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June 24, 2019

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Pass the Salt: Study Finds Average Consumption Safe for Heart Health

New research shows that for the vast majority of individuals, sodium consumption does not increase health risks except for those who eat more than five grams a day, the equivalent of 2.5 teaspoons of ... read more

Accurate Measurements of Sodium Intake Confirm Relationship With Mortality

Eating foods high in salt is known to contribute to high blood pressure, but does that linear relationship extend to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death? Recent cohort studies have ... read more

Electricity, Eel-Style: Soft Power Cells Could Run Tomorrow's Implantables

Inspired by the electric eel, a flexible, transparent electrical device could lead to body-friendly power sources for implanted health monitors and medication dispensers, augmented-reality contact ... read more

Gut Microbes Can Protect Against High Blood Pressure

Microbes living in your gut can help protect against the effects of a high-salt diet, according to a new ... read more
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Neuroscientists present a new, detailed accounting of how a mutation in a fly model of epilepsy undermines the ability of glial cells to regulate the balance of ions that neurons need to avoid ... read more

Keeping the Taste, Reducing the Salt

Researchers have found a way to make food taste salty but with less of the sodium chloride tied to poor ... read more

Breakthrough Alpha-Ray Treatment of Cancer Without External Radiation

Radioactive iodine has been used for treatment of thyroid cancer. However, some thyroid tumors become resistant to iodine treatment. A research team used a large accelerator to produce sodium ... read more

Simulations Reveal Role of Calcium in Titanium Implant Acceptance

Titanium-based materials are widely used in medical implant technology, and coating the surface of titanium materials with biologically active molecules has recently shown promise to improve how ... read more

Highly Effective Natural Plant-Based Food Preservative Discovered

Scientists have discovered a plant-based food preservative that is more effective than artificial ... read more

The Rules of Attraction: Scientists Find Elusive Molecule That Helps Sperm Find Egg

A recent report identifies a key molecule driving chemoattraction between sperm and egg cells in marine ... read more

Pungent Tasting Substance in Ginger Reduces Bad Breath

The pungent compound 6-gingerol in ginger stimulates an enzyme contained in saliva which breaks down foul-smelling substances. It thus ensures fresh breath and a better aftertaste. Citric acid ... read more

Savory Foods May Promote Healthy Eating Through Effects on the Brain

Researchers have found that consuming a broth rich in umami -- or savory taste -- can cause subtle changes in the brain that promote healthy eating behaviors and food choices, especially in women at ... read more

Reversing Way Potassium Channels Work from Bacteria to Human

Research develops a better understanding of and exerts an unparalleled control of protein ... read more

Atomic-Level Study Reveals Why Rare Disorder Causes Sudden Paralysis

A rare genetic disorder in which people are suddenly overcome with profound weakness or temporary paralysis is caused by a hole in a membrane protein that allows sodium ions to leak across cell ... read more

Flexible, Wearable Oral Sodium Sensor Could Help Improve Hypertension Control

For people who have hypertension and certain other conditions, eating too much salt raises blood pressure and increases the likelihood of heart complications. To help monitor salt intake, researchers ... read more

Why Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Can Still Lead to Diabetes, Obesity

Increased awareness of the health consequences of eating too much sugar has fueled a dramatic uptick in the consumption of zero-calorie artificial sweeteners in recent decades. However, new research ... read more

Consuming Low-Calorie Sweeteners May Predispose Overweight Individuals to Diabetes

Consumption of low-calorie sweeteners could promote metabolic syndrome and predispose people to prediabetes and diabetes, particularly in individuals with obesity, a new study on human fat-derived ... read more

Healthy Diet May Not Offset High Salt Intake

A healthy diet may not offset the effects of a high salt intake on blood pressure, suggests a new study. The research, from scientists at a number of institutions, including Imperial College London ... read more

A Matter of Dynamics

Most ion channels are very selective about the ions, which may or may not pass through them. They may be conductive for potassium ions and non-conductive for sodium ions or vice versa. However, a ... read more

Pilot Study in Kenya Shows Link Between Chronic Pain and Glutamate Consumption

Preliminary research from a small pilot study carried out in Meru, in eastern Kenya, shows a link between chronic pain and consumption of glutamate, a common flavor enhancer found in Western and ... read more

Blood Sodium Levels May Affect Cognition in Older Adults

In generally healthy older men, slightly lower sodium levels in the blood were related to both cognitive impairment and declines in cognitive function over time. Additional studies are needed to ... read more

Food Preservative Enhances Schizophrenia Treatment

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial shows that sodium benzoate improves symptoms in clozapine-resistant ... read more

Artificial Sweetener Could Someday Provide Cancer Treatments With Fewer Side Effects

Artificial sweeteners are used in diet drinks and foods but also could someday be used as treatments targeting carbonic anhydrase IX (CA IX), a protein associated with aggressive cancers. Although ... read more

Tracking Effects of a Food Preservative on the Gut Microbiome

Antimicrobial compounds added to preserve food during storage are believed to be benign and non-toxic to the consumer, but there is 'a critical scientific gap in understanding the potential ... read more

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