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March 22, 2019

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March 22, 2019

New Mechanism to Reduce Inflammation

Mar. 22, 2019 — Researchers have identified two proteins that act as gatekeepers to dampen a potentially life-threatening immune response to chronic ... read more

Sleep Problems, Alzheimer's Disease Are Linked, but Which Comes First?

Mar. 22, 2019 — A new article explores the pathophysiological factors that link sleep disturbances and Alzheimer's disease. Better understanding of this connection may lead to potential diagnostics and ... read more

Unequal Pain Relief at Home for Dying Patients

Mar. 22, 2019 — Pain relief and end of life care is not being provided equally to people with advanced progressive diseases who were at home during their last three months of life, according to a study of 43,000 ... read more

First of Its Kind Statistics on Pregnant Women in US Prisons

Mar. 21, 2019 — In what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind systematic look at pregnancy frequency and outcomes among imprisoned US women, researchers say almost 1,400 pregnant women were admitted to 22 US state ... read more

Gift Card Incentives Connected to Healthier Outcomes in Employee Wellness Programs

Mar. 21, 2019 — Previous research shows that when choosing between different incentive options, employees prefer cash rewards. But cash might not be the most effective incentive. Its replacement? Gift ... read more

Common Cause in Sudden Death Syndromes

Mar. 21, 2019 — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) are syndromes that share many medical similarities but whose physiological causes are poorly understood. An opinion ... read more

Sleep and Ageing: Two Sides of One Coin?

Mar. 21, 2019 — Researchers have discovered a brain process common to sleep and ageing in research that could pave the way for new treatments for ... read more

New Evidence Links Lifespan Extension to Metabolic Regulation of Immune System

Mar. 21, 2019 — Researchers have uncovered a new mechanism of lifespan extension that links caloric restriction with immune system ... read more

Study Shows Alarming Increases of Firearm Deaths in US School-Age Children

Mar. 21, 2019 — From 1999 to 2017, 38,942 US children ages 5 to 18 years old were killed by firearms, averaging more than 2,000 deaths a year. In 2017 alone, 2,462 school-age children were killed by firearms ... read more

Antibodies Stabilize Plaque in Arteries

Mar. 21, 2019 — Researchers have found that type IgG antibodies play an unexpected role in atherosclerosis. A study on mice shows that the antibodies stabilize the plaque that accumulates on the artery walls, which ... read more

The Evolution of Brain Tumors

Mar. 21, 2019 — Scientists have found in a recent study that only three different genetic alterations drive the early development of malignant glioblastomas. At least one of these three cancer drivers was present in ... read more

Mar. 21, 2019 — In a first, researchers have reported in a non-human primate model that immature testicular tissue can be cryopreserved, and later be used to restore fertility to the same ... read more

No Evidence That Calcium Increases Risk of AMD

Mar. 21, 2019 — Eating a calcium-rich diet or taking calcium supplements does not appear to increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), according to the findings of a study by scientists at the ... read more

Hidden Differences Between Pathology of CTE and Alzheimer's Disease

Mar. 21, 2019 — A new study challenges the belief that Alzheimer's disease and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy have identical ... read more

Discovery May Lead to Precision-Based Strategy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Mar. 21, 2019 — A researcher in the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine, working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Maryland, ... read more

Western Bias in Human Genetic Studies Is 'Both Scientifically Damaging and Unfair'

Mar. 21, 2019 — Despite efforts to include diversity in research, people of European ancestry continue to be vastly overrepresented and ethnically diverse populations largely excluded from human genomics research, ... read more

Examining Ball Pits as a Playground for Pathogenic Germs

Mar. 21, 2019 — Ball pits used in children's physical therapy -- similar to those made popular by restaurants catering to families -- may contribute to germ transmission between patients, according to new ... read more

Pathogenic, Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Mar. 21, 2019 — Infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria are a global public health threat causing serious illness and even death. In a new study, researchers conducted a survey of 20 municipal wastewater plants ... read more

Mar. 21, 2019 — Researchers have discovered how antibiotic-resistant bacteria construct their defense system -- a finding that could lead to new treatments for currently untreatable ... read more

New Brain Research Challenges Our Understanding of Sleep

Mar. 21, 2019 — A new study has for the first time uncovered the large-scale brain patterns and networks in the brain which control sleep, providing knowledge which in the future may can in the long term help people ... read more

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