Parkinson's Research News
June 24, 2019

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Researchers have discovered one of the first concrete examples of how the microbiome can interfere with a drug's intended path through the body. Focusing on levodopa ... read more

Wireless 'Pacemaker for the Brain' Could Offer New Treatment for Neurological Disorders

A new neurostimulator can listen to and stimulate electric current in the brain at the same time, potentially delivering fine-tuned treatments to ... read more

Cooling 'Brains on Fire' to Treat Parkinson's

A promising new therapy to stop Parkinson's disease in its tracks has been developed by scientists who found that a small molecule, MCC950, stopped the development of Parkinson's in several animal ... read more

Appendix Identified as a Potential Starting Point for Parkinson's Disease

Removing the appendix early in life reduces the risk of developing Parkinson's disease by 19 to 25 percent, according to the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind. The findings solidify ... read more
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A New Drug Target for Chemically Induced Parkinson's Disease

An enzyme that modifies chemicals formed in the body by alcohol, tobacco, and certain foods may be a new target for treating Parkinson's disease. The altered compounds, the researchers found, ... read more

Pigs Help Scientists Understand Human Brain

For the first time, researchers have used an imaging method normally reserved for humans to analyze brain activity in live agricultural swine models, and they have discovered that pig brains are even ... read more

Dormant Neural Stem Cells in Fruit Flies Activate to Generate New Brain Cells

Researchers have discovered the mechanism behind how neural stem cells in fruit flies are activated to stimulate the generation of new brain ... read more

Newly Discovered Mechanism Reveals How Parkinson's Disease Can Spread Between Brain Cells

Tiny channels between nerve cells are involved in a newly discovered mechanism of how Parkinson's disease can spread throughout the brain, according to new research from Linköping University, ... read more

Blood Pressure Drug Shows No Benefit in Parkinson's Disease

A study of a blood pressure drug does not show any benefit for people with Parkinson's ... read more

Technology Automatically Senses How Parkinson's Patients Respond to Medication

Adjusting the frequency and dosage of Parkinson's patients' medication is complex. In their 'ON' state they respond positively to medication and in their 'OFF' state ... read more

Parkinson's Clues Seen in Tiny Fish Could Aid Quest for Treatments

Parkinson's patients could be helped by fresh insights gained from studies of tiny tropical fish. Research using zebrafish has revealed how key brain cells that are damaged in people with ... read more

Vitamin B12 Is Identified as the Inhibitor of a Key Enzyme in Hereditary Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's is the most common, chronic neurodegenerative movement disorder affecting 1% of the global population over seventy years of age. Right now, there is no cure for this disease and the ... read more

Sniffing out Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that leads to progressive brain cell death and extensive loss of motor function. Despite much research being conducted on this disease, there ... read more

Sensor Created to Detect Dopamine, Brain Disorders, in Seconds

Using nanotechnology, researchers have developed the first rapid detector for dopamine, a chemical that is believed to play a role in various diseases such as Parkinson's, depression and some ... read more

Metal Exposure and Parkinson's Symptoms: Link Explored

A new study describes the biological process that causes Parkinson's-like symptoms to develop following exposure to the metal manganese. The new research could lead to earlier detection of ... read more

Parkinson's Treatment Delivers a Power-Up to Brain Cell 'Batteries'

Scientists have gained clues into how a Parkinson's disease treatment, called deep brain stimulation, helps tackle ... read more

Big Data Takes Aim at a Big Human Problem

A scientist is part of an international team that's used new 'big data' analysis to achieve a major advance in understanding neurological disorders such as Epilepsy, Alzheimer's ... read more

Exercise Can Improve Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Exercise has potential to improve non-motor as well as motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD), including cognitive function, report ... read more

New Treatment Offers Potentially Promising Results for the Possibility of Slowing, Stopping, or Even Reversing Parkinson's Disease

A pioneering clinical trials program that delivered an experimental treatment directly to the brain offers hope that it may be possible to restore the cells damaged in Parkinson's disease. The ... read more

Altered Brain Activity Patterns of Parkinson's Captured in Mice

Researchers pinpoint how brain activity changes in mouse models of Parkinson's disease, hinting at what may drive symptoms in ... read more

Neuromelanin-Sensitive MRI Identified as a Potential Biomarker for Psychosis

Researchers have shown that a type of magnetic resonance imaging -- called neuromelanin-sensitive MRI (NM-MRI) -- is a potential biomarker for psychosis. NM-MRI signal was found to be a marker of ... read more

Brain Discovery Explains a Great Mystery of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

One of the great mysteries of neuroscience may finally have an answer: Scientists have identified a potential explanation for the mysterious death of specific brain cells seen in Alzheimer's, ... read more

Voluntary Control of Brainwaves in Deep Brain of Patients With Parkinson's Disease

Patients with Parkinson's disease can voluntarily control beta waves in their deep brain -- a finding that suggests a new approach for managing disease-related brain ... read more

Experts Propose Revising the Criteria for Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

In the past 25 years it has become clear that some symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD) occur decades before the development of motor symptoms and clinical diagnosis, and that monitoring these ... read more

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