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June 24, 2019

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Restoring This Enzyme's Function Protects Against Heart Disease in Lupus and Beyond

Patients with lupus are at increased risk of heart disease. Exposing endothelial cells -- known to protect against heart disease, in part by producing nitric oxide -- to the serum of patients with ... read more

Inhibiting Cancer-Causing Protein Could Prevent Scleroderma Fibrosis

Examining the autoimmune disease at the molecular level led researchers to a specific molecule that could be contributing to the disease progression in ... read more

Heart MRT Improves Diagnosis of Cardiac Involvement in Lupus

Systemic inflammatory diseases, such as lupus, often cause cardiac damage that goes undetected. Medical researchers have now able to show that cardiac damage can be diagnosed in a patient-friendly ... read more

Immune Cell Dysfunction Linked to Photosensitivity, Study Finds

Researchers have discovered that a type of immune cell known as Langerhans appears to play an important role in photosensitivity, an immune system reaction to sunlight that can trigger severe skin ... read more

Skin's Immune 'Alarm' May Explain Light-Induced Rashes in Lupus Patients

Researchers are studying an overabundant signaling protein tied to UV light sensitivity in patients with lupus. Their finds also hint at a possible ... read more

Researchers Prevent, Reverse Renal Injury by Inhibiting Immune-Regulating Molecule

Scientists overturn conventional wisdom about kidney ... read more

New Theory on Why More Women Than Men Develop Autoimmune Diseases

New findings are now being presented on possible mechanisms behind gender differences in the occurrence of rheumatism and other autoimmune diseases. The study, published in Nature Communications, can ... read more

Lupus Treatment Generates Positive Results in Phase III Clinical Trial

New research indicates that belimumab, a monoclonal antibody therapy that targets a component of the immune system, provides considerable benefits to patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), ... read more

Tolerating Yourself: A Novel Pathway to Regulate B Cell Activity and Prevent Autoimmunity

Autoimmune disease is an abnormal immune response to the self and is prevented by a mechanism called tolerance. Researchers have identified a pathway that regulates B cell tolerance -- two proteins, ... read more

Scientists Discover How Gene Mutation Triggers Immune Disease

Scientists discovered how a gene mutation affects T cell function to promote immune disorders and then tested a treatment based on the discovery -- successfully fixing donated immune cells from a ... read more

Environmental Factors May Trigger Lupus Onset, Progression

While genetics play a role in the development of Lupus, a systemic autoimmune disease, so do environmental triggers, such as particulates in air pollution and ultraviolet light, says a ... read more

The Skinny on Lipid Immunology

Scientists reveal new insights into the basis for T cell receptor (TCR) autoreactivity to self-phospholipids, with implications for autoimmune ... read more

New Guidelines Published to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Lupus

The UK's first guideline on the care of adults with systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus) has now been released by ... read more

Healthy Bacteria in Yogurt May Reduce Lupus Symptoms in Mice

Researchers have released findings that explain how a type of healthy bacteria in yogurt and other dairy products might reduce disease symptoms in certain patients with ... read more

PTSD Linked With Increased Lupus Risk

Trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in civilian women were strongly associated with increased risk of developing lupus, an autoimmune ... read more

Regular Exercise, Stress Can Both Make a Big Difference in Lupus, Study Finds

Waking up in the morning with the joint pain, swelling and stiffness that accompanies lupus doesn't exactly inspire a workout. But research in mice and a related pilot study in humans are ... read more

Autoimmune Diseases Increase Cardiovascular and Mortality Risk

Autoimmune diseases significantly increase cardiovascular risk as well as overall mortality, new research confirms. This is particularly pronounced in people suffering rheumatoid arthritis or ... read more

Finding What Fuels the 'Runaway Train' of Autoimmune Disease

Rogue immune cells trigger an 'override' of the body's tolerance to its tissues, launching the vicious cycle of autoimmune disease, scientists have found. Could blocking these rogue ... read more

Many New Genetic Markers for Lupus Identified in Large Multi-Ethnic Study

A large number of new genetic markers that predispose individuals to lupus have been identified by scientists from an international ... read more

Barrier to Autoimmune Disease May Open Door to HIV

Researchers have discovered that a process that protects the body from autoimmune disease also prevents the immune system from generating antibodies that can neutralize the HIV-1 virus. The findings ... read more

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