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June 17, 2019

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Researchers have found that pterodactyls, extinct flying reptiles also known as pterosaurs, had a remarkable ability -- they could fly ... read more
New research suggests that feathers arose 100 million years before birds -- changing how we look at dinosaurs, birds, and pterosaurs, the ... read more

In a First, Researchers Identify Reddish Coloring in an Ancient Fossil

Researchers have for the first time detected chemical traces of red pigment in an ancient fossil -- an exceptionally well-preserved mouse, not unlike today's field mice, that roamed the fields of ... read more
Researchers describe a hitherto unknown bird from the late Jurassic period. It is the second bird capable of flight, after the famous Archaeopteryx, to be identified from ... read more
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Museum Volunteers Discover New Species of Extinct Heron at North Florida Fossil Site

When the bones of an ancient heron were unearthed at a North Florida fossil site, the find wasn't made by researchers but by two Florida Museum of Natural History volunteers. A previously ... read more

First Discovered Fossil Feather Did Not Belong to Iconic Bird Archaeopteryx

A 150-year-old fossil feather mystery has been solved. Researchers applied a novel imaging technique, laser-stimulated fluorescence, revealing the missing quill of the first fossil feather ever ... read more

Molecular Analysis of Anchiornis Feather Gives Clues to Origin of Flight

Researchers have performed molecular analysis on fossil feathers from a small, feathered dinosaur from the Jurassic. Their research could aid scientists in pinpointing when feathers evolved the ... read more

Bird Beaks Did Not Adapt to Food Types as Previously Thought

A new study has shed some new light on how the beaks of birds have adapted over ... read more

The Oldest Large-Sized Predatory Dinosaur Comes from the Italian Alps

Early Jurassic predatory dinosaurs are very rare, and mostly small in size. Saltriovenator zanellai, a new genus and species is the oldest known ceratosaurian, and the world's largest (1 ton) ... read more

New Discovery Pushes Origin of Feathers Back by 70 Million Years

An international team of palaeontologists has discovered that the flying reptiles, pterosaurs, actually had four kinds of feathers, and these are shared with dinosaurs -- pushing back the origin of ... read more

Scientists Discover How Birds and Dinosaurs Evolved to Dazzle With Colourful Displays

Iridescence is responsible for some of the most striking visual displays in the animal kingdom. Now, thanks to a new study of feathers from almost 100 modern bird species, scientists have gained new ... read more

Rare Fossil Bird Deepens Mystery of Avian Extinctions

Today's birds descend from a small number of bird species living before the dinosaur extinction. Some of the birds that went extinct, the enantiornithines, were actually more common than and ... read more

Mystery of the 'Bird from Atlantis' Solved

The world's smallest flightless bird can be found on Inaccessible Island in the middle of the South Atlantic. Less than 100 years ago, researchers believed that this species of bird once ... read more

Dinosaurs Put All Colored Birds' Eggs in One Basket, Evolutionarily Speaking

A new study says the colors found in modern birds' eggs did not evolve independently, as previously thought, but evolved instead from ... read more

Giant Flightless Birds Were Nocturnal and Possibly Blind

If you encountered an elephant bird today, it would be hard to miss. Measuring in at over 10 feet tall, the extinct avian is the largest bird known to science. However, while you looked up in awe, ... read more

New Species of ‘missing Link’ Between Dinosaurs and Birds Identified

Researchers have identified a new species of Archaeopteryx that is closer to modern birds in evolutionary ... read more

Clues to How Birds Began to Fly

For the first time, researchers have measured what is known as the ground effect of flying animals -- and it turns out that they save a lot more energy by flying close to the ground than previously ... read more

How Sacred Ibis Mummies Provided the First Test of Evolution

A debate over mummified birds brought to France after Napoleon's conquest of Egypt played a central role in delaying acceptance of evolutionary theory; an episode in the history of ... read more

Birds' Voiceboxes Are Odd Ducks

Birds' voiceboxes are in their chests instead of their throats like mammals and reptiles. Scientists aren't sure how or why birds evolved these unique voiceboxes, but a new study sheds some ... read more

Ancient Bird Bones Redate Human Activity in Madagascar by 6,000 Years

Analysis of bones, from what was once the world's largest bird, has revealed that humans arrived on the tropical island of Madagascar more than 6,000 years earlier than previously ... read more

Scarlet Macaw DNA Points to Ancient Breeding Operation in Southwest

Somewhere in the American Southwest or northern Mexico, there are probably the ruins of a scarlet macaw breeding operation dating to between 900 and 1200 C.E., according to a team of archaeologists ... read more

Easy-Bake Fossils

Scientists have discovered a new way to simulate the fossilization process in a lab in about 24 hours. They take materials like feathers, lizard feet, and leaves and cook them in a lab oven under ... read more

Tropical 'Banana Eater' Birds Lived in North America 52 Million Years Ago

A fossil of an ancestor of modern tropical birds has been found in North America, proving they also used to live in the Northern Hemisphere, say ... read more

T. Rex Couldn't Stick out Its Tongue

Dinosaurs are often depicted as fierce creatures, baring their teeth, with tongues wildly stretching from their mouths like giant, deranged lizards. But new research reveals a major problem with this ... read more

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