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May 22, 2019

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New Hope for People With Fibromyalgia

A novel psychological therapy that encourages addressing emotional experiences related to trauma, conflict and relationship problems has been found helpful for people with the chronic pain condition ... read more

Side Effects of Antidepressants Used for Chronic Pain Relief

The researchers found that almost all antidepressants presented significant side effects. Clinical data also showed that some might better tolerate certain side effects than others, and therefore. ... read more

Pregabalin May Lessen Pain from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Study Finds

Patients suffering from pain related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may benefit from taking pregabalin, a neuro-pain inhibitor commonly used to treat fibromyalgia, a pilot study has ... read more

Sleep Is Key to Curing Chronic Pain

A ink between chronic pain and lack of sleep has been identified by a team of researchers. They also discovered that people with pain who believe they won't be able to sleep are more likely to ... read more

Nondrug Approaches Effective for Treatment of Common Pain Conditions, Review Suggests

Data from a review of US-based clinical trials suggest that some of the most popular complementary health approaches -- such as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture -- appear to be effective tools for ... read more

Fibromyalgia: Doubling Up to Fight Pain

A more effective way of treating fibromyalgia, a medical condition characterized by chronic widespread pain typically accompanied by fatigue, as well as sleep, mood and memory problems has been ... read more

Third to Half of UK Population Lives With Chronic Pain

Between a third and half (43 percent) of the UK population -- roughly 28 million adults -- lives with chronic pain, finds an analysis of the available ... read more