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June 17, 2019

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Origins of Pain

Research in mice identifies a set of neurons responsible for sustained pain and resulting pain-coping behaviors Findings point to the existence of separate neural pathways that regulate threat ... read more

Implantable, Biodegradable Devices Speed Nerve Regeneration in Rats

Peripheral nerve injuries leave people with tingling, numbness and weakness in their arms, hands and legs. Researchers have developed an implantable, bioabsorbable device that speeds recovery in rats ... read more

A Recipe for Regenerating Nerve Fibers Across Complete Spinal Cord Injury

Scientists have designed a three-stepped recipe for regenerating electro-physiologically active nerve fibers across complete spinal cord lesions in rodents. Rehabilitation is still required to make ... read more

Experimental Therapy Restores Nerve Insulation Damaged by Disease

When the body attacks its own healthy tissues in an autoimmune disease, peripheral nerve damage handicaps people and causes persistent neuropathic pain when insulation on healing nerves doesn't fully ... read more
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Opioid Alternative? Taming Tetrodotoxin for Precise Painkilling

Alternatives to opioids for treating pain are sorely needed. A study in rats suggests that tetrodotoxin, properly packaged, offers a potentially safe pain ... read more

Genetic Marker Linked to Increased Risk of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

This is the first real effort to have a genome wide search for genes predisposing to diabetic peripheral ... read more

New Opioid Speeds Up Recovery Without Increasing Pain Sensitivity or Risk of Chronic Pain

A new type of non-addictive opioid accelerates recovery time from pain compared to morphine without increasing pain sensitivity, according to a new ... read more

Inhibition of Protein Phosphorylation Promotes Optic Nerve Regeneration After Injury

Research results suggest that the inhibition of phosphorylation of microtubule-binding protein CRMP2 could be a novel approach to the development of treatments for optic neuropathies, such as ... read more

Active Ingredient of Aconite Root Against Peripheral Neuropathic Pain Is Identified as Neoline

Aconite root is used in East Asian traditional medicines to treat pain. Since its toxicity, it is used after heat-processing for detoxifying. The present study revealed that processed aconite root ... read more

Stimulating the Vagus Nerve in the Neck Might Help Ease Pain Associated With PTSD

In a randomized, controlled pilot trial, researchers found that participants pre-treated with noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation experienced less pain after heat stimulus than mock-treated ... read more

Research Pushes Back on Benefits of Compounded Topical Pain Creams

Marketed and prescribed for a variety of muscle and nerve conditions, compounded topical pain creams and gels work about as well as placebos, a new study ... read more

A New Approach to Peripheral Nerve Injury?

Neuroscientists studying how the body's immune system breaks down damaged peripheral nerves. Their latest research changes our understanding of neuropathic pain and how to treat ... read more

Poor Sleep at Night, More Pain the Next Day

After one night of inadequate sleep, brain activity ramps up in pain-sensing regions while activity is scaled back in areas responsible for modulating how we perceive painful stimuli. This finding ... read more

Protocol Reduces Opioid Use in Spinal Surgery Patients

A novel 'Enhanced Recovery After Surgery' (ERAS) protocol for patients undergoing spinal and peripheral nerve surgery significantly reduced opioid use. The new study showed that when an ... read more

Old Cells Repair Damage in the Brains of MS Patients

A new study shows that there is a very limited regeneration of cells in the brain of patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). These findings underline the importance of treating MS at an ... read more

A Muscle Protein Promotes Nerve Healing

Damaged fibers in the brain or spinal cord usually don't heal. Neuroscientists have high hopes for new methods based on gene ... read more

Multiple Sclerosis: Helping Cells to Help Themselves

Diseases such as multiple sclerosis are characterized by damage to the 'myelin sheath', a protective covering wrapped around nerve cells akin to insulation around an electrical wire. ... read more

Gene Therapy Promotes Nerve Regeneration

Researchers have shown that treatment using gene therapy leads to a faster recovery after nerve damage. By combining a surgical repair procedure with gene therapy, the survival of nerve cells and ... read more

Gene Therapy Blocks Peripheral Nerve Damage in Mice

Scientists have developed a gene therapy that blocks axonal degeneration, preventing axon destruction in mice and suggesting a therapeutic strategy that could help prevent the loss of peripheral ... read more

'Bionic Face' Experiments Could Lead to New Treatment Approach for Facial Paralysis

An implantable neuroprosthetic device may one day provide a new approach to restoring more natural facial movement in patients with one-sided facial paralysis (hemifacial palsy), suggests a new ... read more

Rerouting Nerves During Amputation Reduces Phantom Limb Pain Before It Starts

Doctors have found that a surgery to reroute amputated nerves, called targeted muscle reinnervation, or TMR, can reduce or prevent phantom or residual limb pain from ever occurring in amputee ... read more

Researchers Developing Nonopioid Drug for Chronic Pain

Researchers are developing a drug -- now in its earliest stages -- that can treat certain types of chronic pain without the addictive consequences of ... read more

Pulsed Radiofrequency Relieves Acute Back Pain and Sciatica

A minimally invasive procedure in which pulses of energy from a probe are applied directly to nerve roots near the spine is safe and effective in people with acute lower back pain that has not ... read more

Routine Vitamin B12 Screening May Prevent Irreversible Nerve Damage in Type-2 Diabetes

Patients with type-2 diabetes, taking metformin, should have their vitamin B12 levels assessed more regularly to avoid irreversible nerve damage, according to a new study. The study findings suggest ... read more

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