Brain-Computer Interfaces News
May 19, 2019

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Unlocking the Secret of How the Brain Encodes Speech

People like the late Stephen Hawking are unable to speak because their muscles are paralyzed. Scientists want to help these individuals communicate by developing a brain machine interface to decode ... read more

Breakthrough in Construction of Computers for Mimicking Human Brain

A computer built to mimic the brain's neural networks produces similar results to that of the best brain-simulation supercomputer software currently used for neural-signaling research. Tested for ... read more

Paralyzed Patient Feels Sensation Again

Using a tiny array of electrodes implanted in the brain's somatosensory cortex, scientists have induced sensations of touch and movement in the hand and arm of a paralyzed ... read more

Computer Reads Brain Activity to Find out the Music Each Person Is Listening to

It may sound like sci-fi, but mind reading equipment are much closer to become a reality than most people can imagine. Researchers used a magnetic ... read more
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Brain-Computer Interface Advances Improve Prosthetics, Therapies

Advances in connecting neural stimulation to physical control of the body are transforming the development of prosthetics and therapeutic training for people with disabilities, according to new ... read more

Waves Move Across the Human Brain to Support Memory

Engineers have discovered a new fundamental feature of brain oscillations: they actually move rhythmically across the brain, reflecting patterns of neuronal activity that propagate across the cortex. ... read more

Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff Turns Up Gain in the Brain

Widespread changes in neural activity enable people to quickly make a decision by 'turning up the gain in the brain,' suggests a recent human study. The findings help to resolve a central ... read more

Virtual Brain Could Aid Surgical Planning

Researchers have simulated neural activity based on the unique structural architecture of individual brain tumor patients using a platform called The Virtual Brain. The findings are a first step ... read more

New Computational Tool Could Help Optimize Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists have developed a novel computational approach that incorporates individual patients' brain activity to calculate optimal, personalized brain stimulation treatment for Alzheimer's ... read more

Personalizing Therapeutic Brain Stimulation

A study of epilepsy patients with implanted electrodes provides an unprecedented view of the changes in brain activity created by electrical stimulation. These findings have the potential to improve ... read more

Brain-Computer Interface Based on Mutual Learning Helps Tetraplegics in Avatar Race

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are seen as a potential means by which severely physically impaired individuals can regain control of their environment, but establishing such an interface is not ... read more

Identity of Brain Stem Cells Clarified

The human nervous system is a complex structure that sends electrical signals from the brain to the rest of the body, enabling us to move and think. Unfortunately, when brain cells are damaged by ... read more

Dissecting Artificial Intelligence to Better Understand the Human Brain

In the natural world, intelligence takes many forms. It could be a bat using echolocation to expertly navigate in the dark, or an octopus adapting its behavior to survive in the deep ocean. Likewise, ... read more

New Method Manages and Stores Data from Millions of Nerve Cells -- In Real Time

Recent developments in neuroscience set high requirements for sophisticated data management, not least when implantable Brain Machine Interfaces are used to establish electronic communication between ... read more

Capturing Brain Signals With Soft Electronics

Scientists have developed new technology for long-term stable neural recording. It is based on a novel elastic material composite, which is biocompatible and retains high electrical conductivity even ... read more

Potential Brain-Machine Interface for Hand Paralysis

A brain-machine interface that combines brain stimulation with a robotic device controlling hand movement increases the output of pathways connecting the brain and spinal cord, according to a study ... read more

Researchers Use WWII Code-Breaking Techniques to Interpret Brain Data

A team of researchers has used cryptographic techniques to decode the activity of motor neurons. Their approach has allowed them to predict, from brain data, and with only generic knowledge of ... read more

Monkey Feel, Monkey Do: Microstimulation in Premotor Cortex Can Instruct Movement

Finding ways to get around those broken networks in the brain is an important area of research for those seeking to develop treatment interventions. Now researchers are showing in monkeys that ... read more

Electrical Stimulation in Brain Bypasses Senses, Instructs Movement

The brain's complex network of neurons enables us to interpret and effortlessly navigate and interact with the world around us. But when these links are damaged due to injury or stroke, critical ... read more

Brain Activity Mapped to Improve Prosthetic Design

High-tech prosthetics allow amputees to engage more fully in everyday life, even to compete in sporting events. Researchers have demonstrated how brain activity is used to identify different terrains ... read more

Amputees Can Learn to Control a Robotic Arm With Their Minds

Neuroscientists have shown how amputees can learn to control a robotic arm through electrodes implanted in the brain. The research details changes that take place in both sides of the brain used to ... read more

Experts Call for Ethics Rules to Protect Privacy, Free Will, as Brain Implants Advance

Neuroscientists call for ethical guidelines to cover the evolving use of computer hardware and software to enhance or restore human ... read more

How Memories Ripple Through the Brain

Using an innovative "NeuroGrid" technology, scientists showed that sleep boosts communication between two brain regions whose connection is critical for the formation of memories. The work ... read more

Move Towards 'Holy Grail' of Computing by Creation of Brain-Like Photonic Microchips

Scientists have made a crucial step towards unlocking the 'holy grail' of computing -- microchips that mimic the way the human brain works to store and process ... read more

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