Breast Cancer News
May 19, 2019

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Bone Cells Suppress Cancer Metastases

A subpopulation of bone cells releases factors that can halt the growth of breast cancer that's traveled to the bone, putting the cells in ... read more
Synthetic proteins engineered to recognize overly active biological pathways can kill cancer cells while sparing their healthy peers, according to a ... read more

How Sleeping Mammary Stem Cells Are Awakened in Puberty

Scientists have discovered how the growth of milk-producing mammary glands is triggered during puberty. Sleeping stem cells in the mammary gland are awoken by a protein dubbed FoxP1, according to the ... read more

Eight of 10 People With Cancer Risk Genes Don't Know It

Genomic screening shows that more than 80 percent of those who carry an identifiable genetic risk for breast, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancer don't know ... read more
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Big Data Helps Identify Better Way to Research Breast Cancer's Spread

Researchers are analyzing large volumes of data, often referred to as big data, to determine better research models to fight the spread of breast cancer and test potential drugs. Current models used ... read more

How to Starve Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers have developed a strategy that slows the growth of triple negative breast cancer cells by cutting them off from two major food ... read more

Less-Invasive Mastectomy Safe for More Breast Cancer Patients

A less-invasive mastectomy that leaves the surface of the breast intact has become a safe option for more patients, including those whose breast cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes or who have ... read more

HER2 Positive Breast Cancer: Treatment De-Escalation Needs to Be Personalized

De-escalation approaches in the treatment of women with HER2 positive breast cancer need to be personalized, according to an ... read more

Research Decodes One Way Cancer Survives Treatment, Proposes a Way to Prevent It

Cancer cells have various tricks up their metaphorical sleeves to survive in the face of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other cancer treatments. Now researchers have decoded one of those tricks using ... read more

Treatment Turns Tumors Into Cancer Vaccine Factories

Researchers have developed a novel approach to cancer immunotherapy, injecting immune stimulants directly into a tumor to teach the immune system to destroy it and other tumor cells throughout the ... read more

Immune Cells Key to Predicting Cancer Outcomes, Research Suggests

Scientists have identified key changes in immune cells within cancerous tumors that could help improve the development of ... read more

Breast Cancer Study by Medical Student Could Help Patients Live Longer

A student has shown that surgery is associated with higher survival rates for patients with HER2-positive stage 4 breast cancer compared with those who did not undergo surgery. The protein HER2, or ... read more

Metastatic ovarian, prostate and breast cancers are notoriously difficult to treat and often deadly. Now, researchers have revealed a new role for the CDK12 ... read more

Older Women Benefit Significantly When Screened With 3D Mammography

Mammography remains an effective method for breast cancer screening in women ages 65 and older, with the addition of a 3D technique called tomosynthesis improving screening performances even more, ... read more

When a breast cancer tumor is removed with no signs of cancer left behind, it's great news for patients, and now scientists have more evidence of ... read more

Estrogen Byproducts Linked to Survival in Breast Cancer Patients

Researchers report findings from a study in which they measured levels of estrogen byproducts in urine from a group of women with breast cancer. Relative levels of ''good'' versus ... read more

Scientists Tie Walnuts to Gene Expressions Related to Breast Cancer

New research links walnut consumption as a contributing factor that could suppress growth and survival of breast ... read more

Breast Cancer: The Promises of Old Recipes

Of the three major subtypes of breast cancer, the triple negative is the most lethal and unlike other breast cancers, it is resistant to most existing therapies. By studying the properties of ... read more

A new finding on how cells penetrate tissue gives a boost to the field of metabolomics, which can complement immunotherapies -- using the body's natural defenses to kill cancer ... read more

Breast Cancer May Be Likelier to Spread to Bone With Nighttime Dim-Light Exposure

Exposure to dim light at night, which is common in today's lifestyle, may contribute to the spread of breast cancer to the bones, researchers have shown for the first time in an animal ... read more

Breast Ultrasound and Cancer Detection Rates Increased Under New Laws

State breast density notification laws that mandate reporting of mammogram results can prompt further screening and modestly boost cancer detection rates, say ... read more

Discovery May Lead to Precision-Based Strategy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

A researcher in the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine, working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Maryland, ... read more

Protein BRCA1 as a Stress Coach

Two proteins work hand in hand to ensure that the tumor cells of neuroblastoma can grow at full speed. A research team shows how the proteins can do ... read more

3D Mammography Significantly Reduces Breast Biopsy Rates

The use of digital breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammography, may significantly reduce the number of women who undergo breast biopsy for a non-cancerous lesion following an abnormal ... read more

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