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May 21, 2019

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A swarm of micro-robots, directed by magnets, can break apart and remove dental biofilm, or plaque, from a tooth. The innovation arose from a cross-disciplinary partnership ... read more
The face you see in the mirror is the result of millions of years of evolution and reflects the most distinctive features that we use to identify and recognize each other, ... read more

Illuminating Women's Role in the Creation of Medieval Manuscripts

Researchers have revealed direct evidence of medieval women's involvement in the production of illuminated manuscripts. Lapis lazuli in the dental calculus of a woman buried at a 12th-century German ... read more

What Anglo Saxon Teeth Can Tell Us About Modern Health

Evidence from the teeth of Anglo Saxon children could help identify modern children most at risk from conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart ... read more
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The Healing Power of a Smile: A Link Between Oral Care and Substance Abuse Recovery

A new study links the benefits of comprehensive oral care to the physical and emotional recovery of patients seeking treatment for substance use ... read more

Protect Protruding Teeth from Damage and Long-Term Consequences

Children with their first or early adult set of teeth that stick out have an increased chance of damaging them, but the risk can be easily reduced without being prohibitively ... read more

Dentists Can Be the First Line of Defense Against Domestic Violence

New findings indicate that oral biomarkers may help health providers identify victims of domestic ... read more

Sleep Apnea: Oral Appliance Could Help You (and Your Partner) Sleep Better

Researchers measured a novel treatment for sleep apnea and found positive results. By measuring patients lying down flat, the researchers stimulated sleep conditions and measured the patient's ... read more

Anti-Inflammatory Plant-Based Diet Helps Reduce Gingivitis

A plant-based whole food diet reduced gingivitis in a recent randomized ... read more

Could Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Prevent Miscarriages?

A new study in mice reveals that omega-3s, a type of fat found in fish oil, reduces fetal and neonatal deaths, suggesting they could prevent some miscarriages in ... read more

New Science Details Discovery of Bacterial Pathogen in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients

New science uncovers how an unlikely culprit, Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) -- the bacterium commonly associated with chronic gum disease -- appears to drive Alzheimer's disease (AD) ... read more

Orthodontics No Guarantee of Long-Term Oral Health

A commonly held belief among the general public is orthodontic treatment will prevent future tooth decay. Research has found that this is not the ... read more

Older Women Who Suffer Tooth Loss More Likely to Develop High Blood Pressure

A study indicates that postmenopausal women who experience tooth loss are at higher risk of developing high blood ... read more

Tooth Loss Can Indicate Malnutrition, Study Finds

Older adults are at risk for both impaired oral health and malnutrition, according to a new ... read more

People Overestimate Benefits, and Underestimate Risks, of Medical Interventions

From major heart surgery to a course of minor drugs, people overestimate the benefits and underestimate the risks of a variety of medical procedures, according to new ... read more

Loss of First Baby Tooth a Positive Experience for Children

Scared, ashamed, happy or proud -- how do children feel when they lose their first baby tooth? Scientists have now found that children's feelings are predominantly positive. The study also ... read more

Irish Famine Victims' Heavy Smoking Led to Dental Decay, New Research Reveals

Irish Famine victims were heavy smokers which caused badly rotten teeth, researchers have ... read more

Poor Oral Health Linked to Higher Blood Pressure, Worse Blood Pressure Control

Poor oral health may interfere with blood pressure control in people diagnosed with hypertension. Periodontal disease -- a condition marked by gum infection, gum inflammation and tooth damage -- ... read more

Immune Culprits Linked to Inflammation and Bone Loss in Gum Disease Identified

An unhealthy population of microbes in the mouth triggers specialized immune cells that inflame and destroy tissues, leading to the type of bone loss associated with a severe form of gum disease, ... read more

Periodontal Disease Bacteria May Kick-Start Alzheimer's

Long-term exposure to periodontal disease bacteria causes inflammation and degeneration of brain neurons in mice that is similar to the effects of Alzheimer's disease in humans. Periodontal ... read more

Dental Research Shows That Smoking Weakens Immune Systems

Researchers found that smoking weakens the ability for pulp in teeth to fight illness and ... read more

Connection Between 'Chalky Teeth' in Children and the Uptake of Bisphenol A Not Likely

Medical associations are reporting increased occurrences of disturbed dental mineralization in children. The so-called 'chalky teeth' show discoloration and can be extremely sensitive to ... read more

Antibiotics Destroy 'Good Bacteria' and Worsen Oral Infection

Researchers found that antibiotics actually kill the 'good' bacteria keeping infection and inflammation at ... read more

New Findings on Chronic Pain Syndrome in the Mouth

The picture is becoming clearer regarding the chronic oral pain condition known as Burning Mouth Syndrome, or BMS, which mainly affects women who are middle-aged and ... read more

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