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March 22, 2019

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March 22, 2019

Want in on Nanotechnology? Capitalize on Collaborative Environments

Mar. 20, 2019 — Patent law experts demonstrate that private-public partnerships lead to promising innovation output measured in patents. Collaborations between private entities and public institutions have the ... read more

Mar. 18, 2019 — For molecular motors to be exploited effectively, they need to be able to operate in unison. However, integrating billions of these nanometre-sized motors into a single system, and getting them to ... read more

Researchers Report New Light-Activated Micro Pump

Mar. 11, 2019 — Even the smallest mechanical pumps have limitations, from the complex microfabrication techniques required to make them to the fact that there are limits on how small they can be. Researchers have ... read more

DNA and RNA Copying Made Easy

Mar. 12, 2019 — Whether revealing a perpetrator with DNA evidence, diagnosing a pathogen, classifying a paleontological discovery, or determining paternity, the duplication of nucleic acids (amplification) is ... read more

Mar. 8, 2019 — Combining an atomically thin graphene and a boron nitride layer at a slightly rotated angle changes their electrical properties. Physicists have now shown for the first time the combination with a ... read more

New Method Opens the Way for Cutting Tools With Longer Lifetime

Mar. 8, 2019 — Researchers have developed a theoretical model that enables simulations for showing what happens in hard cutting materials as they degrade. The model will enable manufacturing industry to save both ... read more

Mar. 8, 2019 — Using high-performance computer simulations, researchers were able to observe how surface roughness changes when two materials rub together. Their findings, which provide insight into friction and ... read more

Mar. 7, 2019 — Researchers have created tiny functional, remote-powered, walking robots, developing a multistep nanofabrication technique that turns a 4-inch specialized silicon wafer into a million microscopic ... read more

Mar. 7, 2019 — A breakthrough in quantum dot technology may one day lead to much more cost-effective infrared cameras -- which in turn could enable infrared cameras for common consumer electronics like phones, as ... read more

Mar. 7, 2019 — Scientists placed small iron oxide particles in an acidic solution, causing a reaction at the surface as iron atoms oxidized. As the reaction progressed, the researchers observed strain that built up ... read more

New Graphene-Based Device Is First Step Toward Ultrasensitive Biosensors

Mar. 7, 2019 — Researchers have developed a unique new device using the wonder material graphene that provides the first step toward ultrasensitive biosensors to detect diseases at the molecular level with near ... read more

Mar. 7, 2019 — Researchers have developed a simple method that could turn ordinary semiconducting materials into quantum machines -- superthin devices marked by extraordinary electronic behavior that could help to ... read more

Mar. 7, 2019 — Researchers have developed a near-infrared fluorescent optical imaging system that could enable them to find tiny tumors, as small as a couple of hundred cells, deep within the ... read more

1 + 1 Does Not Equal 2 for Graphene-Like 2D Materials

Mar. 6, 2019 — Physicists have discovered that when two atomically thin graphene-like materials are placed on top of each other their properties change, and a material with novel hybrid properties emerges, paving ... read more

Self-Sterilizing Microneedles Revolutionizing Vaccination and Drug Delivery

Mar. 5, 2019 — New technology is revolutionizing safe vaccination practices through antibacterial, silver-loaded dissolvable microneedle patches, which not only sterilize the injection site to inhibit the growth of ... read more

Mar. 5, 2019 — For the first time researchers have demonstrated a new way to perform functions essential to future computation three orders of magnitude faster than current commercial devices. The team created a ... read more

Kidney Disease Killer Vulnerable to Targeted Nano Therapy

Mar. 4, 2019 — By loading a chelation drug into a nano-sized homing device, researchers have reversed in an animal model the deadliest effects of chronic kidney disease, which kills more people in the United States ... read more

Mar. 4, 2019 — Small steps make a big difference in the growth of 2D crystals. A new theory demonstrates ... read more

The Force Is With Us, Always? Tuning Quantum Vacuum Forces from Attractive to Repulsive

Mar. 4, 2019 — Scientists can put two uncharged metal plates close together in a vacuum, and 'voila!' -- they will attract each other. In 1948, Dutch theoretical physicist Hendrick Casimir first predicted ... read more

Mar. 4, 2019 — A research team has created a nanoscale 'playground' on a chip that simulates the formation of exotic magnetic particles called 'monopoles.' The study could unlock the secrets to ... read more

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