Foodborne Illness News
June 26, 2019

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Gut Bacteria Byproduct Protects Against Salmonella, Study Finds

Researchers have identified a molecule that serves as natural protection against one of the most common intestinal pathogens, ... read more

Gut Reaction: Repeated Mild Food Poisoning Triggers Chronic Disease

Small bacterial infections that may go unnoticed and which the body easily clears without treatment, such as occurs during mild food poisoning, nevertheless can start a chain of events that leads to ... read more

'Smart' Bacteria Remodel Their Genes to Infect Our Intestines

Researchers have described how infectious bacteria can sense they’re attached to our intestinal cells, and then remodel their expression of specific genes, including those involved in virulence and ... read more

Food-Poisoning Bacteria May Be Behind Crohn's Disease

People who retain a particular bacterium in their gut after a bout of food poisoning may be at an increased risk of developing Crohn's disease later in life, according to a new ... read more
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Infection Biology: Gut Microbe Helps Thwart Salmonella

Researchers have identified a bacterial species in the gut microbiome of the mouse which protects against infection by human-pathogenic ... read more

More Severe Salmonella Outbreaks Ahead

Researchers have developed a model that can predict salmonella outbreaks several months in advance, and its results come as a warning ahead of the Easter long ... read more

Bacteria Flip an Electric Switch to Worsen Food Poisoning

Salmonella bacteria flip an electric switch as they hitch a ride inside immune cells, causing the cells to migrate out of the gut toward other parts of the body, according to a new ... read more

Salmonella Could Be Combated by Enhancing Body's Natural Process

Autophagy -- the process of recycling cellular material in the body -- can help combat Salmonella and other pathogens, according to researchers who have studied how autophagy can get rid of bacteria, ... read more

Human Microbiome Metabolites Tip the Scale in Intestinal E. Coli Infections

A multi-disciplinary team of biological engineers, microbiologists, and systems biologists, whose goal it is to uncover the causes of tolerance to infection exhibited by certain individuals or ... read more

Food Safety: Dung Beetles and Soil Bacteria Reduce Risk of Human Pathogens

Food safety regulations increasingly pressure growers to remove hedgerows, ponds and other natural habitats from farms to keep out pathogen-carrying wildlife and livestock. Yet, this could come at ... read more

High Levels of Potentially Harmful Bacteria Found in Raw Meat Dog Food Products: Study

Many raw meat dog food products contain high levels of bacteria that pose potential health risks to both animals and people, finds new ... read more

How to Block New Antibiotic Resistance Gene

A new antimicrobial-resistance gene, VCC-1, a beta-lactamase gene, has been discovered in benign close relatives of virulent Vibrio cholerae, which causes cholera. Now, a team of Canadian researchers ... read more

Misunderstanding Food Date Labels Linked With Higher Food Discards

A new survey examining US consumer attitudes and behaviors related to food date labels found widespread confusion, leading to unnecessary discards, increased waste and food safety ... read more

More Scrutiny Needed for Less-Deadly Foodborne Bacteria

Employing advanced genetic-tracing techniques and sharing the data produced in real time could limit the spread of bacteria -- Bacillus cereus -- which cause foodborne illness, according to ... read more

New AI Toolkit Is the 'Scientist That Never Sleeps'

Researchers have developed a new AI-driven platform that can analyze how pathogens infect our cells with the precision of a trained ... read more

Scientists Use Machine Learning to ID Source of Salmonella

A team of scientists has developed a machine-learning approach that could lead to quicker identification of the animal source of certain Salmonella ... read more

Listeria in the Feed: A Dangerous Hygiene Problem in Fattening Pigs

In a recent study, researchers have investigated an episode of fatal listeriosis in fattening pigs with a mortality rate of nearly 10 percent. The research team traced the source of infection to the ... read more

Computer Program Aids Food Safety Experts With Pathogen Testing

Scientists have developed a computer program to simulate the most likely locations in a processing facility where the deadly food-borne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes might be ... read more

Fighting Deadly Drug Resistant Bacteria in Intestines With New Antibiotic

Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is a potentially deadly infection in the large intestine most common in people who need to take antibiotics for a long period of time, particularly in ... read more

Viral Production Is Not Essential for Deaths Caused by Food-Borne Pathogen

The replication of a bacterial virus is not necessary to cause lethal disease in mice infected with a food-borne pathogen called Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC), according to a new study. ... read more

Threat of 'Nightmare Bacteria' Exhibiting Resistance to Last-Resort Antibiotic Colistin

Researchers examined the dissemination of colistin-resistant bacteria among residents of rural communities in Vietnam to find that the prevalence of colistin-resistant Escherichia coli in the ... read more

Biodegradable, Edible Film Kills Pathogens on Seafood

A biodegradable, edible film made with plant starch and antimicrobial compounds may control the growth of foodborne pathogens on seafood, according to ... read more

Going Viral: New Cells for Norovirus Production in the Lab

Human norovirus is a major cause of infections that can be particularly dangerous to children and elderly people. Here, a research team found that human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived ... read more

New Graphene-Based Sensor Design Could Improve Food Safety

In the US, more than 100 food recalls were issued in 2017 because of contamination from harmful bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella or E. coli. A new sensor design could one day make it easier to ... read more

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