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June 24, 2019

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Neuroscientists Find Promise in Intervention to Normalize Biological Functions in Fragile X Mice

A team of neuroscientists have developed an intervention that normalizes multiple biological functions in mice afflicted with Fragile X ... read more

New Genetic Disorder Named for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Team

Three scientists at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who identified and studied a genetic disease have been recognized by having their names attached to the disorder. An authoritative reference ... read more

New Explanation Offered for Symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome

A new explanation for some of the symptoms of fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability, has been proposed by researchers. Their explanation suggests new targets ... read more

Impact of Trisomy 21 on Interferon Signaling

The interferon response is constantly activated in people with Down syndrome causing the body to fight a viral infection when such infection doesn't exist, say scientists. Constant immune system ... read more

Scientists Identify Down's Syndrome Gene

Geneticists have identified an enzyme that regulates the production of sperm and egg cells in human reproduction, and may be linked to Down's Syndrome, Edward's Syndrome and other ... read more

Neuroscience Study Identifies New Trigger Mechanism for Fragile X Syndrome in Mice

A new study identifies an astroglial trigger mechanism as contributing to symptoms of fragile X syndrome in ... read more