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March 22, 2019

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March 22, 2019

Study Shows Untapped Creativity in Workforce

Oct. 11, 2017 — With the U.S. economy less reliant on manufacturing, creativity and innovation are of increasing value. Arts graduates, and others who have developed and honed their creative skills, can be critical ... read more

To Kickstart Creativity, Offer Money, Not Plaudits, Study Finds

Oct. 4, 2017 — The best way to reward creativity is not with social-recognition awards such as plaques or other plaudits. According to new research, it's all about the ... read more

Intuitive, Extraverted and Spontaneous Women Are the Best Choice for Leading Creative People

Aug. 2, 2017 — According to a new study, creative people want a transformational leader, especially one who uses motivation and intellectual stimulation. Other dimensions of transformational leadership include ... read more

June 7, 2017 — Scientists have found a way to improve creativity through brain stimulation, according to ... read more

Researchers Look to Boost Crowdsourced Brainstorming

May 15, 2017 — The very nature of crowdsourcing means that ideators can be overwhelmed by the number of ideas generated, rather than inspired by them. In an effort to enhance idea generation within the crowd ... read more

Too Much Structured Knowledge Hurts Creativity, Shows Study

Mar. 22, 2017 — Structure organizes human activities and help us understand the world with less effort, but it can be the killer of creativity, concludes a new ... read more

What Is Innovation, and How Can We Awaken Its Dormant Traits and Cultivate Them?

Mar. 10, 2017 — While education may not be able to create innovative traits in individuals, education may improve the ability of individuals to utilize the traits they already possess. To that end, the authors begin ... read more

Feb. 21, 2017 — Seemingly countless self-help books and seminars tell you to tap into the right side of your brain to stimulate creativity. But forget the "right-brain" myth -- a new study suggests ... read more

Creative People Sleep More, Later, and Less Well

Jan. 26, 2017 — The study compared art students and social science students, and found that art student sleep more hours, but reported more sleep disturbance and daytime ... read more

Can Big Data Yield Big Ideas? Blend Novel and Familiar, New Study Finds

Jan. 9, 2017 — Struggling to get your creative juices flowing for a new idea or project? A new study sheds light on the secret sauce to developing creative ideas, and it all comes down to word ... read more

Gesturing Can Boost Children's Creative Thinking

Dec. 14, 2016 — Encouraging children to use gestures as they think can help them come up with more creative ideas, according to new ... read more

Dec. 1, 2016 — Creative people, such as newly-announced Nobel Prize for Literature winner Bob Dylan, are often thought to be motivated by the desire to leave an enduring cultural legacy. Through their creative ... read more

Creative Activities Promote Day-to-Day Wellbeing

Nov. 23, 2016 — Everyday creative activity may lead to an "upward spiral" of increased wellbeing and creativity in young adults, new research suggests. In their study, researchers asked 658 university ... read more

Curiosity Can Predict Employees' Ability to Creatively Solve Problems

Nov. 17, 2016 — Employers who are looking to hire creative problem-solvers should consider candidates with strong curiosity traits, and personality tests may be one way to tease out those traits in prospective ... read more

Creative Staff Lead to Satisfied Customers, Says Study

Oct. 14, 2016 — Organizations in the service sector that have more creative employees enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction, according to new ... read more

Oct. 6, 2016 — The elusive and complex components of creativity have been identified by computer ... read more

Oct. 4, 2016 — Regular users of cannabis are less aware of their own mistakes, and they are not good at creative thinking, concludes new research on the effects of ... read more

Why We Prize Authenticity, but Buy Something Else

Sep. 29, 2016 — Being lauded is not the same as being liked. And marketers should take this into account, suggests a new ... read more

Engaging in Fantasy Play Could Benefit Creative Thinking in Children

Sep. 15, 2016 — Analysis revealed that children who reported higher levels of fantastical play also received higher creativity ... read more

Apr. 14, 2016 — Safe levels of electrical stimulation can enhance your capacity to think more creatively, according to a new ... read more

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