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May 19, 2019

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Researchers have developed a specialized microscope that has the potential ability to both diagnose diseases that include skin cancer and perform incredibly precise surgery ... read more
Radioactive carbon released into the atmosphere from 20th-century nuclear bomb tests has reached the deepest parts of the ocean, a new study finds. Crustaceans in deep ocean ... read more
Researchers have designed a recyclable plastic that can be disassembled into its constituent parts at the molecular level, ... read more
Bioengineers have cleared a major hurdle on the path to 3D printing replacement organs. It's a breakthrough technique for bioprinting tissues with exquisitely entangled ... read more
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A multidisciplinary team has provided new insight into underlying mechanisms controlling the precise size of cells. The researchers found that 'the adder,' a function that guides cells to ... read more

Novel Framework for Tracking Developments in Optical Sensors

Researchers have developed a 3D technology map which systematically compares optical sensors, providing a much needed benchmark to define the standards and track developments in this rapidly growing ... read more

Scientists Develop Technology to Capture Tumor Cells

Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, what if you were able to sweep the entire haystack to one side, leaving only the needle behind? That's the strategy researchers followed in ... read more

3D-Printed 'Hyperelastic Bone' May Help Generate New Bone for Skull Reconstruction

Defects of the skull and facial bones can pose difficult challenges for plastic and reconstructive surgeons. A synthetic material called hyperelastic bone -- readily produced by 3D-printing -- could ... read more

Researchers Create Washable Sensor That Can Be Woven Into Materials

Researchers have developed a low-cost sensor that can be interlaced into textiles and composite materials. While the research is still new, the sensor may pave the way for smart clothing that can ... read more

Measuring Plant Improvements to Help Farmers Boost Production

Today, scientists have shown a new technology can more quickly scan an entire field of plants to capture improvements in their natural capacity to harvest energy from the ... read more

Scientists have demonstrated a new bio-inspired material for an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to recovering uranium from seawater. The low-cost polymer adsorbent could help push past ... read more

Atomic 'Wave Function': Research Sheds New Light

Physicists have demonstrated a new way to obtain the essential details of an isolated quantum system through direct observation. The method gives information about the likelihood of finding atoms at ... read more

People Recycle More When They Know What Recyclable Waste Becomes

A new study shows that consumers recycle more when they think about how their waste can be transformed into new products. Change the conversation from 'Where does this go?' to 'What ... read more

New Way to Beat the Heat in Electronics

Researchers combine a polymer nanofiber layer with boron nitride to make a strong, foldable dielectric separator for high-temperature batteries and other ... read more

Improving Carbon-Capturing With Metal-Organic Frameworks

Chemical engineers have designed an easy method to achieve commercially attractive carbon-capturing with metal-organic ... read more

A survey of plastic pollution on Australia's Cocos (Keeling) Islands has revealed the territory's beaches are littered with an estimated 414 million pieces of plastic debris. The study ... read more

CRISPR Catches out Critical Cancer Changes: New Drug Target for Multiple Cancers

In the first large-scale analysis of cancer gene fusions, researchers used CRISPR to uncover which gene fusions are critical for the growth of cancer cells. The team also identified a new gene fusion ... read more

Creating High-Capacity Long-Life Batteries

Engineers continually pioneer new ways to improve battery technology. Scientists recently developed a material which could significantly extend the life of batteries and afford them higher capacities ... read more

Balancing the Beam: Thermomechanical Micromachine Detects Terahertz Radiation

Researchers have developed a microelectromechanical device that detects terahertz radiation at room temperature. This device is easy to use, much faster than conventional thermal sensors, highly ... read more

Helping Robots Remember: Hyperdimensional Computing Theory Could Change the Way AI Works

A new article introduces a new way of combining perception and motor commands using the so-called hyperdimensional computing theory, which could fundamentally alter and improve the basic artificial ... read more

Our brains have a remarkable knack for picking out individual voices in a noisy environment, like a crowded coffee shop or a busy city street. This is something that even the most advanced hearing ... read more

A new invention uses magnets to record computer data which consume virtually zero energy, solving the dilemma of how to create faster data processing speeds without high energy ... read more

With a quantum coprocessor in the cloud, physicists have opened the door to the simulation of previously unsolvable problems in chemistry, materials research or high-energy physics. In a new study, ... read more

Excitonic Radiative Decay Faster Than Thermal Dephasing in ZnO Thin Films

Researchers have found excitonic radiative decay faster than thermal dephasing at room temperature in zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films. The findings will greatly reduce the thermal energy loss in optical ... read more

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