Brain Tumor News
June 16, 2019

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A jawless parasitic fish could help lead the way to more effective treatments for multiple brain ailments, including cancer, trauma and stroke. Researchers borrowed molecules ... read more

CT Scans May Increase Risk of Brain Cancer, Study Suggests

A new study suggests that CT scans, commonly used in medical imaging, may increase the risk of brain ... read more

Scientists Create Nano-Size Packets of Genetic Code Aimed at Brain Cancer 'Seed' Cells

In a 'proof of concept' study, scientists say they have successfully delivered nano-size packets of genetic code called microRNAs to treat human ... read more

Engineered Cancer Cells Can Fight Primary and Metastatic Cancer

A new study leverages the power of gene editing, capitalizing on cancer cells' self-homing ability to take a critical step toward using cancer cells to kill ... read more
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How Electrical Stimulation Reorganizes the Brain

Recordings of neural activity during therapeutic stimulation can be used to predict subsequent changes in brain connectivity, according to a study of epilepsy patients. This approach could inform ... read more

Molecular Chatter Makes for a 'Hot Tumor'

A new study has deciphered a complex molecular conversation between cancer and immune cells that is key to orchestrating the successful invasion of tumors by T cells that kill cancer ... read more

Macrophages' Pathway to Nurture PTEN-Deficient Glioblastoma

A common genetic deficiency empowers glioblastoma to broadcast a molecular message to the wrong type of immune cell, summoning macrophages that protect and nurture the brain tumor instead of ... read more

Cancer-Fighting Combination Targets Glioblastoma

An international team of researchers combined a calorie-restricted diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates with a tumor-inhibiting antibiotic and found the combination destroys cancer stem cells ... read more

Artificial Intelligence Helps to Better Assess Treatment Response of Brain Tumors

A team has developed a new method for the automated image analysis of brain tumors. The authors show that machine learning methods carefully trained on standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are ... read more

Low-Dose Radiation Therapy Improves Delivery of Therapeutic Nanoparticles to Brain Tumors

Radiation therapy may increase the uptake of therapeutic nanoparticles by glioblastomas, raising the possibility of using both growth-factor-targeted and immune-system-based therapies against the ... read more

Helping Infants Survive Brain Cancer

Choroid plexus carcinoma (CPC) is a particularly challenging type of brain cancer: The tumor most commonly arises in infants under the age of one. Progress in developing effective therapies has been ... read more

New Drug Combination Shows Promise for Common Pediatric Brain Tumor

A new combination treatment aimed at resistant and recurrent low-grade gliomas slowed tumor growth and killed tumor cells in laboratory and mouse ... read more

The Evolution of Brain Tumors

Scientists have found in a recent study that only three different genetic alterations drive the early development of malignant glioblastomas. At least one of these three cancer drivers was present in ... read more

Protein Content as a Marker for Response to Therapy in Brain Cancer

Brain tumors vary widely in how they respond to treatment. However, early assessment of therapy response is essential in order to choose the best possible treatment for the patient. Scientists have ... read more

Melanoma Brain Metastases Are Immunosuppressive With Treatment-Resistant Metabolism

Melanoma tumors that have spread to the brain are equipped to thwart immunotherapies and targeted therapies that succeed against tumors growing in other sites. Researchers report that the heavy ... read more

Blueprint for Treating a Deadly Brain Tumor

In a study of mice and human brain tumors researchers searched for new treatments by exploring the reasons why some patients with gliomas live remarkably longer than others. The results suggested ... read more

Development of Brain Stem Cells Into New Nerve Cells and Why This Can Lead to Cancer

Stem cells are true Jacks-of-all-trades of our bodies, as they can turn into the many different cell types of all organs. This allows the tissues to renew and to heal after injury. This amazing ... read more

How Brain Tumors Escape the Effects of Antiangiogenic Drugs

A study reveals details of a way the dangerous brain tumors called glioblastomas resist the effects of antiangiogenic drugs designed to cut off their blood supply, identifying what may be a new ... read more

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Defeating Glioblastoma

A team of investigators has begun looking at microRNAs in an entirely new way. Their approach has shown promising results in preclinical models, increasing survival in a murine model of glioblastoma ... read more

Targeted Treatment Shrinks Deadly Pediatric Brain Tumors

For children -- whose tiny bodies are still growing -- chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cause lifelong damage. Now, scientists have reported that a targeted therapy that blocks a protein ... read more

Sex Differences Identified in Deadly Brain Tumors

More males get, and die of, the deadly brain cancer glioblastoma than females. A team of researchers has identified distinct molecular signatures of glioblastoma in men and women that help explain ... read more

Some Brain Tumors May Respond to Immunotherapy

A new study suggests that a slow-growing brain tumor arising in patients affected by neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) may be vulnerable to immunotherapy, which gives the immune system a boost in ... read more

How Does Cancer Spread?

How does cancer spread? While studying human brain tumour cells, a team of scientists found some answers to this crucial, yet so far unanswered question. They looked at a gene called EGFRvIII, which ... read more

Promising Lead in Genetic Approach to Treating Glioblastoma

Scientists hope they have made progress toward a next-generation drug that may slow tumor growth and boost radiation's effectiveness in patients with the deadly brain ... read more

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