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May 19, 2019

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Recyclable plastics that contain ring-shaped polymers may be a key to developing sustainable synthetic materials. Despite some promising advances, researchers said, a full ... read more
Engineers have developed a wearable patch that could provide personalized cooling and heating at home, work, or on the go. ... read more
Columbia Engineering researchers report that they have demonstrated a nearly ideal transistor made from a 2D material stack -- with only a two-atom-thick semiconducting layer ... read more
Scientists have demonstrated a new bio-inspired material for an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to recovering ... read more
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Applying Precious Metal Catalysts Economically

Researchers have developed a new method of using rare and expensive catalysts as sparingly as ... read more

Clean and Effective Electronic Waste Recycling

E-waste recycling is far below what it should be to reduce its impact on the environment and human health simply because it is not economically feasible. Researchers from Japan are working on a way ... read more

Generating High-Quality Single Photons for Quantum Computing

Researchers have designed a way to generate, at room temperature, more single photons for carrying quantum information. The design, they say, holds promise for the development of practical quantum ... read more

Scientists have developed a new cathode coating by using an oxidative chemical vapor deposition technique. The new coating can keep a battery's cathode electrically and ionically conductive and ... read more

A New Sensor for Light, Heat and Touch

Inspired by the behavior of natural skin, researchers have developed a sensor that will be suitable for use with electronic skin. It can measure changes in body temperature, and react to both ... read more

Physicists are pushing the performance of solar cells to levels never before reached. They have made a significant breakthrough in the chemical formula and process to make a new material. The ... read more

A Step for a Promising New Battery to Store Clean Energy

Researchers have built a more efficient, more reliable potassium-oxygen battery, a step toward a potential solution for energy storage on the nation's power grid and longer-lasting batteries in ... read more

Just Like Toothpaste: Fluoride Radically Improves the Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells

Solar cells made of perovskite hold much promise for the future of solar energy. However, the material degrades quickly, severely limiting its efficiency and stability over time. Researchers have ... read more

A years-long study concludes that an odd assortment of particles found in beach sands in Japan are most likely fallout debris from the 1945 Hiroshima A-bomb ... read more

The smallest pixels yet created -- a million times smaller than those in smartphones, made by trapping particles of light under tiny rocks of gold -- could be used for new types of large-scale ... read more

2D Insulators With Ferromagnetism Are Rare; Researchers Just Identified a New One

Scientists have discovered a new layered ferromagnetic semiconductor, a rare type of material that holds great promise for next-generation electronic ... read more

Researchers have found that the enzyme responsible for the methane-methanol conversion in methanotrophic bacteria catalyzes the reaction at a site that contains just one copper ion. This finding ... read more

New research has identified properties in materials that could one day lead to applications such as more powerful data storage devices that continue to hold information even after a device has been ... read more

Copper Oxide Photocathodes: Laser Experiment Reveals Location of Efficiency Loss

Solar cells and photocathodes made of copper oxide might in theory attain high efficiencies for solar energy conversion. In practice, however, large losses occur. Now researchers has been able to use ... read more

Viable, Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Styrofoam

Researchers have developed an environmentally-friendly, plant-based material that for the first time works better than Styrofoam for ... read more

Substrate Defects Key to Growth of 2D Materials

Creating two-dimentional materials large enough to use in electronics is a challenge despite huge effort but now, researchers have discovered a method for improving the quality of one class of 2D ... read more

Researchers Create 'Force Field' for Super Materials

Researchers have developed a revolutionary method to intricately grow and protect some of the world's most exciting nanomaterials -- graphene and carbon nanotubes ... read more

Marcus Regime in Organic Devices: Interfacial Charge Transfer Mechanism Verified

A new study shows how electrons behave in their injection into organic semiconductor films. Simulations and experiments clearly identified different transport ... read more

The science of what makes good chocolate has been revealed by researchers studying a 140-year-old mixing ... read more

Researchers Create 'Impossible' Nano-Sized Protein Cages With the Help of Gold

Researchers have succeeded in creating a 'protein cage' -- a nanoscale structure that could be used to deliver drugs to specific places of the body -- that can be readily assembled and ... read more

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