Lung Cancer News
May 19, 2019

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E-Cigarette Vapor Disables Key Immune Cells in the Lung and Boosts Inflammation

E-cigarette vapor boosts the production of inflammatory chemicals and disables key protective cells in the lung that keep the air spaces clear of ... read more

Double-Drug Strategy Blocks Escape Route for Most Lung Cancers

A one-two combo punch using two currently available drugs could be an effective treatment for the majority of lung cancers, a study ... read more

Cancer Mortality in the US Continues Decades-Long Drop

The cancer death rate dropped 1.7 percent from 2014 to 2015, continuing a drop that began in 1991 and has reached 26 percent, resulting in nearly 2.4 million fewer cancer deaths during that ... read more

Computer Program Developed to Diagnose and Locate Cancer from a Blood Sample

Researchers in the United States have developed a computer program that can simultaneously detect cancer and identify where in the body the cancer is ... read more
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Conquering Cancer's Infamous KRAS Mutation

Scientists have shown that a compound called PHT-7.3 shrinks KRAS-driven tumors in mice. In contrast to directly targeting mutant KRAS, the potential drug candidate targets the protein's partner ... read more

Radiomics Predicts Who Will Benefit from Chemotherapy

Using data from computed tomography (CT) images, researchers may be able to predict which lung cancer patients will respond to chemotherapy, according to a new ... read more

Smokers Often Misunderstand Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco Product, Study Finds

American smokers mistakenly think that using snus, a type of moist snuff smokeless tobacco product, is as dangerous as smoking tobacco, according to a study. The study provides new research on what ... read more

Electronic Cigarettes Linked to Wheezing in Adults, New Study Finds

People who vaped were nearly twice as likely to experience wheezing compared to people who didn't use tobacco products, according to a new study. The findings are consistent with past research ... read more

New Microfluidics Device Can Detect Cancer Cells in Blood

Researchers have developed a device that can isolate individual cancer cells from patient blood ... read more

Artificial Lung Cancer Tissue Could Help Find New Drug Treatments

A 3D hydrogel is helping researchers to quickly screen hundreds of potential drugs for their ability to fight highly invasive ... read more

Advancing Therapy by Measuring the 'Games' Cancer Cells Play

Despite rapid advances in targeted therapies for cancer, tumors commonly develop resistance to treatment. When resistance emerges, tumor cells continue to grow unchecked, despite all attempts to slow ... read more

Changes in Lung Cells Seen Almost Immediately After Contact With Low-Molecular Weight PAHs

A new study shows cancer-promoting changes in lung cells as soon as 30 minutes after exposure to low-molecular weight PAHs, adding further evidence that regulators may be underestimating the risk of ... read more

New Heated Tobacco Device Causes Same Damage to Lung Cells as E-Cigs and Smoking, Study Finds

A new study that directly compares new heated tobacco devices with vaping and traditional cigarettes shows that all three are toxic to human lung ... read more

Researchers Develop Human Cell-Based Model to Study Small Cell Lung Cancer

Researchers have used human embryonic stem cells to create a new model system that allows them to study the initiation and progression of small cell lung cancer (SCLC). The study reveals the distinct ... read more

Graphene Biosensor Could Provide Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The wonder-material graphene could hold the key to unlocking the next generation of advanced, early stage lung cancer ... read more

Bacteria Promote Lung Tumor Development, Study Suggests

Cancer biologists have discovered a mechanism that lung tumors exploit to promote their own survival: The tumors alter bacterial populations within the lung, provoking the immune system to create an ... read more

New Mechanism to 'Activate' the Immune System Against Cancer

A new mechanism for activating the immune system against cancer cells allows immune cells to detect and destroy cancer cells better than before, and most effectively in lung cancer and ... read more

Tumors Backfire on Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for breast cancer, yet some patients develop metastasis in spite of it. Researchers have now discovered that chemotherapy-treated mammary tumors produce small ... read more

Breast Cancer Drugs Could Help Treat Resistant Lung Cancers

A class of drugs used to treat certain breast cancers could help to tackle lung cancers that have become resistant to targeted therapies, a new study suggests. The research found that lung tumors in ... read more

Checkmating Tumors

Chess and cancer research have one thing in common: one must act strategically to defeat the opponent. And that's exactly what scientists are doing. They are seeking to selectively make only ... read more

Proposed Cancer Treatment May Boost Lung Cancer Stem Cells, Study Warns

Epigenetic therapies -- targeting enzymes that alter what genes are turned on or off in a cell -- are of growing interest in the cancer field as a way of making a cancer less aggressive or less ... read more

Genetic 'Whodunnit' for Cancer Gene Solved

Long thought to suppress cancer by slowing cellular metabolism, the protein complex AMPK also seemed to help some tumors grow, confounding researchers. Now, researchers have solved the long-standing ... read more

Big-Picture Approach to Understanding Cancer Will Speed New Treatments

The new approach lets scientists examine the cumulative effect of multiple gene mutations, providing a much more complete picture of cancers' ... read more

A Bad Influence: Interplay Between Tumor Cells and Immune Cells

Research has yielded new insights into the environment surrounding different types of lung tumors, and described how these complex cell ecosystems may in turn ultimately affect response to ... read more

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