Ovarian Cancer News
June 24, 2019

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A Step Toward Recovering Reproduction in Girls Who Survive Childhood Cancer

Leukemia treatments often leave girls infertile, but a procedure developed by researchers working with mice is a step toward restoring their ability to be biological ... read more

Eight of 10 People With Cancer Risk Genes Don't Know It

Genomic screening shows that more than 80 percent of those who carry an identifiable genetic risk for breast, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancer don't know ... read more

Lab-Grown Eggs Could Pave Way Towards New Fertility Treatments

Human eggs have been developed in the lab from their earliest stage to full maturity, in a study that could lead to improved fertility ... read more

Removal of Ovaries During Hysterectomy Linked to Increase in Heart Disease, Cancer and Premature Death

A link has been found between removal of both ovaries at the time of hysterectomy and premature death. Increase in incidence of heart disease and ... read more
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A 'One-Two Punch' to Wipe out Cancerous Ovarian Cells

Researchers have developed a two-step combination therapy to destroy cancer cells. They show the superior therapeutic effectiveness of the 'one-two punch' on cells of ovarian cancer ... read more

Molecular Chatter Makes for a 'Hot Tumor'

A new study has deciphered a complex molecular conversation between cancer and immune cells that is key to orchestrating the successful invasion of tumors by T cells that kill cancer ... read more

Surge Protector: A Novel Approach to Suppressing Therapy-Induced Tumor Growth and Recurrence

Dead and dying cancer cells killed by conventional cancer treatments paradoxically trigger inflammation that promotes tumor growth and metastasis. Researchers now describe a novel approach to ... read more

Aggressive Prostate Cancer and Hereditary Breast Cancer

The study has potential implications for families with members suffering from these types of tumours who are at an increased risk of developing ... read more

Why Some Cancers Affect Only Young Women

Among several forms of pancreatic cancer, one of them affects specifically women, often young, even though the pancreas is an organ with little exposure to sex hormones. This pancreatic cancer, known ... read more

Crosstalk Between Fallopian Tube, Ovary May Drive the Spread of Ovarian Cancer

New research shows that cancer cells in the fallopian tube affect normal chemical signaling between reproductive tissues and stimulate the release of norepinephrine from the ovary, causing cancer ... read more

Mechanism of Resistance to Novel Targeted Therapy for Ovarian Cancer Identified

Scientists have unraveled a mechanism of resistance to EZH2 inhibitors in ovarian cancers with mutations in the ARID1A ... read more

Evidence Mounts Linking Aspirin to Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer

A new study found that women who reported taking a low-dose aspirin every day had a 23 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer compared to nonaspirin users. The research also found that women who were ... read more

Removal of Ovary for Fertility Preservation Found Safe in Girls as Young as 5 Months

In the first publication from the U.S. on surgical techniques and outcomes of single ovary removal for fertility preservation in girls, surgeons report that the procedure caused no complications and ... read more

Newer Contraceptive Pills Linked to Reduced Ovarian Cancer Risk in Young Women

New types of combined oral contraceptives (containing both lower doses of estrogens and newer progestogens) are associated with a reduced risk of ovarian cancer, in young women, finds a large ... read more

Novel Biomarker Found in Ovarian Cancer Patients Can Predict Response to Therapy

Researchers have identified an independent prognostic factor, cancer/testis antigen 45, that is associated with extended disease-free survival for women with advanced ovarian cancer. Patients with ... read more

Ovarian Cancer: Quick Steps to Widespread Disease

Ovarian cancer cells that interact with cancer-associated fibroblasts can mobilize glycogen as an energy source, leading to proliferation, invasion and metastasis. Blocking glycogen mobilization in ... read more

'Two-Headed Arrow' to Kill Ovarian Cancer

A researcher is developing a two-fisted, antibody-based approach to destroy deadly ovarian cancer -- an approach he believes could also be modified to kill breast, prostate and other solid ... read more

Cellular Communication System in Mice Helps Control Female Fertility

Researchers have discovered that two genes work together to construct a cellular communication system in the ovaries of mice to maintain healthy ... read more

New Method Reveals How Well Cancer Drugs Hit Their Targets

Scientists have developed a method to measure how well cancer drugs reach their targets inside the body. It shows individual cancer cells in a tumor in real time, revealing which cells interact with ... read more

CAR-T Immunotherapies May Have a New Player

Emerging CAR-T immunotherapies leverage modified versions of patient's T-cells to target and kill cancer cells. In a new study, researchers report that similarly modified natural killer (NK) ... read more

T-Cell Leukemia: Cancer Cells Take Advantage of 'Survival Protein'

Cancer researchers have shown that some patients with T-cell leukemia produce too much of the BCL-2 protein. Cancer cells take advantage of this 'survival protein' which allows them to ... read more

A Major Step Towards Individualized Cancer Therapy

Scientists have succeeded in establishing a versatile, powerful and convenient model to analyze human ... read more

Individualized Ovarian, Brain Cancer Therapies

Researchers have discovered that a molecular communication pathway -- thought to be defective in cancer -- is a key player in determining the effectiveness of measles virus oncolytic cancer treatment ... read more

Targeted 'Click-to-Release' Chemotherapy Gives Good Results in Mice

Scientists have developed a new technique for the targeted delivery of chemotherapy for tumors in cases where this was previously very difficult. By way of the controlled 'click-to-release' ... read more

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