Pancreatic Cancer News
May 19, 2019

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Pancreatic Cancer Survival Linked to Four Genes

Alterations in four main genes are responsible for how long patients survive with pancreatic cancer, according to a new ... read more

How Bacteria Hinder Chemotherapy

Scientists have found bacteria in pancreatic tumors that metabolize a common drug, explains a new ... read more

Long-Sought Mechanism of Metastasis Is Discovered in Pancreatic Cancer

An important discovery establishes a cause of metastasis in pancreatic cancer. Using organoids grown from patient tissues and transplanted in mouse models of the illness, the team pinpoints an ... read more

Fasting-Mimicking Diet May Reverse Diabetes

In a study on mice and another study on human pancreatic cells, researchers discover that a scientifically designed fasting diet can trigger the generation of new pancreatic cells to replace ... read more
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Tumor-Associated Immune Cells Hinder Frontline Chemotherapy Drug in Pancreatic Cancer

A frontline chemotherapy drug given to patients with pancreatic cancer is made less effective because similar compounds released by tumor-associated immune cells block the drug's ... read more

Potential New Combination Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers have identified a possible new therapeutic strategy using two types of drug inhibitors at once to treat one of the world's deadliest ... read more

Balance of Two Enzymes Linked to Pancreatic Cancer Survival

New research sets the stage for clinicians to potentially one day use levels of a pancreatic cancer patient's PHLPP1 and PKC enzymes as a prognostic, and for researchers to develop new ... read more

Enzyme USP15 May Have Potential Role in Future Treatment of Various Cancers

A team has found that the deubiquitinating enzyme USP15 is a potential biomarker for treatments of pancreatic cancer, as well as ovarian and breast ... read more

Promising New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Moves Forward

A new study describes a new therapeutic approach with potential for patients with pancreatic cancer. These researchers discovered a combination drug therapy that may effectively combat the disease. ... read more

Genomics Could Better Match Treatments to Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Pancreatic cancer is a grim diagnosis, but this new study, the largest of its kind, identifies genomic markers that could increase survival by better matching chemotherapy drugs to ... read more

Inherited Mutations May Play a Role in Pancreatic Cancer Development

A small, retrospective study has found that, in patients with particular pancreatic duct lesions, the presence of an inherited mutation in a pancreatic cancer susceptibility gene may increase the ... read more

New 3D Imaging Technique Reveals How Pancreatic Cancers Start

A new technique to study tissue samples in 3D has revealed that pancreatic cancers can start and grow in two distinct ways, solving a decades-old mystery of how tumors form. The new method could help ... read more

Tongue Microbiome Could Help Identify Patients With Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer

Differences in the abundance of certain bacteria living on the tongue can distinguish patients with early pancreatic cancers from healthy individuals, according to results from a new ... read more

VISTA Checkpoint Implicated in Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy Resistance

Researchers have identified a new potential immunotherapy target in pancreatic cancer, which so far has been notoriously resistant to treatment with immune checkpoint blockade drugs effective against ... read more

Cancer Mortality Milestone: 25 Years of Continuous Decline

A steady, 25-year decline has resulted in a 27 percent drop in the overall cancer death rate in the United States, translating to approximately 2.6 million fewer cancer deaths between 1991 and ... read more

Rainforest Vine Compound Starves Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Pancreatic cancer cells are known for their ability to thrive under extreme conditions of low nutrients and oxygen, a trait known in the cancer field as 'austerity.' The cells' ... read more

Weight During Adolescence May Affect Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Adulthood

New research has linked adolescent obesity with up to a four-fold increased risk of pancreatic cancer later in life. The study's results also suggest that overweight and even higher weight ... read more

Turning Cells Against Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is infamously resistant to treatment options because the tumor is often surrounded by cells which are ''tricked'' into protecting it. Now, researchers have ... read more

Why Some Cancers Affect Only Young Women

Among several forms of pancreatic cancer, one of them affects specifically women, often young, even though the pancreas is an organ with little exposure to sex hormones. This pancreatic cancer, known ... read more

Cancer Stem Cells Use Normal Genes in Abnormal Ways

An new study shows that CDK1 directly interacts with Sox2 to keep cancer cells ... read more

Killer Cell Immunotherapy Offers Potential Cure for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

A new approach to treating pancreatic cancer using 'educated killer cells' has shown promise, according to early ... read more

Potent Chemical Agents Can Thwart Cancer Metastasis

Scientists have devised potent chemical agents 135H11 and 135H12 that can thwart cancer metastasis, bringing research closer to drug ... read more

New Drug Blocks Pancreatic Cancer Growth in Mice, Study Finds

A newly developed drug can prevent the most common type of pancreatic cancer from growing and spreading in laboratory mice, according to a new study. The study also demonstrated in mice that the ... read more

New Micro-Platform Reveals Cancer Cells' Natural Behavior

A new cell culture platform allows researchers to observe never-before-seen behaviors of live cancer cells under the microscope, leading to explanations of long-known cancer ... read more

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