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June 26, 2019

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The flanks of many island volcanoes slide very slowly towards the sea. Whether these landslides are forewarnings of a catastrophic collapse or, on the contrary, even reduce ... read more

Hundreds of Bubble Streams Link Biology, Seismology Off Washington's Coast

The first survey of methane vent sites off Washington's coast finds 1,778 bubble columns, with most located along a north-south band that is in line with a geologic ... read more

Storm Waves Can Move Boulders We Thought Only Tsunamis Had the Power to Shift

It's not just tsunamis that can change the landscape: storms shifted giant boulders four times the size of a house on the coast of Ireland in the ... read more

New Early Gravity Signals to Quantify the Magnitude of Strong Earthquakes

After an earthquake, there is a disturbance in the field of gravity almost instantaneously. This could be recorded before the seismic waves. Researchers have managed to observe these weak signals and ... read more
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Future Tsunamis Possible in the Red Sea's Gulf of Elat-Aqaba

Researchers who took a closer look at a 1995 tsunami in the Gulf of Elat-Aqaba, at the northeastern tip of the Red Sea, say that the gulf's surrounding countries should prepare for future ... read more

Alaska Earthquakes Offer New Insight Into Improving Hazard Assessment

Earthquake hazard assessment often overlooks intra-slab earthquakes. EarthScope Transportable Array data for the 2016 Iniskin and Nov. 30, 2018 Anchorage earthquakes in Alaska offer new insight into ... read more

Micro-Earthquakes Preceding a 4.2 Earthquake Near Istanbul as Early Warning Signs?

Researchers have observed foreshocks that, if analyzed accordingly and in real-time, may possibly increase the early-warning time before a large earthquake from just a few seconds up to several ... read more

Mexico's 2017 Tehuantepec Quake Suggests a New Worry

Last September's magnitude 8.2 Tehuantepec earthquake happened deep, rupturing both mantle and crust, on the landward side of major subduction zone in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico's far ... read more

Fast, Accurate Estimation of the Earth's Magnetic Field for Natural Disaster Detection

Researchers have applied machine-learning techniques to achieve fast, accurate estimates of local geomagnetic fields using data taken at multiple observation points, potentially allowing detection of ... read more

GeoSEA Array Records Sliding of Mount Etna's Southeastern Flank

The southeast flank of Mount Etna slowly slides towards the sea. A team of scientists showed for the first time movement of Etna's underwater flank using a new, sound-based geodetic monitoring ... read more

New Earthquake Risk Model Could Better Inform Disaster Planning

Researchers have developed a new way to model seismic risk, which they hope will better inform disaster risk reduction planning in earthquake-prone ... read more

Climate Change Sea Level Rises Could Increase Risk for More Devastating Tsunamis Worldwide

The threat of rising sea levels to coastal cities and communities throughout the world is well known, but new findings show the likely increase of flooding farther inland from tsunamis following ... read more

Upper and Lower Plate Controls on the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake

Researchers have been studying the great Tohoku-oki earthquake which occurred on March 11, 2011, to the east of Japan's Honshu ... read more

Continental Shelf Shape Leads to Long-Lasting Tsunami Edge Waves During Mexican Earthquake

The shape of the continental shelf off the southern Mexican coast played a role in the formation of long-lasting tsunami edge waves that appeared after last September's magnitude 8.2 ... read more

How Large Can a Tsunami Be in the Caribbean?

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami has researchers reevaluating whether a magnitude 9.0 megathrust earthquake and resulting tsunami might also be a likely risk for the Caribbean region, seismologists ... read more

Eyewitness Accounts Fill in Details of 1946 Dominican Republic Tsunami

Almost 70 years later, the man remembers the August day in Playa Rincon, when he clung to the top of an almond tree to survive a tsunami where the waters rushed about 700 meters inland after a ... read more

Historical Records Help Uncover New Mechanism in Deadly 1906 Taiwan Quake

Researchers reexamining historical seismograms from the 1906 Meishan earthquake have uncovered a new mechanism for the quake, one of the deadliest to ever strike ... read more

Small Earthquakes Caused by Migrating Gasses in the Underground

The metropolitan area of Istanbul with around 15 million inhabitants is considered to be particularly earthquake-prone. In order to be able to assess the risk correctly, researchers must decipher the ... read more

Tsunamis Could Cause Beach Tourism to Lose Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Every Year

Going to the beach this summer? European tourists are more frequently going to places with significant tsunami risk, researchers have ... read more

Water Pressure a Critical Factor for Mega-Earthquakes

Scientists propose a mechanism that explains how the biggest earthquake ever happened and how more than 50 years later another large earthquake in the same region released some of the stress that had ... read more

Modeling Future Earthquake and Tsunami Risk in Southwestern Japan

Geoscience researchers unveil new, GPS-based methods for modeling earthquake-induced tsunamis for southwestern Japan along the Nankai Trough. A Nankai-induced tsunami is likely to hit there in the ... read more

Calculating the Impacts of Natural Events on Wildlife

A new method could help scientists understand how wildlife populations are affected by major natural events, such as hurricanes, severe winters, and ... read more

Seismologists Introduce New Measure of Earthquake Ruptures

A team of seismologists has developed a new measurement of seismic energy release that can be applied to large earthquakes. It provides a measure of earthquake rupture complexity that better captures ... read more

Tiny Fossils, Huge Landslides: Are Diatoms the Key to Earth's Biggest Slides?

The biggest landslides on Earth aren't on land, but on the seafloor. These mega-slides can move thousands of cubic kilometers of material, and sometimes trigger tsunamis. Yet, remarkably, they ... read more

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