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January 20, 2019

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January 20, 2019

First Smartphone App to Detect Opioid Overdose and Its Precursors

Jan. 9, 2019 — Researchers have developed a cellphone app that uses sonar to monitor someone's breathing rate and sense when an opioid overdose has ... read more

Improved Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders, Chronic Pain, Mood Disorders

Jan. 3, 2019 — Scientists are making drug discoveries to support millions around the world dealing with alcohol use disorders, chronic pain and mood disorders. They discovered that two peptides -- which are ... read more

Increased Risk of Harm from Cannabis Across Europe

Dec. 31, 2018 — A significant new study shows that cannabis potency has doubled across Europe in the past 11 ... read more

How 'Dry January' Is the Secret to Better Sleep, Saving Money and Losing Weight

Dec. 28, 2018 — New research shows that taking part in Dry January sees people regaining control of their drinking, having more energy, better skin and losing weight. They also report drinking less months ... read more

Reducing Drinking Could Help With Smoking Cessation, Research Finds

Dec. 27, 2018 — New research has found that heavy drinkers who are trying to stop smoking may find that reducing their alcohol use can also help them quit their daily smoking habit. Heavy drinkers' nicotine ... read more

Dec. 26, 2018 — The alcohol in beverages acts much like an anesthetic. It creates a hyper 'buzzed' feeling first, and then sedation. But how? It turns out there is an important intermediate step that ... read more

College Binge Drinkers Are Posting While Drunk, 'Addicted' to Social Media

Dec. 21, 2018 — College students who binge drink are frequently posting on social media while intoxicated and show signs of social media ''addiction,'' according to a new ... read more

Drugs of Abuse: Identifying the Addiction Circuit

Dec. 19, 2018 — What happens in the brain of a compulsive drug user? Neurobiologists have discovered that the brain circuit connecting the decision-making region to the reward system is stronger in compulsive ... read more

Alcoholic Beverages Are Frequently Considered Migraine Triggers

Dec. 19, 2018 — A study of 2,197 patients who experience migraines, alcoholic beverages were reported as a trigger by 35.6 percent of ... read more

Do Personality Traits of Compulsive Users of Social Media Overlap With Problem Drinking?

Dec. 19, 2018 — A study found certain similarities and differences in personality traits when comparing compulsive use of social media with problematic or risky alcohol ... read more

Children of Problem Drinkers More Likely to Marry Someone With a Drinking Problem

Dec. 17, 2018 — Children of parents who have alcohol use disorder are more likely to get married under the age of 25, less likely to get married later in life, and more likely to marry a person who has alcohol use ... read more

Researchers Developing Nonopioid Drug for Chronic Pain

Dec. 12, 2018 — Researchers are developing a drug -- now in its earliest stages -- that can treat certain types of chronic pain without the addictive consequences of ... read more

Dopamine's Yin-Yang Personality: It's an Upper and a Downer

Dec. 10, 2018 — Dopamine has a reputation as the key player in the brain's reward circuits, making us seek out pleasurable experiences, but growing evidence points to a multipronged role for the ... read more

Activating Parts of the Brain Could Help Alleviate Opioid-Related Social Isolation

Dec. 10, 2018 — One of the many painful and challenging aspects of the US opioid crisis is that people abusing opioids often isolate themselves from family and friends, making it difficult for loved ones to help ... read more

Why Feeling Empathy Could Lead Former Drug Users to Relapse

Dec. 10, 2018 — Empathy, the awareness of another's feelings and emotions, is a key feature in normal social interactions. But new research suggests that empathy can have detrimental effects on an individual -- ... read more

'Hangxiety' Higher in Shy People

Dec. 6, 2018 — Very shy people are more likely to suffer 'hangxiety' -- anxiety during a hangover -- than their extrovert friends, new research ... read more

Study Examines Effects of Different Opioids on Driving Performance

Dec. 5, 2018 — A new study finds that the influence of single analgesic doses of methadone and buprenorphine -- two different opioids -- on driving performance was mild and below the impairment threshold of a blood ... read more

A Missed Opportunity: Telemedicine Use for Treating Substance Use Disorder Remains Low, Despite Unmet Need

Dec. 4, 2018 — A new study shows low use of telehealth services for substance use disorder. More than 20 million Americans have substance use disorders related to alcohol, opioids and other drugs. Less than one in ... read more

Boys With Social Difficulties Most Susceptible to Early Substance Use

Dec. 3, 2018 — Boys who enter sixth-grade with co-occurring social skills, anxiety, learning and conduct problems are at the greatest risk of developing aggressive behavior and using tobacco, alcohol and marijuana ... read more

Alcohol Intake May Be Key to Long-Term Weight Loss for People With Diabetes

Dec. 3, 2018 — A new study suggests that alcohol consumption may attenuate long-term weight loss in adults with Type 2 ... read more

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