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June 16, 2019

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Chemists have devised a potentially major improvement to both the speed and durability of smart glass by providing a better ... read more

Flexible Generators Turn Movement Into Energy

Researchers have produced triboelectric nanogenerators with laser-induced graphene. The flexible devices turn movement into electrical energy and could enable wearable, self-powered sensors and ... read more

Laser Technique Could Unlock Use of Tough Material for Next-Generation Electronics

Researchers used a laser technique to permanently stress graphene into a structure that allows the flow of electric current, which is necessary for ... read more

Scientists Offer Designer 'Big Atoms' on Demand

Physicists report that they can build and control particles that behave like tiny atoms with a precision never seen ... read more
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Researchers Take Two Steps Toward Green Fuel

Researchers have developed a two-step method to more efficiently break down carbohydrates into their single sugar components, a critical process in producing green ... read more

LED-Ing the Way: A Clean and Convenient Method to Oxidize Plastic Surfaces for Industry

A research team has used chlorine dioxide to oxidize polypropylene. Under LED irradiation, ClO2* radicals attacked the methyl groups of polypropylene, converting them to carboxylic acid. The C-H ... read more

Plot Twist: Straightening Single-Molecule Conductors Improves Their Performance

Researchers have synthesized nanowires made of a single molecule of oligothiophene up to 10 nanometers in length. By forcing the molecular chain to adopt a planar conformation, they were able to ... read more

Researchers 'Stretch' the Ability of 2D Materials to Change Technology

Two-dimensional (2D) materials -- as thin as a single layer of atoms -- have intrigued scientists with their flexibility, elasticity, and unique electronic properties. Now, researchers have combined ... read more

Antennas of Flexible Nanotube Films an Alternative for Electronics

Metal-free antennas made of thin, strong, flexible carbon nanotube films are as efficient as common copper antennas, according to ... read more

New Metamaterial Can Improve MRI Quality and Reduce Scan Time

New magnetic metamaterial could be used as an additive technology to increase the imaging power of lower-strength MRI machines, increasing the number of patients seen by clinics and decreasing ... read more

Fiber-Optic Probe Can See Molecular Bonds

Engineers have developed the world's first portable, inexpensive, optical nanoscopy tool that integrates a glass optical fiber with a silver nanowire condenser. The device is a high-efficiency ... read more

Settling the Debate: Solving the Electronic Surface States of Samarium Hexaboride

Researchers show that samarium hexaboride is a topological insulator, which allows electrons to flow only along its exterior surface. Together with its strong electron correlations, this material has ... read more

Engineers Use Graph Networks to Accurately Predict Properties of Molecules and Crystals

Nanoengineers have developed new deep learning models that can accurately predict the properties of molecules and crystals. The models can enable researchers to rapidly scan the nearly-infinite ... read more

How Do Foams Collapse?

Researchers have successfully found two distinct mechanisms by which foams can collapse, yielding insight into the prevention/acceleration of foam rupture in industrial materials e.g. foods, ... read more

One-Two-Punch Catalysts Trapping CO<sub>2</sub> for Cleaner Fuels

Researchers are getting closer to developing a material that delivers a one-two punch: recycling atmospheric carbon dioxide for the production of cleaner hydrocarbon ... read more

Probing Semiconductor Crystals With a Sphere of Light

Researchers have developed a technique using a hollow sphere to measure the electronic and optical properties of large semiconducting crystals. The approach could lead to energy savings for mass ... read more

Fertilizer Plants Emit 100 Times More Methane Than Reported

Emissions of methane from the industrial sector have been vastly underestimated, researchers have ... read more

For engineers, polar bear hair is a dream template for synthetic materials that might lock in heat just as well as the natural version. Now, materials scientists have developed such an insulator, ... read more

Pistons Are Muscling Up

Researchers have developed a new way to design pistons that replaces their conventional rigid elements with a mechanism using compressible structures inside a membrane made of soft materials. The ... read more

Researchers Develop Fast, Efficient Way to Build Amino Acid Chains

Researchers report that they have developed a faster, easier and cheaper method for making new amino acid chains -- the polypeptide building blocks that are used in drug development and industry -- ... read more

Creating New Molecular Sieves

Molecular sieves are useful in many industrial processes, especially in the chemical and energy sectors. They could be used to remove contaminants from water and have received attention for potential ... read more

Intercultural Communication Crucial for Engineering Education

In an increasingly connected world it helps to engage with other cultures without prejudice or assumption. This is true in engineering as it is in any other field, but researchers reveal shortcomings ... read more

Thwarting Oil-Pipeline Corrosion by Identifying a Nanoscale Villain

Certain molecules of iron, when juxtaposed, have been found by researchers to cause microscopic holes in steel pipe used for oil transport. This hidden, localized corrosion causes oil pipes to rust ... read more

New Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules Revealed

Scientists have -- for the first time -- developed an efficient way to make organic molecules that have so far been difficult to synthesize because of their overall bulky structure and general ... read more

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