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May 19, 2019

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For the first time, immunologists have captured on video what happens when T-cells undergo a type of assassin-training program before they get unleashed in the body. A new ... read more

New Findings Could Lead to Improved Vaccinations Against Sexually Transmitted Infections

In a new study, researchers show how skin vaccination can generate protective CD8 T-cells that are recruited to the genital tissues and could be used ... read more
Researchers discuss how time of day affects the severity of afflictions ranging from allergies to ... read more

Antibody Responses Vs. Ebola Keep Evolving in Survivors, Months After Recovery

Antiviral antibodies produced by survivors of Ebola infection continue to evolve and improve after recovery, according to a study of immune responses ... read more
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How Host-Cell Enzymes Combat the Coronavirus

Host-cell enzymes called PARP12 and PARP14 are important for inhibiting mutant forms of a coronavirus, according to a new ... read more

Why Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cells Grow Uncontrollably

Although classical Hodgkin's lymphoma is generally easily treatable today, many aspects of the disease still remain a mystery. A team has now identified an important signaling molecule in the ... read more

Some Biologic Treatments for Psoriasis May Be Safer for Patients

Dermatologists found a decreased risk of infection in patients with psoriasis using some of the newer, more targeted medications compared to those taking methotrexate, a drug widely used since the ... read more

A Link Between Mitochondrial Damage and Osteoporosis

In healthy people, a tightly controlled process balances out the activity of osteoblasts, which build bone, and osteoclasts, which break it down. Damage to cells' mitochondria can make that ... read more

Challenging Metabolism May Help Fight Disease

New research has shown that harnessing metabolism at a cellular level may help to relieve or heal a range of ... read more

Groundbreaking Study Could Lead to Fast, Simple Test for Ebola Virus

In a breakthrough that could lead to a simple and inexpensive test for Ebola virus disease, researchers have generated two antibodies to the deadly virus. The antibodies, which are inexpensive to ... read more

Tumor Mutations May Predict Response to Immunotherapy

Researchers say they have found a potential explanation for the ... read more

Vaccine Design Can Dramatically Improve Cancer Immunotherapies

After comparing a series of compositionally identical yet structurally different vaccines by testing them on multiple animal models, researchers found the structure of SNAs in one vaccine ... read more

Investigators tested a laboratory-made version of a naturally occurring protein (recombinant fragment of human Surfactant Protein D or rfhSP-D) on bioengineered vaginal tissues, immune cells and ... read more

Pushing Early Beta-Cell Proliferation Can Halt Autoimmune Attack in Type 1 Diabetes Model

Researchers have found that increasing the proliferation and turnover of beta cells before signs of type 1 diabetes could halt the development of the ... read more

New Immunodeficiency Disease Discovered

A new immunodeficiency disease caused by a novel genetic mutation has been identified by researchers, providing unique insights into cell ... read more

Researchers show how the immune system distinguishes between self molecules and non-self molecules such as those from ... read more

Viral Peptides Critical to Natural HIV Control

Investigators have used a novel approach to identify specific amino acids in the protein structure of HIV that appear critical to the ability of the virus to function and replicate. They also have ... read more

Pretreatment With TNF Inhibitors May Improve Outcomes of Combination Cancer Immunotherapy

This study proposes a new therapeutic approach against cancer that dissociates efficacy and toxicity in the use of combined immunotherapy in animal models. This clinical strategy consists of blocking ... read more

Scientists are paving the way to use gene-edited B cells -- a type of white blood cell in the immune system -- to treat a wide range of potential diseases that affect children, including hemophilia ... read more

New Target to Improve Response to Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers have looked at a little-understood type of cell death called ferroptosis. They found ferroptosis occurs in tumor cells and plays a role in cancer immunity, suggesting the potential of ... read more

Atherosclerosis: Induced Cell Death Destabilizes Plaques

Many chronic disorders arise from misdirected immune responses. Scientists now show that neutrophils exacerbate atherosclerosis by inducing smooth muscle-cell death and that a tailored peptide ... read more

Drug Can Reverse Hyperactivity Induced by Parasitic Infection

When rodents get infected by Toxoplasma gondii, the single-celled brain parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, they become hyperactive risk-takers. Researchers show for the first time that it's ... read more

Research Decodes One Way Cancer Survives Treatment, Proposes a Way to Prevent It

Cancer cells have various tricks up their metaphorical sleeves to survive in the face of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other cancer treatments. Now researchers have decoded one of those tricks using ... read more

Biomarker for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Researchers have created a blood test that can flag chronic fatigue syndrome, which currently lacks a standard, reliable diagnostic ... read more

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