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May 22, 2019

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In a new set of results, chemists have laid the foundation for a single-atom illumination strategy called barium tagging. Their achievement is the first known imaging of ... read more
Physicists have now discovered the longest half-life ever measured in xenon 124. The element's half-life is many orders of magnitude greater than the current age of ... read more
Hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy carrier that can power vehicles, with water as the only emission. Unfortunately, ... read more
Scientists have developed a novel fabrication method to create dyed threads that change color when they detect a variety of ... read more
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Graphene Gives a Tremendous Boost to Future Terahertz Cameras

Scientists have developed a novel graphene-enabled photodetector that operates at room temperature, is highly sensitive, very fast, has a wide dynamic range and covers a broad range of THz ... read more

If you've ever dreamed about getting a good night's sleep, your answer may someday lie in data generated by your sleepwear. Researchers have developed pajamas embedded with self-powered ... read more

Physicists have performed the first run of a new experiment to detect axions -- hypothetical particles that are predicted to be among the lightest particles in the universe. The team reports that in ... read more

The reversible switching of macrocyclic molecules between a liquid and a solid phase upon exposure to vapor has been ... read more

The Belle II detector got off to a successful start in Japan. Since March 25, 2019, the instrument has been measuring the first particle collisions, which are generated in the modernized SuperKEKB ... read more

Radioactive Material Detected Remotely Using Laser-Induced Electron Avalanche Breakdown

Physicists have developed a powerful new method to detect radioactive material. By using an infrared laser beam to induce an electron avalanche breakdown near the material, the new technique can ... read more

Sensor Created to Detect Dopamine, Brain Disorders, in Seconds

Using nanotechnology, researchers have developed the first rapid detector for dopamine, a chemical that is believed to play a role in various diseases such as Parkinson's, depression and some ... read more

'Tingle' Wearable Device Improves Position Tracking Accuracy Utilizing Thermal Sensors

In a new study researchers report that a wearable tracking device they developed achieves higher accuracy in position tracking using thermal sensors in addition to inertial measurement and proximity ... read more

Duplicate or Mirror?

Seven of the ten most frequent medications contain chiral agents. These are molecules that occur in right- or left-handed forms. During chemical synthesis both forms usually occur in equal parts and ... read more

Breakthrough Could Enable Cheaper Infrared Cameras

A breakthrough in quantum dot technology may one day lead to much more cost-effective infrared cameras -- which in turn could enable infrared cameras for common consumer electronics like phones, as ... read more

Scientists Study Neutron Scattering for Researching Magnetic Materials

Physicists have demonstrated for the first time in a comprehensive study how different magnetic materials can be examined using neutron scattering ... read more

New Quantum Sensor Could Improve Cancer Treatment

A new quantum sensor has proven it can outperform existing technologies and promises significant advancements in long-range 3D imaging and monitoring the success of cancer ... read more

Physicists Solve 35-Year-Old Mystery About Quarks

Physicists now know why quarks, the building blocks of the universe, move more slowly inside atomic nuclei, solving a ... read more

Tracking Firefighters in Burning Buildings

Researchers have created a motion-powered, fireproof sensor that can track the movements of firefighters, steelworkers, miners and others who work in high-risk environments where they cannot always ... read more

Moving Closer to Practical Photonic Quantum Computing

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated a way to map and measure large-scale photonic quantum correlation with single-photon sensitivity. The ability to measure thousands of instances of ... read more

AI May Be Better for Detecting Radar Signals, Facilitating Spectrum Sharing

Researchers demonstrate that deep learning algorithms -- a form of artificial intelligence -- are significantly better than a commonly used method for detecting when offshore radars are operating, ... read more

Sensitive Sensor Detects Down Syndrome DNA With Blood Test During Pregnancy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Down syndrome is the most common birth defect, occurring once in every 700 births. However, traditional noninvasive prenatal tests for the ... read more

New Progress Toward Chip-Based Ghost Imaging

For the first time, researchers have shown that the non-conventional imaging method known as ghost imaging can be performed using a low-cost, chip-based light-illuminating ... read more

Graphene Biosensor Could Provide Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The wonder-material graphene could hold the key to unlocking the next generation of advanced, early stage lung cancer ... read more

Virtual Lens Improves X-Ray Microscopy

Researchers have developed a new method that makes X-ray images even better: The resolution is higher and allows more precise inferences about the properties of materials. They moved the lens of an ... read more

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