language Learning

Researchers studied the synchronization of speech motor rhythms. Results show some people's brains adapt spontaneously to align with the rhythm of the voices they hear, while others do not. ... read more

Brain Processes Concrete and Abstract Words Differently

A new review explores the different areas of the brain that process the meaning of concrete and abstract ... read more

Mother's Behavioral Corrections Tune Infant's Brain to Angry Tone

The same brain network that adults use when they hear angry vocalizations is at work in infants as young as six months old, an effect that is strongest in infants whose mothers spend the most time ... read more

New Breakthrough in Understanding a Severe Child Speech Impediment

Scientists have made a breakthrough in identifying a potential cause of the most severe child speech impediment -- apraxia. One in 1000 children has apraxia, but understating the origins of this ... read more

Neuroscientists Discover Neural Mechanisms of Developmental Dyslexia

Neuroscientist show that people with dyslexia have a weakly developed structure that is not located in the cerebral cortex, but at a subcortical processing stage; namely the white matter connectivity ... read more

Brain Response to Mom's Voice Differs in Kids With Autism

For most children, the sound of their mother's voice triggers brain activity patterns distinct from those triggered by an unfamiliar voice. But the unique brain response to mom's voice is ... read more

Mandarin Chinese Could Help Us Understand How Infants Learn English

Infants may be more sensitive to non-native speech sounds than previously thought, according to a new study. The findings shed light on the way babies begin to understand ... read more

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