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February 22, 2019

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February 22, 2019

'Butterfly-Shaped' Palladium Subnano Cluster Built in 3-D

Feb. 20, 2019 — Scientists have produced a 3-D cluster molecule based on palladium. First, they created a 'butterfly-shaped' Pd4 framework, using an organosilicon compounds bearing the aromatic ... read more

Feb. 20, 2019 — Scientists have developed an ultra-low-power atomic clock (ULPAC) for small satellites to enable future communication systems beyond 5G. The proposed device outperforms the current industry standards ... read more

Feb. 19, 2019 — With their ability to treat a wide a variety of diseases, spherical nucleic acids (SNAs) are poised to revolutionize medicine. But before these digitally designed nanostructures can reach their full ... read more

Feb. 19, 2019 — Engineers have studied the structure and properties of the commonly occurring planar defects at the atomic scale, which spans only a few tenths of a ... read more

Feb. 19, 2019 — Scientists have discovered a chiral compound, which can spontaneously form a molecular assembly with an extremely large single domain structure beyond a size regime incapable of realizing with usual ... read more

Feb. 19, 2019 — A group of researchers has recently developed a new software aimed at the analysis of energy generation systems based on kites and drones. They used the software to study the behavior of these ... read more

Lobster's Underbelly Is as Tough as Industrial Rubber

Feb. 19, 2019 — Flip a lobster on its back, and you'll see that the underside of its tail is split in segments connected by a translucent membrane that appears rather vulnerable when compared with the ... read more

Feb. 19, 2019 — Scientists have developed an advanced phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer that can drastically cut power consumption. This digital PLL could be an attractive building block for Bluetooth ... read more

Engineered Metasurfaces Reflect Waves in Unusual Directions

Feb. 16, 2019 — Researchers have developed new metasurfaces for the arbitrary manipulation of reflected waves, essentially breaking classical reflection law to engineer it at ... read more

Feb. 15, 2019 — Researchers have discovered that a perfect absorber of electromagnetic waves they described in a 2017 paper can easily be tweaked into a sort of 'time-reversed laser' known as a coherent ... read more

Feb. 14, 2019 — Organic semiconductors are lightweight, flexible and easy to manufacture. But they often fail to meet expectations regarding efficiency and stability. Researchers are now deploying data mining ... read more

Direct-Write Quantum Calligraphy in Monolayer Semiconductors

Feb. 14, 2019 — An interdisciplinary team of researchers have developed a way to directly write quantum light sources, which emit a single photon of light at a time, into monolayer ... read more

Feb. 13, 2019 — Researchers are developing an eco-friendly, 3D printable solution for producing wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors that can be used and disposed of without contaminating the ... read more

First-of-Their-Kind 3D Experiments Shed New Light on Shape Memory Alloys

Feb. 13, 2019 — Researchers are working to better understand the complex internal microstructures of shape memory alloys and the results of their first-of-their-kind ... read more

Feb. 13, 2019 — In a finding that runs counter to a common assumption in physics, researchers ran a light emitting diode (LED) with electrodes reversed in order to cool another device mere nanometers ... read more

High-Performance Quantum Dot Mode-Locked Laser on Silicon

Feb. 13, 2019 — Ten years into the future. That's about how far an electrical and computer engineering professor and his research team are reaching with the recent development of their mode-locked quantum dot ... read more

Scientists Developed a Method That Allows Removal of Antibiotic Residue from Waste Water

Feb. 13, 2019 — A new article is focused in particular on organic aerogels produced from phenolic compounds obtained upon processing Estonian oil shale, i.e. from local raw material. In order to produce highly ... read more

Upcycling Plastic Bags Into Battery Parts

Feb. 13, 2019 — Plastic bag pollution has become a huge environmental problem, prompting some cities and countries to heavily tax or ban the sacks. But what if used plastic bags could be made into higher-value ... read more

Customized Mix of Materials for Three-Dimensional Micro And Nanostructures

Feb. 13, 2019 — Three-dimensional structures on the micrometer and nanometer scales have a great potential for many applications. An efficient and precise process to print such structures from different materials ... read more

Researchers Develop Fire-Retardant Coating Featuring Renewable Materials

Feb. 12, 2019 — Researchers are developing a new kind of flame-retardant coating using renewable, nontoxic materials readily found in nature, which could provide even more effective fire protection for several ... read more

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