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May 22, 2019

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Brain Scans on Movie Watchers Reveal How We Judge People

Researchers used brain scans to reveal the biases people feel towards people who are like them, even if they can't see that they are like ... read more

Girls and Boys on Autism Spectrum Tell Stories Differently, Could Explain 'Missed Diagnosis' in Girls

A new study examined differences in the way girls and boys on the autism spectrum used certain types of words during storytelling. This study found ... read more

Playing Video Games Generally Not Harmful to Boys' Social Development

A new longitudinal study conducted in Norway looked at how playing video games affects the social skills of 6- to 12-year-olds. It found that playing the games affected youth differently by age and ... read more

When More Women Make Decisions, the Environment Wins

When more women are involved in group decisions about land management, the group conserves more - particularly when offered financial incentives to do so, according to a new ... read more
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Calling Attention to Gender Bias Dramatically Changes Course Evaluations

With growing evidence of gender bias on student course evaluations, a new intervention may help reduce bias against women instructors. Researchers added language aimed at making students aware of ... read more

People Fail to Recognize Male Postnatal Depression

A new study shows that people are almost twice as likely to correctly identify signs of postnatal depression in women than in ... read more

Fewer Than Half of British Men and Women Have Sex at Least Once a Week

Fewer than half of men and women in Britain aged 16-44 have sex at least once a week, reveals a large ... read more

Gender Impacts Brain Activity in Alcoholics, Study Finds

A new study finds that compared to alcoholic women, alcoholic men have more diminished brain activity in areas responsible for emotional processing, as well as memory and social processing among ... read more

Want Black Women Students to Stay in STEM? Help Them Find Role Models Who Look Like Them

Representation matters for Black women college students when it comes to belonging in rigorous science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs, according to a new study. Having role ... read more

Gender Parity: Not a Foregone Conclusion in All Fields

Women constitute approximately 47 percent of the workforce yet are underrepresented at the highest levels of business, government, medical and academic hierarchies. A team of researchers has ... read more

Information Literacy Can Combat 'Fake News'

It's not difficult to verify whether a new piece of information is accurate; however, most people don't take that step before sharing it on social media, regardless of age, social class or ... read more

Researchers Identify Role Sex-Biased Protein May Play in Autism

Researchers are one step closer to helping answer the question of why autism is four times more common in boys than in girls after identifying and characterizing the connection of certain proteins in ... read more

Female Academic EM Doctors Less Likely Than Male Doctors to Hold Rank of Full Professor

As few as one-third of academic emergency medicine physicians are female and these physicians face significant disparities in representation and academic rank by gender. Researchers have found that ... read more

Adoption Assessment Tool Lags Behind Societal Changes

A researcher says a tool to assess potential adoptive parents does not meet the needs of lesbian, gay or gender minority ... read more

Forgotten Fathers: New Dads Also at Risk for Postpartum Depression

A new study offers an in-depth view of new fathers' experiences with postpartum depression (PPD). The study explores issues they encounter and how they can move beyond barriers they face in ... read more

Menstrual Cycle Phase Influences Cocaine Craving

Menstrual cycle may influence addiction risk in women, according to a new ... read more

Sensory Stimuli Improves Brain Damage in Mouse Models of Preterm Birth

A research conducted by the INc-UAB shows that the same perinatal brain injury caused by hypoxia and ischemia have differentiated effects on each gender, but can be improved through tactile and ... read more

Women Call Ambulance for Husbands With Heart Attacks but Not for Themselves

Women call an ambulance for husbands, fathers and brothers with heart attack symptoms but not for ... read more

Clues to Brain Differences Between Males and Females

Researchers have discovered a mechanism for how androgens -- male sex steroids -- sculpt brain development. The research could ultimately help researchers understand behavioral development ... read more

'Star Wars' Characters' Costumes Reflect Shift from Power to Romance

Changes in costume in the female leads -- Padmé and Leia -- in 'Star Wars' Episodes I through VI parallel shifts in the characters' positions of power, a new study ... read more

Be Yourself at Work -- It's Healthier and More Productive

At work, it's healthier and more productive just to be yourself, according to a new ... read more

Women With More Social Support Are Less Likely to Die Prematurely

In the largest study to explore the impact of perceived social support on cardiovascular disease and mortality, researchers found postmenopausal women aged 50-79 with higher perceived social support ... read more

Combining Morning Exercise With Short Walking Breaks Helps Control Blood Pressure

Treadmill walking for 30 minutes in the morning lowered average blood pressure over an eight-hour day among older, overweight or obese men and women. Women who are overweight or obese enhanced the ... read more

No Evidence Tougher Policies Deter Adolescent Cannabis Use

A new study has found no evidence that teenage cannabis use is lower in countries with tougher ... read more

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