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May 22, 2019

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Beneficial Skin Bacteria Protect Against Skin Cancer

Science continues to peel away layers of the skin microbiome to reveal its protective properties. Researchers now report on a potential new role for some bacteria on the skin: protecting against ... read more

How Melanoma Tumors Form

Researchers have documented in continuous, real time how melanoma cells form tumors. The team report the process is similar to that of breast cancer cells and have successfully screened for two ... read more

Revolutionary Approach for Treating Glioblastoma Works With Human Cells

Researchers describe how human stem cells, made from human skin cells, can hunt down and kill human brain cancer, a critical and monumental step toward clinical trials -- and real ... read more

Sunbed Users Get Melanoma at a Younger Age

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer with the strongest increase in incidence in the last decade, and the incidence rates have never been as high. The World Health Organization based ... read more
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Scientists Grow Precursors for Human Pigment Cells

Our hair, skin and eyes are colored by a pigment called melanin, which is produced by pigment cells called melanocytes. Scientists have used stem cell technology to successfully create melanocyte ... read more

Mechanism of Resistance to BRAF Inhibitors in Melanoma Identified

Melanoma is one of the most aggressive types of skin cancer, but recent advances in targeted therapies have improved the prognosis for many patients. Unfortunately, for some patients these positive ... read more

Sunscreen Use Could Lead to Better Blood Vessel Health

A new study suggests that sunscreen protects the skin's blood vessel function from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure by protecting dilation of the blood vessels. Perspiration on the ... read more

Why Immunotherapy Is Not Effective for Some Patients With Metastatic Melanoma and Kidney Cancer

White blood cells known as B cells have been shown to be effective for predicting which cancer patients will respond to immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy, according to a new ... read more

Cancer Comparison Across Species Highlights New Drug Targets

Cancer genes in mucosal melanoma, a rare and poorly understood subtype of melanoma, have been compared in humans, dogs and horses for the first time. Researchers sequenced the genomes of the same ... read more

How Do Metastatic Tumor Cells Grow in Lymph Nodes?

Scientists revealed a mechanism to suppress the growth and spread of cancer cells in lymph nodes, forestalling any chance for them to invade new territories of the ... read more

Cancer: Nullifying Protein YTHDF1 Enhances Anti-Tumor Response

Identifying molecular pathways that boost the immune response to tumor neoantigens opens up new ways to develop and amplify cancer ... read more

Method to 'Turn Off' Mutated Melanoma

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and notorious for its resistance to conventional chemotherapy. Approximately 25 percent of melanoma is driven by oncogenic mutations in the NRAS gene, ... read more

Skin Cancer Can Spread in Mice by Hijacking the Immune System

Scientists have uncovered molecules released by invasive skin cancer that reprogram healthy immune cells to help the cancer to ... read more

New Nanoparticle Targets Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells, Flips Switch

A team of Vanderbilt University bioengineers today announced a major breakthrough in penetrating the cells inside tumors and flipping on a switch that tells them to start ... read more

States With Fewer Melanoma Diagnoses Have Higher Death Rates

Researchers have conducted a state-by-state analysis to understand the geographic disparities for patients diagnosed with melanoma. The results of their study suggest that lower survival is ... read more

Hindering Melanoma Metastasis With an FDA-Approved Drug

A drug approved by the FDA 65 years ago for blood pressure control may aid in preventing cancer from spreading to distant organs. New research revealed that this drug disrupted formation of a fertile ... read more

Unraveling the Genetic Causes of Skin Cancer

Medical researchers are helping to identify the genetic factors that lead to squamous cell carcinoma. In a new article, they show how the interaction between a cell signaling pathway called MET and a ... read more

VISTA Checkpoint Implicated in Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy Resistance

Researchers have identified a new potential immunotherapy target in pancreatic cancer, which so far has been notoriously resistant to treatment with immune checkpoint blockade drugs effective against ... read more

New Mechanism to 'Activate' the Immune System Against Cancer

A new mechanism for activating the immune system against cancer cells allows immune cells to detect and destroy cancer cells better than before, and most effectively in lung cancer and ... read more

'Christmas Berry' Plant Compound Could Fight Uveal Melanoma

A molecule derived from a type of primrose could prove to be a potent inhibitor of metastatic growth for a rare and aggressive ... read more

Two Ways Cancer Resists Treatment Are Actually Connected, With One Activating the Other

Researcher shows the two most common means of resistance to BRAF and MEK inhibitors are actually connected processes and can be targeted by other ... read more

The Naked Eye Alone Is Not Enough to Ensure the Accurate Diagnosis of Skin Cancer, Say Experts

The visual inspection of a suspicious skin lesion using the naked eye alone is not enough to ensure the accurate diagnosis of skin cancer, a group of experts have ... read more

Skin Cancer Rates in England Far Higher Than Previously Thought, According to New Database

Data from a newly established UK skin cancer database, the largest of its kind in the world, has revealed that there are over 45,000 cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas every year in England, 350 ... read more

Targeting MC1R in Metastatic Melanoma

A new study describes a molecule that seeks out melanoma cells, for imaging and potentially for ... read more

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