Near-Earth Object Impacts News
June 17, 2019

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Scientists believe they have discovered the site of the biggest meteorite impact ever to hit the ... read more
Geologists gain new insights regarding the Earth's composition by analyzing meteorites. They conclude that the building blocks that brought volatile elements to Earth have a ... read more
Researchers have found that one family of comets, the hyperactive comets, contains water similar to ... read more
Researchers have uncovered a wealth of well-preserved meteorites that allowed them to reconstruct the rate of falling meteorites over the past two ... read more
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NASA Finds Possible Second Impact Crater Under Greenland Ice

A NASA glaciologist has discovered a possible second impact crater buried under more than a mile of ice in northwest ... read more

A Better Eyeshot of the Makeup of Ancient Meteorites

A team of scientists has visualized meteorite components at resolution powers much higher than ever before. Their efforts resulted in a much better look at -- and enhanced understanding of -- ... read more

Simulating Meteorite Impacts in the Lab

Researchers have simulated meteorite impacts in the lab and followed the resulting structural changes in two feldspar minerals with X-rays as they ... read more

Ancient Asteroid Impacts Played a Role in Creation of Earth's Future Continents

The heavy bombardment of terrestrial planets by asteroids from space has contributed to the formation of the early evolved crust on Earth that later gave rise to continents - home to human ... read more

Scientists Find Increase in Asteroid Impacts on Ancient Earth by Studying the Moon

A team of scientists has determined the number of asteroid impacts on the Moon and Earth increased by two to three times starting around 290 million years ago. Previous theories held that there were ... read more

Detective Mission to Characterize and Trace the History of a New African Meteorite

Researchers are on a mission to describe, classify and trace the history of a meteorite that landed in and around the small town of Benenitra in southwestern Madagascar shortly before the lunar ... read more

Massive Impact Crater from a Kilometer-Wide Iron Meteorite Discovered in Greenland

An international team has discovered a 31-km wide meteorite impact crater buried beneath the ice-sheet in the northern Greenland. This is the first time that a crater of any size has been found under ... read more

Crater from Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Reveals How Broken Rocks Can Flow Like Liquid

The same process that allows rock to flow like liquid during impact events allows 'peak rings' to form in large ... read more

Experimental Martian Dirt: $20 a Kilogram, Plus Shipping

A team of astrophysicists has developed a scientifically based, standardized method for creating Martian and asteroid soil known as ... read more

Crystalline Silica in Meteorite Brings Scientists Closer to Understanding Solar Evolution

Scientists discovered silica mineral quartz in a primitive meteorite, becoming the first in the world to present direct evidence of silica condensation within the solar protoplanetary disk. They also ... read more

Meteorite Bombardment Likely to Have Created the Earth's Oldest Rocks

Scientists have found that 4.02-billion-year-old silica-rich felsic rocks from the Acasta River, Canada -- the oldest rock formation known on Earth -- probably formed at high temperatures and at a ... read more

Scientists Recover Possible Fragments of Meteorite That Landed in Marine Sanctuary

The largest recorded meteorite to strike the United States in 21 years fell into NOAA's Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, and researchers have recovered what are believed to be pieces of ... read more

Meteorite 'Black Beauty' Expands Window for When Life Might Have Existed on Mars

New evidence for a rapid crystallization and crust formation on Mars has just been published. The study, based on the analysis of the rare Mars meteorite Black Beauty, significantly expands the ... read more

Volcano Music Could Help Scientists Monitor Eruptions

A volcano in Ecuador with a deep cylindrical crater might be the largest musical instrument on Earth, producing unique sounds scientists could use to monitor its activity. New infrasound recordings ... read more

Did the Chicxulub Asteroid Knock Earth's Thermometer out of the Ballpark?

When the Chicxulub asteroid smashed into Earth 65 million years ago, the event drove an abrupt and long-lasting era of global warming, with a rapid temperature increase of 5° Celsius (C) that ... read more

Volcanic Hazard Scenarios: Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

Over the last 5000 years, Mount Taranaki volcano, located in the westernmost part of New Zealand's North Island, produced at least 16 Plinian-scale explosive eruptions, the latest at AD 1655. ... read more

Meteorite Diamonds Tell of a Lost Planet

Scientists have examined a slice from a meteorite that contains large diamonds formed at high pressure. The study shows that the parent body from which the meteorite came was a planetary embryo of a ... read more

Water Appeared While Earth Was Still Growing

Cosmo-chemists have performed the largest study to date of oxygen isotopes in lunar rocks, and found a small but measurable difference in the makeup of the moon and Earth. The research proposes that ... read more

Wider Coverage of Satellite Data Better Detects Magma Supply to Volcanoes

Using satellite imaging, researchers for the first time identified a major magma supply into a reservoir extending almost two miles from the crater of a volcano in ... read more

Toward End of Ice Age, Human Beings Witnessed Fires Larger Than Dinosaur Killers

About 12,800 years ago, thanks to fragments of a comet, humans saw an astonishing 10 percent of the Earth's land surface, or about 10 million square kilometers, consumed by ... read more

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