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May 20, 2019

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Sub-Optimal Food Allergy Knowledge and Attitudes Among Restaurant Staff

A new study of restaurant staff reveals low levels of food allergy knowledge and negative attitudes about serving people with food allergies, while exploring key factors that might influence such ... read more

Changes in Onset of Spring Linked to More Allergies Across the US

Human-induced climate change is disrupting nature's calendar, including when plants bloom and the spring season starts, and new research suggests we're increasingly paying the price for it in the ... read more

Inactive Ingredients in Pills and Capsules May Cause Allergic, Adverse Reactions

The majority of oral medications available to consumers contain ingredients that can affect sensitive ... read more

Likelihood of Tick Bite to Cause Red Meat Allergy Could Be Higher Than Previously Thought

The original hypothesis was that humans developed the red meat allergy after being exposed to the alpha-gal protein through a tick that had fed ... read more
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Diesel Exhaust Filtered of Its Tiny Particles May Worsen Allergy-Induced Lung Impairment

Air pollution from diesel engines may worsen allergy-induced lung impairment more when tiny particles are filtered from the exhaust than when they are not, according to new research published online ... read more

Fishy Diagnostics for Food Allergy Testing

Scientists have found material commonly used for fish allergy testing is unreliable -- potentially putting lives at ... read more

An international research team has found that patients with the lung disease bronchiectasis also often display sensitivity to airborne allergens, and has highlighted the particular role that fungi ... read more

Academic Performance of Urban Children With Asthma Worse Than Peers Without Asthma

A new study shows urban children with poorly controlled asthma, particularly those who are ethnic minorities, also suffer academically. Kids who were kept home due to asthma symptoms weren't ... read more

Cytomegalovirus Infection Broadens Spectrum of Environmental Allergens

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection can convert a harmless, inhaled protein antigen into an allergen, according to a new ... read more

Immunotherapy for Egg Allergy May Allow Patients to Eat Egg Safely Long After Treatment

After completing up to four years of egg oral immunotherapy (eOIT) treatment, certain participants were able to safely incorporate egg into their diet for five ... read more

Scientists Identify Unique Subtype of Eczema Linked to Food Allergy

Scientists have found that children with both atopic dermatitis and food allergy have structural and molecular differences in top layers of skin near the eczema lesions, whereas children with atopic ... read more

Food Allergies and Multiple Sclerosis: New Link

Investigating the correlation between allergy and inflammatory disease activity, a team of investigators has found new evidence connecting food allergies and relapses of multiple ... read more

Birch Pollen Allergen Immunotherapy Normalizes Nasal Gene-Expression and Microbial Community

According to a new study, birch pollen allergen immunotherapy modifies the gene expression and microbiome profile of the nasal epithelium to correspond to those of healthy ... read more

Unique Form of Chronic Sinusitis in Older Patients

Older patients with a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis -- a disease of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses that often persists over many years -- have a unique inflammatory signature that may render ... read more

Breastmilk Sugars Differ in Pregnant Women on Probiotics

The complex sugars found in human breastmilk, long believed to be fixed in their composition, may change in women who are taking probiotics, according to new ... read more

Gut Microbes from Healthy Infants Block Milk Allergy Development in Mice

New research suggests that the gut microbiome may help prevent the development of cow's milk allergy. Scientists found that gut microbes from healthy human infant donors transplanted into mice ... read more

Mechanism for Impaired Allergic Inflammation in Infants May Explain Hygiene Hypothesis

New research describes a mechanism in a mouse model of asthma that supports the hygiene hypothesis -- researchers found that infant mice need a higher exposure to a bacterial endotoxin, compared to ... read more

One in 10 Adults in US Has Food Allergy, but Nearly 1 in 5 Think They Do

Over 10 percent of adults in the US -- over 26 million -- are estimated to have food ... read more

Suboptimal, Inconsistent Treatment for Anaphylaxis Due to Unknown Cause

A new study is shedding light on anaphylaxis due to an unknown trigger (AUT) -- an unpredictable and potentially fatal allergic reaction, about which surprisingly little is ... read more

Food Allergies Linked to Increased Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis

Food allergies are associated with heightened levels of disease activity in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), new research ... read more

Scientists Create Most Accurate Tool Yet Developed to Predict Asthma in Young Children

Scientists have created and tested a decision tool that appears to be the most accurate, non-invasive method yet developed to predict asthma in young ... read more

New Understanding of Mysterious 'Hereditary Swelling'

For the first time ever, biomedical researchers have unveiled cellular defects that lead to the rare disease hereditary angioedema (HAE), where patients experience recurrent episodes of swelling that ... read more

Environmental Exposures Early in Life Modify Immune Responses

The prevalence of allergic diseases has increased significantly over the last decades, creating substantial financial and societal burdens. Due to this, researchers are trying to discover new ... read more

New Treatment to Protect People With Peanut Allergies Ready for FDA Review

Medical researchers have developed a new treatment for protection against accidental exposure to ... read more

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